Best Casino in the world

Let’s find out the best mess in the world! Obted for long years at the time of prohibition, linked to the underworld in the collective imagination, considered places of perdition and vice. But today, the world of mess has also changed.

American casino

In the United States of America the terrestrial casinos have always enjoyed the years of depression onwards, of Read rather favorablenull Even Donald Trump has very close links with the world of terrestrial casinos. He himself possesses some casinos, especially in Atlantic City, and is a great player. There are several American casino among the best mess in the world.

Chinese mess

China also has some of the best mess in the world. In the past, proud and ruthless opponent of everything that could divert the people from the revolution, today he has totally changed his vision of the world and society. Money, capitalism, growth, economy They became the foundations of his way of understanding the new millennium.

In this panorama of luxury and fun, Macao is the worthy capital of the game and the mess: in perennial fight against new openings with the legendary Las Vegas.

Other mess in the world

Outside China and the United States, the rest of the world is certainly not watching: theEurope boasts the oldest and fascinating land casinos Absolutely in USA and in Montecarlo. Furthermore, Malta has adopted permissive laws in terms of play, making sure to tie all its internal economy mainly to the game. THE Eastern countries try to recover lost time In the past to build socialist utopia by opening terrestrial casino.

Ranking of the 10 best mess in the world

A player passionate about gambling, lover of the terrestrial casino and with great availability of means, who wanted to play in all the game rooms of the best mess in the world, should travel a lot. South Africa, Lisbon, Bahamas, Canada, Australia as well as of course China, Malaysia, Europe. This player could bring his whole family to the Search for the perfect terrestrial casinonull In fact, for some time now, the luxurious gambling halls scattered at the four corners of the globe, have turned into Temples for total fun. The terrestrial casino no longer only casino games Like game tables and slot machines, but also restaurants, cinema, spa, theaters, concerts.

1. Studio City – Macao

Macao is the city with the best mess of the world. China, in fact, does not mind the expense to beat the competition of its main opposing city, Las Vegas, and China has really many of money, more than anyone else. Just think that the organizers paid 60 million euros only for a launch short film of this structure by entrusting it to Martin Scorsese. The director has in fact shot with some of the best known Hollywood stars, such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt. Studio City is an immense complex, where the game rooms are countless and endless, but occupy less than half of the structure. The rest is dedicated to hotels, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools. Studio City is also a film production house, with television centers and immense sets for the Kolossal of 2000. Final cost of the work? 2.7 billion dollars!

2. Venetian – Macao

For an American, who can enjoy the original Venice a stone’s throw, he has few reasons to go to Macao for the Venetian casino, but the rest of the world, especially oriental, dreams of Venetian especially for the magical atmosphere, rather than for the Game tables itself. Here in Macao, lovers of the kitch genre and the game will be able to enjoy a Venice at Neon With stars and phosphorescent moon; A giant Venice, in which San Marco, the Grand Canal, the Gondole, and the calls are all in plastic and polystyrene. It is played everywhere to all existing games, but not only: at Venetian you eat a lot, in some of the best existing casino restaurants and you do a lot of shopping. The thematic areas dedicated to the game are 4: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix, 3.400 le slot machine and about 900 game tables dedicated to cards

3. Bellagio – Las Vegas

Certainly among the best mess in the world with its imposing facade has been seen in many films and the great fountain that spuries its water games to the sound of classical music is One of the main attractions of Las Vegasnull Casino Bellagio owes its name to the beautiful town of the same name on Lake Como. You can go to Bellagio To enjoy a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, typical of the best European environments, but also to play its 2,500 slot machines or sit at one of the 250 game tables. Las Vegas He is affected by the tight competition of Macao, but the Casino Bellagio, thanks to a consolidated fame now, still defends himself very well!

4. Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas

Close to the strip, the avenue skirted by the most famous mess in the world, The hard rock casino of Las Vegas is among the first Best mess of the world for two reasons. The first is that his brand is linked to the world of rock and music: who descends to Hard Rock Casino He therefore finds not only games, slot machines, international poker tournaments and countless tables, but also Concerts in the name of the most famous names of world rocknull In addition, players greatly appreciate the idea of being able to Play the blackjack immersed in an immense swimming pool, la Swim up del casino.

5. Casino Lisboa – Lisbona

The mess is located In one of the most fashionable neighborhoods of the beautiful city of Lisbon, in Portugal. Like all modern terrestrial casinos, this also supports many other attractions, such as restaurants, ballrooms and reception rooms, cinema, a hotel with 1000 rooms all furnished with maximum taste and some unmissable restaurants. The dimensions of the Lisboa casino of Lisbon, of course, do not compete with the American or Chinese structures, but the beauty of the game in Europe is also this: more sought after and truly refined environments Where to play roulette, poker or slot machines in onemore collected and therefore exclusive atmosphere

6. Casino di Venice – Venice

the original Casino of Venice there is one unique atmosphere in the worldnull It is curious that its channels, its squares its ports have always been the subject of copies and renovations in a colossal and sparkling key in those places that have become the melines of the world terrestrial game … a great satisfaction that among the Casino in USA There is one who arrives in the top-10 of the best mess in the world! Having a mess located and, while Macao and Las Vegas erected Venetian and The Venetian, inspired by the Serenissima, In Venice the ancient casino di Ca ‘Vendramin closes its doorsnull The new casino of Cà Noghera, in American style, remains! More rooms for poker and slot machines, congress centers, restaurants and wellness center, comfortable at the airport

7. Casino di Montecarlo

At the Casino di Montecarlo, still today The best and most fascinating European roulette in the world is playednull One of the European mess that has conquered a place of honor among the best mess in the world is the Casino di Montecarlo. The Casino di Montecarlo, like that of Venice, is a Unique and inimitable brand, despite numerous attempts to the East and West. Those who have had the good fortune to be born on the banks of the Mediterranean do not need to make long plane trips to reach the most coveted places in the world of gambling; He has them here, at hand. Montecarlo, unlike Venice, who closed his historic mess, has known perfectly adapt his gambling house at the time: Today the audience is wider, less principles and stars of cinema and more Chinese and Indians, often with families in tow. So I play for sure, but also all the attached amusements, including shopping, cinema and spa.

8. Tusk Rio Casino – Sud Africa

This casino complex that forms almost an entire city is located a 170 km DA Johannesburgnull Choosing a South African mess means enjoying a series of more options that in the rest of the world would not be possible. Africa is an immense continent, still in part wild, with parks and areas where the great predators still live. Whoever descends to Tusk Rio, finds a Casino totally inspired by the Carioca atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro declined in African saucenull While many mess in the world also offer massages and spas or restaurants, the Tusk takes you to safari between a tour of roulette and a game of poker or slot machines. But you may have the misfortune of meeting shady figures in search of violent safaris, with the rifle instead of the Nikon. So choose your frequentations well

9. Paradise Island Casino – Bahamas

If you are on a cruise to Caribbean You cannot fail to visit Paradise Island and its mess. This casino, with its poker tables, Blackjack, and Roulette, focuses mainly on slot machines, which are the most loved genre by Americans, great visitors to the site. The Paradise Island Casino delle Bahamas is unsurpassed for those who want a holiday with the most beautiful sea in the world, immersed in a bright, but rather kitch environment, between immense aquariums, swimming pools of all shapes and measurement and artificial waterfalls.

10. Borgata Casino – Atlantic City

The last mess we want to talk to you is always in the USA but on Eastern coast, in New Jersey in Atlantic Citynull It is, from the point of view of the glance, the most beautiful in our opinion. The clean structure, without unnecessary tinsel, covered with infinite lights that change color, it looks like an immense color TVnull The name of the mess, Borgata, stands high, giving a truly chic touch to the whole. The village is also the largest hotel with spa on the eastern coast. His numbers: 4.000 slot machine, the largest poker room in Atlantic City, with 50 live tables and others 200 live tables for Blackjack and Baccarat. The Borgata Casino boasts some of the highest won jackpots of the entire continentnull Even many luxury restaurants and a very high level resort.