Playthrough casino online guida

The word Playthrough is essential when it comes to welcome bonuses and other promotions of Aams casinonull If you love the online game you will probably be interested in the best welcome bonuses and certainly attract more are the apparently more generous ones.

Just take a tour of the web among the various legal operators in USA to find Welcome offers up to $ 1000 or even more generous. And it is clear that with inexperienced eyes they are more attractive than bonuses of the lower amount.

But is it really like that? In reality, the answer to this question is within everyone’s reach, and you will find it within the terms and conditions of the bonus. Understand if a bonus casino It is more or less convenient than another, it largely depends on the Playthrough.

What is the online casino playthrough

If you are looking for the word “Playthrough” on the English dictionary You will find different definitions, but none of these corresponds to the meaning that this term has in USA. In the world of online casino this term is translated and used as a synonym for “Bet requirement” or “episode requirement”.

Before explaining what indicates it is good to understand that All bonuses are assigned in the form of fun bonus and cannot be taken. To be able to withdraw them you have to transform them in real bonus And that is to unlock them just satisfying the Playthrough. This means that the bonus must be played a number of times.

In fact, when the playthrough is indicated in a bonus, it indicates the bet to unlock it. In simple words: indicate how many times you have to play the bonus obtained to be able to withdraw.

Since the total volume of games to be made is indicated with Playthrough, this is sometimes also indicated as wagering requirements.

How playthrough is presented, some practical examples

In the terms and conditions of the Bonus, Playthrough is always expressed in the form of a number. For example, you will find bonuses up to $ 200 with Playthrough 20x. In this case, to unlock the 200 $ bonus you will have to play it 200 × 20 times and that is, you will have to reach a Play volume I bet $ 4,000.

This example makes you understand how important Playthrough is for the purpose of obtaining the bonus. In addition, it will be very useful to compare different offers.

In fact, if you have two bonuses of the same amount, with similar characteristics, it is clear that the one with Playthrough lower is always the most convenient.

How to choose the bonus based on Playthrough

Among the players it very often happens to adhere to a bonus offer and not to be able to withdraw it by the expiry date. Before subscribing to a new casino to get a winchome, it is essential to dedicate some time to terms and conditions. In this way you can do some calculations and check that the Play volume required return to your player budget.

Clearly if you are not going to spend that sum, within the expiry of the bonus, you already know that the offer is not suitable for you. In this case, it is better to an apparently less generous bonus, but you can benefit from.

Sometimes the casinos offer Super Bonus of 200%, therefore very attractive, but with Playthrough 40x or 50x. Although the gift is conspicuous, as it corresponds to double the deposit, unlocking them is in the possibilities only of the strong players.

How to take a bonus

Once you have identified the suitable bonus to you, you will have to subscribe to the casino and send your documents. When your gaming account has been validated, you will be credited with the fun bonus on the gaming account.

So you just have to start playing the games expected in terms and conditions. In this phase it is important Choose only the games that contribute to 100% to the achievement of the Playthroughnull In fact, some games contribute only to 50% or with lower percentages. This means that $ 1 used in these games does not correspond to $ 1 in the calculation of the volume of play. Instead it will be calculated as $ 0.50 or less and this will force you to play even more.

Clean up the bonus by playing slot machines

Usually the game that contributes to 100% of the achievement of the Playthrough are the slot machinenull The game to give which is often excluded from the achievement of the playthrough are the roulettenull Therefore Choose playing slots rather than roulette.

Once the Playthrough is satisfied, for the laws against money laundering, you will have to play the sum once again. Then you can finally take it.