Winning to Blackjack errors to avoid

It is important to know the errors to avoid to win at Blackjacknull Is it possible to win money on online blackjack? Well the answer to this question, which more and more players ask themselves is yes. Blackjack is a very appreciated game both in the traditional version, and in that proposed in legal online casinos. The reason lies in the fact that it is a card game with fairly simple rules.

In addition, in this game, in addition to counting luck, as happens in online slots, there is also a component of skill. In fact, to play and win money at Blackjack it is not necessary to be expert strategists, such as poker players. On the other hand, just rely exclusively on luck, such as when you play slot machines.

Another factor to consider is the bench margin on the player. As for the chances of winning in this game, the advantage of the bench descends to 1%. This means that even without strategies or tricks, winning money at Blackjack is quite likely. However the chances of winning increase if we know the Rules and game strategies and the errors to avoid.

Probability: because it is easy to win money at the Blackjack

As the game is structured, both on a real table and online, there are certain factors that make it very easy to win money at the Blackjack. In fact, on the one hand the player is the first to speak, and this could determine the disadvantage of him with respect to the counter. On the other hand, however, the counter, in turn, must submit to a series of rules. For example, unlike the player, the counter can only ask for paper if he has less than 17 points in his hand. Another factor that affects probability concerns the number of decks used at a table. In fact, the less the bouquets used, the more the chances of winning money to blackjack for players increase.

Let’s do some examples to make you understand how much the number of decks affects chancenull If you use only one deck of cards, in all there are 64 couples that allow you to form the blackjack, that is 21 points. 64 possibilities out of a total of 1326 possible couples, which is equivalent to a percentage of 4.82%.
With two decks, this percentage drops to 4.77%, since the couples that form Blackjack are 256 while the possible cases rise to 5356.

The errors to avoid to win at Blackjack

Very often players, especially beginners, commit a series of easily avoidable errors to start winning money at blackjack. Here are the most common mistakes:

  • Playing without knowing the rules of the game and the table – even if it is a fairly simple game, before starting to aim the real money, it is good to understand what the rules are. Without neglecting the specific ones of the table.
  • Playing without applying strategies – the chances of winning money on blackjack increase significantly simply by applying a basic strategy.
  • Applying the wrong strategies – worse than applying strategies, is to apply the wrong strategies. Such as counting strategies when playing with software.
  • Using insurance – although this tool appears as an advantage for the player, in reality it almost always favors the counter.
  • Betting everything for everything – in the blackjack as in the other games, after losers, the games in which they focus everything for everything are never positive. In these cases, in fact, there is a tendency to make risky, wrong or irrational choices.

Strategies to win money at Blackjack

In addition to avoiding errors, if you play Blackjack you can use winning strategies. For example, you can begin to constantly apply one basic strategynull It is a question of studying one of the patterns proposed online, which for each combination of cards, yours and the counter, suggests the best choice. It is clear that the choice suggested by the basic strategy does not guarantee you to win the money at the blackjack, but increases your chances.

Also if you are not experts you may approach the counting strategies, starting with the hi-lo one, one of the simpler strategies of cards countnull Online you have the opportunity to train to count by playing with the Free versions of Blackjacknull The next step is starting to test them at the live online tables. We advise you to try them on a real table only when you are quite expert to be able to count without giving eye and without distracting yourself from the game.