Casino Online with Entopay

I Casino Online with Entopay They are quite popular in USA. Although the entropay payment method is not particularly used by American players, most online casinos accept Etropay as a method of deposit and payment.

What is Entropay works and

Entropay is a prepaid card used as a method of online payment in numerous online casinos both to make deposits and to collect the winnings. The entropay card works inside the circuit visa And therefore it also allows immediate access to your money online.

Casino Online with Entopay

Being a card on the Visa circuit it is possible to make online payments in a simple, safe and immediate way. In fact, if you decide to use the entropay card as a method of payment in online casinos you can deposit or collect the winnings quickly and without risk.

At the time of making the deposit, just click the entropay option and follow the indications of the online casino platform with entropay or choose the Visa circuit that has been connected to the entropay virtual account.

If the card is loaded the transfer takes place immediately, just make sure that you have inserted the sum to be deposited and the CV code.

Entropay casino security

As for the security of online payments, Entropay collaborates with the Safe Norton program of Verisign which provides systems for encrypting the so -called sensitive data to ensure maximum privacy to virtual customers. Entropay distributes the information of its users to third parties, including transactions that are made.

The entropay account and the AAMS online casinos

Currently finding information on Entropay, even by visiting the official website it is complicated. Apparently at the moment this service is suspended, most likely following the interruption of the partnership with Visa. But in the absence of certain information we still describe the characteristics of the entropay account and its use in Safe online casino AAMS.

Among the various game account charging methods in online casino Aams entropay is one of the least widespread. Ideal for online game this prepaid virtual card is not the best choice for those who want to use it out of the web. In online casino that accept this transaction method there will be no problems charging to start playing. In fact, the Virtual Card Entropay relies on the Visa circuit and consequently payments do not have any difficulty. Entropay’s peculiarity is the fact that you can also be used as a disposable virtual card. Ideal for those who want to protect their anonymity in certain online transactions.

In spite of its low current diffusion in the online casino Entropay casino, it has been the first European virtual visa card, which has spread since 2003. Since then, there has been talk of over 6 million virtual credit cards created.

Exclusive advantages for those who use entropay in online casinos (receive casino bonus by paying with entropay)

Online casino with AAMS license often do not offer advantages dedicated to those who use this payment method. In fact, it is a method not very widespread in USA and therefore it is also difficult for an operator to dedicate bonuses to him. But this possibility must not be excluded completely and it may happen that an online casino with entropay premiums who recharge with this tool.
Each game site has a page dedicated to offers. So just take a look to understand if there are exclusive advantages for players who recharge with Entropay.

How to deposit Entropay online casinos

Depositing with Entropay is very simple and given the timing of this method is also immediate. First of all, you need to log in to the game site with your credentials. Then just go to the section dedicated to the cashier or the game account. Here you will have to click on the deposits area and scroll them until you find Entropay. After selecting the method, you must enter the amount you want to top up and enter the entropay card data. Once the charge has been authorized, the funds will appear on the gaming account in a few moments.

How to take Entropay online casinos

To carry out withdrawals in online casinos with entropay after login you have to go to the game account. Here select the Cassa item and then withdrawals. There will be a drop -down menu or in any case an area where you can select the chosen withdrawal method. Once Entropay has been selected, the amount to be taken will be inserted and you will have to enter the card data and authorize the operation. To view your own funds on the account, you will have to wait for the casino to carry out the regularity checks of the winnings. Generally it is a wait of 2-3 working days.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

In online casinos with entropay there may be recharging and withdrawal limits imposed by the operator. These vary, but generally the minimum deposit limits are equal to 5 or $ 10, and correspond to the limits of the cards of the Visa circuit. A minimum limit of $ 10 is also normally imposed for the withdrawal, while the maximum one is set to the operator discretion.
Without a doubt Entropay, with its virtual cards, guarantees risks without operations and protects anonymity. So it can be the ideal tool for those who want to play online without using the bank account. But strong players will have to pay attention to the maximum charging limits.

Recommended payment methods for online casinos

As we saw online casinos with entropay are not widespread in USA, where the players prefer i Online casino that offer Paypalnull However, the payment methods of online casino are really many:

Payment methods
Payment method Deposit timing Deposit Commission Timpistic sampling Shabby commission
paypal Immediate None Immediate None
postepay Immediate None Immediate None
visa Immediate None up to 3 groups None
mastercard Immediate None up to 3 days None
Skrill Immediate 0-1% Immediate 5.50€
Neteller Immediate 0 -2.5% Immediate 00-3.99%
Transfer up to 2 days up to $ 3 3-5 days Up to $ 10
Paysafecard Immediate None Unavailable Unavailable
Payment methods
Method Storage area Comm. Withdrawal Comm.
Immediate None Immediate None
Immediate None Immediate None
Immediate None up to 3 groups None
Immediate None up to 3 days None
Immediate 0-1% Immediate 5.50€
Immediate 0 -2.5% Immediate 00-3.99%
up to 2 days up to $ 3 3-5 days Up to $ 10
Immediate None Unavailable Unavailable

Information on the Entropay company

Entropay is a brand that belongs to Ixaris Group Holdings Limited, recorded in England and Wales. Entropay is authorized by the Financial conduct Authority pursuant to the Electronic Money Regulation 2011 (FRN NO: 900800) for the emission of electronic money. This card uses Visa circuits that are available for online payments all over the world.
As mentioned above, unfortunately, the entropay service has been interrupted and checking on the website, the information on the company is the only ones that is shown.

How to get the entropay card

Getting an entropay card to play casino is very simple. To register, just click on the link of the Entropay web page and carry out the transfer within the accounted account.

The first step to get an entropay virtual card is to register on the website and enter the required data. After the registration procedure, we will have to log in to access the dashboard where the “Create Virtual Card” section is present. Just click to create your own card and give it a name, which can also be changed. Note that it is possible to view the card after creating it, but it is not possible to see the number and details of the card. In fact, this information, together with the CVV code and the expiration date, will only be visible after loading the money on paper.

With the free account you can create a single card. Those who want more cards for different uses can upgrade paid. In this way you can create an online casino card with entropay, one for certain purchases and so on. Recall that Crete cards can be deleted in an instant with a click.

Advantages of entropay

Among the advantages of Entropay there is that of being able to make an online transaction in an entirely virtual and anonymous way. In fact, with Entropay Card it is not necessary to have a bank account. You can operate with virtual paper on all Visa circuits, the most common in the world.
Those who do not want to use their credit card or other online payment methods can therefore use the entropay account. In this way the risks connected to online activities will be reduced.
One of the main features of Entropay is the possibility of setting more virtual visa cards for different uses and in different currencies. As for the management of the various CA

Here is a summary of the benefits of entropay:

  • Virtual visa cards in multiple currencies can be set
  • Yes it can set a virtual card for a single transaction and then delete it
  • It is possible to configure more virtual visa cards for different uses and appoint them as you want
  • You can establish the credit limit of each virtual visa card by reloading the pre -established amount of prepaid credit
  • Using a virtual visa card, the risk of fraud is reduced
  • With the virtual paper you protect your anonymity

Entropay disadvantages

Entropay’s main disadvantage is the poor diffusion in online casino with AAMS license. At the moment we do not know if in the future this service will be relaunched but in any case there are several alternatives. In addition to the poor diffusion Entropay has the disadvantage of being a tool exclusively dedicated to virtual payments. So it cannot be used to pay in traditional stores. Another disadvantage can be recognized in the commissions for certain types of operations.

How to avoid scams

The mechanism behind the entropay operation in itself guarantees the safety of its funds. In fact, this system has been designed of the dawn of Internet transactions to avoid using credit cards and bank accounts. With an entropay transaction, the user provides the virtual card number, the expiry date and the security CV code. In no case are the sites on which money is spent personal information, nor the details of the credit card is spent. In addition, every time a transaction is made, you can use a different virtual card. So in this way all the main risks connected to online activities are averted.

As for others Payment methods which imply the management of a virtual account is recommended prudence. Never communicate your access data to the site, use complex passwords and change them often. Also avoid using, to control the account, shared computers and public connections.