American safe online casino

In USA you will find reliable online casino where you can have fun with the AAMS Safe online casino games without being afraid of being cheated or cheated? Yes, in USA you can play the online casino safely. In fact, today the legal game houses in USA are certified ADM (ex AAMS) therefore, We are talking about American Aams Casino Aams Online who pay the winnings and guarantee the honest game.

The best safe online casino for August 2023

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361 Ratings

n. 15215
  • SSL a 128 bit
  • Agencies on the territory
  • Online in 1999
  • 100% on the 1st deposit
  • Bonus 1.000€
  • 10 $ FREE
286 ersing

n. 1516
  • SSL a 128 bit
  • Agencies on the territory
  • Online 2005
  • 100% on the 1st deposit
  • Bonus 1.000€
  • 10 $ FREE
97 Assessments

n. 15096
  • SSL a 128 bit
  • Agencies on the territory
  • Online also 2012
  • 40 $ free
  • 50 Free Spin
  • Up to $ 1,000 bonuses
279 Ratings

n. 15028
  • SSL a 128 bit
  • Quoted on the stock exchange
  • Online in 1999
  • 300 Free Spin
  • 100% on the 1st deposit
  • Up to $ 1,000 bonuses
312 Ratings

n. 15216
  • SSL a 128 bit
  • Sha 256 protocol
  • Online in 1999
  • 5 $ FREE
  • 100% on the 1st deposit
  • Up to $ 1,000 bonuses

Until a few years ago to play legally you would have had to go Game House in USA On the American geographical physical territory, while the online game took place in unauthorized mess. Today, however, it is possible play in USA with peace of mind thanks to Safe online casino certified ADM (ex AAMS) which are reliable online casino.

Safe online casinos Aams in USA (now Casino ADM)

With the Diffusion of online casino it was necessary to implement rules that guaranteed players a safe and certified casino game, and here the ADM (ex AAMS) license comes into play. The ADM (ex Aams) is therefore our guardian angel every time we play at the online casino.

He he logo ADM (ex AAMS) It makes beautiful view on the homepage of the chosen casino website, you are sure that it is a legal casino site in USA.

Therefore, important for American players is of Choose just to play by consulting the List of AMS certified reliable online casinos (now ADM)null In fact, among the numerous online casino sites, only those approved by AAMS can guarantee:

  • Honest and safe game
  • Privacy of the player
  • Real promotions
  • Payments of the winnings
  • Free assistance
  • Player security

What is ADM (ex AAMS)?

ADM is an acronym, stands for Monopoly customs agencynull ADM (ex Aams) is a serious and competent body.
In his work of Supervision of online casino sites Safe did a lot.
Much more than any other foreign independent organism: the casino sites authorized by AAMS now are, really, really safe and legal, therefore reliable online casino. Just think that foreign online casinos took the American game model for example to regulate online casinos. In addition, although AAMS/ADM is a state agency remains a completely independent body.

AAMS guarantees the payout in the certified online casinos

AAMS licensed online casinos offer a clearly greater winning percentage: a winning quotient greater than 90%, or for every $ 100 played at least $ 90 are returned to winnings. Remember that the Winning percentages in Safe Online Casino in USA with ADM license are constantly controlled by the IT systems connected directly with the AAMS / ADM database.

In addition, the Safe Casino online are comfortable from home: to reach the AAMS license game sites, just have a computer, tablet or a smart phone and an internet connection. We remind you that it is necessary to be in possession of an American tax code. You can deepen the type of protection that AAMS guarantees you now and downloading the modules that contain the AAMS legislation for remote game.

Frequent questions

  • Are AAMS online casinos safe?

    Yes of course. The only safe online casinos accessible from USA are the Aams casino.

  • What are the safest online casino for playing real money?

    All online casino with AAMS/ADM license are safe. We selected the safest online casinos for you to play real money. At this moment the safest are:

    Never play with AAMS without license.

  • Is playing online casino in USA is legal?

    Yes, but only on AAMS/ADM online casinos. In fact, only these casinos have received regular license from the American state. In addition, the AAMS casinos are the safest online casinos in the world.

  • Do I have to be of age to play?

    Absolutely yes! Safe online casinos only accept adult players. In addition, it will be necessary to send a document to be able to collect the winnings.

  • What are the mess with a natural algorithm?

    The so -called natural algorithm is nothing more than a non -AAMS casino trick, to try to convince players of the impartial results of the results. Only AAMS online casinos are safe. We strongly advise against you play elsewhere.

  • How do I find a safe casino?

    Just make sure the casino has the AAMS/ADM license. All online casinos you find on our site are safe. Read our favorites.

  • Safe online casino characteristics

    What features do you need to be online safely? The first element to check is the fact that AAMS concession have. This tells us that casino is legal and reliable and that respects the standards and rules imposed by the American state.

    It is a first guarantee of security and reliability of online casino. AAMS or ADM submits the mess to constant checks And to tests of the games, to verify their reliability.

    Another element to be evaluated on safety concerns payment methods. Safe online casinos offer the possibility to pay and withdraw with different tools. In addition to the bank transfer and classic credit cards, methods such as e-wallet, prepaid and innovative tools that reduce risks.

    In addition, in reliable AAMS reliable online casinos all economic transactions and communications, including data exchanges, take place in certified and encrypted environments. Finally, the operator undertakes to guarantee respect for privacy, the correct management of personal data and cookies.

    Safe management of deposits

    In reliable online casinos, the player must deposit to play seriously and to win seriously. Safe Casino Aams with license give the American players certainty who Each transaction takes place in an armored waynull The security protocols are the best ever.

    Fast payment of the winnings

    I Safe online casino They are also very generous, by law. Players need to transform virtual winnings into real money as soon as possible, to spend in the real world. The supervised and certified casinos (ex AAMS) give fundamental insurance in terms of winnings. AAMS online casinos are safe and pay the winnings

    Fast credit times

    Very fast. Safe Casino Aams pay within a few days: 1,2,3, rarely reaches 5 working days. Snai even pays immediately to the Snai points. However, if you are a new player, payments are slower because the casino has not yet set the payment data. Once the information on where you want to receive payment is in the system, the procedure becomes fast. However, in general keep in mind that payments are fast if you have communicated your data correctly and if you send the documents requested in legible format.

    Possibility of winning

    The Sicuri Aams casinos must retain a very low percentage, close to zero point, of what they collect in the form of episodes and bets. ADM supervises that this happens punctually. Here then, if one of the legal and secure casinos publishes a progressive jackpot, the player can trust: the figure that grows switches is real and within anyone’s reach. If you want to increase your winning possibilities choose one of the Online slot paying the most.

    Casino Bonus

    The truthfulness of the bonuses is essential to be classified between the Safe Casino Aams and therefore legal. A bonus can be obtained immediately, but it can rarely take it immediately. The AAMS legal legal casinos almost always require a certain game volume before transforming into real winnings. This requirement is called Playtrough. Over time, the player who chooses one of the many safe casinos Aams will not have to worry about supervising the playtroough: Aams will take care of it, together with the many non -profit and autonomous bodies with which he collaborates.

    How to recognize safe and legal online casino sites?

    Keeping in mind that, Review and constantly evaluate for you only safe Casino Aams and therefore legal in USA null Here are what requirements you have to make sure you find on an online casino site to consider it honest:

    • Due to AMS AMS: The tricolor writing or the rudder logo must make a beautiful view of itself on the home page of the Aams Casino website
    • Safe game logo: The famous fear with the writing ADM or AAMS, a safe game with the colors of the American flag
    • Brand 18+: It is an index of seriousness. It indicates that the safe and legal online casinos that exhibit it on the site fight the juvenile game and allocate part of the proceeds to the care of the ludopathies. Safe casinos Aams accept only aware players
    • Concession: the number of the AAMS concession (now ADM) must always be present
    • Winning percentages: the payout must always be clearly visible; specified for each game

    In short, online casino in USA to operate legally must be equipped with AAMS license (now ADM). The AAMS or ADM logo, the concession number, the exhibition on the website of the winning percentages and the +18 brand are guarantees of a safe game.

    Types games offered in safe online casinos

    The online casinos authorized in USA offer different modes of virtual gamesnull In addition to the slots, classic casino games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat and dice are also available) Even with live Croupier through Live Webcamnull A novelty that makes the casino online safe indistinguishable from traditional gaming houses if not for the considerably greater possibility of winning and the convenience of being able to play from your own home. On these safe mess It is also possible to play for free with the Fun version.

    The best Safe Online Casino sites AAMS

    In the now varied varied panorama of online casino, identifying reliable mess with absolute safety that pay quickly is essential to enjoy the fun. Avoiding the useless stress that caught even the lucky players when a week after asking for the credit of the win this was still dispersed in the ether.

    Here is our top 10

    287 changed assessations
    1.315$ Bonus
    30 free giri
    Playthrough 40x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • $ 5 free for bets
    • Slot Esclusive
    277 Ratings
    1.000$ Bonus
    250 Free Spin
    Playthrough 35x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • 200 Free Spin Extra
    • 355 slot machine
    320 Ratings
    1.000$ Bonus
    20 $ + 200 Giri Free
    Playthrough 40x
    • 20 $ + 200 Giri Free
    • Excellent sport section
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    362 Ratings
    1.000$ Bonus
    10 $ FREE
    Playthrough 20x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • American games
    • Slot Book of Ra
    183 Ratings
    200$ Bonus
    10 $ FREE
    100 Free Spin
    Playthrough 45x
    • 10 $ FREE
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Slot con jackpot progressivo
    280 valuations
    500$ Bonus
    370 Free Spin
    Playthrough 35x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Many live games
    • software playtech
    727 Ratings
    500$ Bonus
    20 $ FREE
    Playthrough 35x
    • 125% on the 1st deposit
    • Exclusive 888 software
    • 20 $ FREE
    146 Ratings
    500$ Bonus
    50 free giri
    Bonus on the played
    • 1% bonus on the played
    • 50 free giri
    • Slot Esclusive
    342 Ratings
    200$ Bonus Cashback
    50 Free Spin
    Playthrough 35x
    • Bonus Cashaback
    • Sts them in the barg of the land.
    • software Microgaming
    217 Ratings
    300$ Bonus
    100 $ free
    30 Free Spin
    Playthrough 30x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Slot Novomatic
    • Sts them in the barg of the land.
    83 Ratings
    500 Free Spin
    Playthrough variabile
    • 500 Fee Spin
    • 1.012 Slot Machine
    • Many live games
    179 Ratings
    300$ Bonus
    55 $ FREE
    Playthrough 60x
    • 300% on the 1st deposit
    • Sts them in the barg of the land.
    • Slot Playtech & Microgaming
    97 Assessments
    1.000$ Bonus
    40 $ free
    Playthrough 50x
    • 40$ + 50 Free Spin
    • American games
    • Slot Book of Ra
    63 Ratings
    500$ Bonus
    50 $ free
    Playthrough 33x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • 50 $ free
    • Slot Cristaltec
    77 ratings
    1.000$ Bonus
    25 $ free
    Playthrough 20x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Many live games
    • Betting Exchange
    88 Ratings
    200$ Bonus

    Playthrough 35x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Fantastic on the furniture
    • Many increased altitudes
    213 ratings
    Playthrough 35x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Slot Machine Book of Ra
    • Excellent sport section
    192 Ratings
    500$ Bonus

    Playthrough 30x
    • 100% on the 1st deposit
    • Bonus insurance
    • Great on the mobile phone

    Online casino with real money

    In USA it is possible to practice any type of gambling in online casinos with real money. The game is in fact managed by the American State through the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM EX AAMS), which attributes a concession to AAMS legal sites. In this way you can select your online casino with real money, among the legal ones, and play safely.

    Online casinos when carrying out the first deposit with real money offer a series of bonuses on the deposit that increase the chances of winning. Among the most requested bonus that of welcome to the deposit: a percentage on the deposit.

    When you decide to play with real money, the winnings also become real. Deposit and winnings can be managed subcineally through the most common payment methods:

    • Bank transfer
    • Credit cards
    • Prepaid debit cards
    • Electronic wallets

    But be careful, the game with real money is reserved for those who have turned 18!

    Safe online casino with no deposit bonus

    Among the legal online casino in USA you will find many safe online casinos with no deposit bonuses. These sites welcome the new players with a gift. In fact, the no deposit bonuses can offer Free turns or a sum of money, whose amount is variable, which is given to new members.

    The thing that characterizes the safe casinos AAMS with no deposit bonuses is that they allow you to Start playing and winning real money, without having to recharge.

    To obtain the no deposit welcome bonuses, in fact, just register for the site and fill in the registration form. In some cases already after this first step, the free spins will be received as a gift, or part of them. Many sites instead they await the sending of the identity document to validate the gaming account and assign the rpm or the sum as a giftnull In both cases, to obtain the bonus You will not have to deposit your own money: is the main feature of this type of promotion.

    The safe online casinos with no deposit bonuses are many and to choose the most suitable one, we recommend reading the terms and conditions of the bonus. In this way you can easily meet the play requirements within the required times, to make the most of the gift received.

    Best bonuses Without Storage area August 2023
    Casino License Assessment Without deposit With deposit
    100 $ free
    30 Free Spin
    Up to $ 300
    55 $ FREE Up to $ 3,000
    25 $ free Up to $ 1,000
    20 $ FREE 100 Free Spin
    Up to $ 500
    10 $ FREE
    100 Free Spin
    Up to $ 200

    Safe online casino with storage bonus

    In most cases you will come across the Casino online safe with Deposit bonusnull In this form of promotion in exchange for registration in the casino you will receive a sum of money. This varies according to your deposit on the gaming account.

    The storage bonus can be very generous and is a percentage of the deposit you make. Generally a 100% charging bonus is offered, so if you pay 100 $ on the gaming account you receive as many in bonuses. But the percentage can vary, there are 50%bonuses, but also 200%bonus.

    Safe online casinos often propose the bonus only on the first deposit, but this promotion can be also extended to the first 3 or 4 top -upsnull Also for the bonuses on the deposit it is essential to read terms and conditions, in particular check the following elements:

    • Percentage of the bonus – How much part of the deposit is assigned as a bonus
    • maximum limit – the maximum sum you can get from a promotion
    • Playthrough – the episode requirements, i.e. how many times a sum must be repaid to unlock it and take it
    • Bonus deadline – the date within which to satisfy the Playthrough
    • List of games – those to play to meet the episode requirements

    The payment methods offered by all the mess that pay the winnings

    The safe online casinos that we listed above pay the winnings, but how long? Does anyone pay more quickly than others? Well here too you have to make a premise: the payment cannot and must not be immediate, it goes of your safety, the safe casinos Aams who pay must rely on intermediaries of proven honesty; And one or two checks is good to make them before accrediting money on the current accounts of the players. The mess that pay are therefore subject to minimal technical times that serve to protect the players by checking their identity And to prevent the online casino from being a method for recycling dirty money.

    Leaving aside the old bank check, now belonging to the prehistory of finance, online casinos often have partnerships with companies that deal with Alterative online payment methodsnull So, we advise you to rely on the most advanced method of the virtual wallet managed by serious and reliable intermediaries type Skrill o Neteller which in the face of the presentation of a few documents, they give you the possibility of having a Online account as in the bank from which to start wire transfers or on which to accredit depositsnull Here you can comfortably receive the crediting of your safe online casino winnings.


    Of course, between the payment methods and safe withdrawals in the Best American online casino Postepay could not be missing both in the classic version and in the Postepay Evolution version with Iban.

    These are prepaid card that you can comfortably request in the offices of the American Post Office, or order online on where you can also recharge the card. The card can be reloaded securely also from the tobacconists and in the shops that play the role of receiver.


    Paypal is a highly used payment and withdrawal method in safe online casinos. It is an electronic wallet that allows you to make transactions using only the email address.

    Just open an account on the site, to which you can connect your account or if you also want a prepaid card. Then to make payments or even receive money you will only need your email address. It is a very rapid method, in fact the transactions with paypal on safe online casinos are immediate and there are no useless expectations.


    Skrill is a widespread electron wallet in the New online casino which are usually the innovative ones. Using Skrill you have a great advantage: Bitcoin.

    In fact, thanks to Skrill you can play at Casino Sicuri Aams online with the Bitcoins. The commission to deposit and withdraw with the Bitcon is only 1%. In addition, Skrill does not pay commissions for the change of currency.


    Neteller works in a very similar way to Skrill, but it is a little more expensive. In fact, the commissions are 2.5%. It has an advantage, however: with Neteller it can be deposited with a credit card without incurring the “Cash Advance Commission”. In addition, Neteller’s prepaid card is universally accepted, having the numbers in relief.

    Reliable online casino

    The Safe Casino Aams casinos were selected on the list indicated, which in our opinion are the reliable and safe online casinos. Furthermore, All reliable online casinos on our list boast AAMS (now ADM) and legal certification for the American marketnull These, use safe software who make use of the TST for the monitoring of the results. In these safe online mess they guarantee:

    • Live salt with the most beautiful casino classics
    • Most exciting slot machines
    • Poker room of the highest level
    • Best Bingo rooms
    • Bookmakers online where to bet on every type of sport
    • Best bonuses to promotions

    International control bodies of great reliability

    There are many foreign and national control bodies to protect the work of safe online casinos. And with their constant and attentive control work have shown not only their reputation of supranational, incorruptible and honest organisms but also that online casinos are above all completely safe and legal doubts.

    The names of these International Certificators Bodies They are already known to those who frequent the world of online game and safe casinos Aams. The Kahawanake Gaming Commission or the Maltese Game Commission, or even the best ever the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory (Frsc), together with the American AAMS have certified all the safe casinos on the web.

    Which means Casino Sicuri Aams:

    • Money transactions in reliable online casinos take place secretly and which are unassailable from viruses and hackers
    • Personal data and user privacy is kept with great attention
    • Transparency and assistance to players is insured and constantly offered
    • The bonuses and promotions are real and truthful, so all those who ask them from the Sicuri Aams casinos, are sure to collect them in scheduled times
    • Payout, i.e. the indication of what in the percentage of the daily revenues, the Sicuri Aams casinos return in the form of winnings to the players, always reported on the main lobby of the gambling house, is truthful. We are talking about 97, 98%, for which 98 euros out of 100 are returned

    Gaming Gaming Commission

    the Kahnawake Gaming Commission It is the official authorization and regulation body for the game activity based in the Mohawk reserve north of the USA.

    The commission regulated and authorizes interactive game operators since the 90s. These must have registered office in the Mohawk territory.

    Maltese Game Commission

    the MALTA GAMING AUTHORITY It is the Maltese regulation body, a pioneer state in the regulation of the game.

    The body attributes concessions to companies with registered office on the island. It aims to guarantee the integrity of games and devices, to protect players and minors, to offer environments free from criminal activities.

    Financial Services Regulatory Commission

    the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) With headquarters in the Caribbean State of Antigua and Barbuda regulating the game online since 1994 through the Gaming division.

    Game operators who obtain the license can offer services in different countries of the world and are subject to financial and anti-agricultural checks.


    ecograppp It is an independent testing agency born in 2003, which deals with controls and certifications of software and platforms of online gambling.

    Accredited to the United Kingdom, it operates internationally by offering audit and certifications to the best world gaming operators to ensure safe and fair game.

    In USA, reliable online casinos are certified by ADM (ex AAMS)

    In 2011 the online game became legal in USA. To protect the list of players’ interests and supervise the correctness of the work of the Virtual Safe Casino ADM (ex AAMS), the Monopoly Customs Agency, which previously had always dealt with Totip, Totocalcio and Lotterie, took place the The task of independent controller.

    Top safety systems guarantee reliable online casinos

    Reliable online casinos resort to very sophisticated systems for the protection of users’ personal data and money transactions, the famous SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. These operate by encrypting the transaction data at the origin and decitting them only when, safe and intact, they reached the server of the online casino.

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

    The SSL protocol is a system for protecting Internet connections, which protects data and information exchanged between a server and a client, or between two servers. This system prevents the interception and decoding of data. It has been implemented since 1994, over the years it has evolved, gradually leaving the step to TLS.

    TLS (Transport Layer Security)

    It is the protocol currently most used in the Internet connections born from the evolution of the SSL. It allows you to communicate between clients and servers by avoiding interceptions, tampering or false falsifications. The protection system is based on encryption algorithms with 128 -bit or higher encryption keys. It guarantees private connections, authentication of identity, integrity of messages.

    Many companies offer SSL/TLS solutions for casino sites. Companies with the best reputation are:


    Digicert is a global supplier of TLS/SSL solutions, PKI, IoT and high security signatures founded in 2003.
    The globally recognized company offers customized solutions, offering basic SSL certificates, those with Norton seal. It also offers advanced packages compatible with all browsers and also with mobile devices.


    Cloudflare is a company with offices all over the world, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It emits SSL/TLS encryption certificates, and manages the life cycle. The proposed protocols are varied according to the needs: flexible SSL, complete SSL, and Origin ca. The latter provides for an SSL certificate issued directly by Cloudflare and not by other authorities.


    Sectigo is a division of Rapid Web Services LLC. The company deals with providing SSL/ TLS solutions suitable for everyone. It starts from the basic solutions, to the most advanced ones, with proposals for every need and budget. From the validation of a single site, to the encryption of hundreds of domains and under domains in one fell swoop.

    In addition, all the games in a virtual game room, except for the live versions conducted by dealers in flesh and blood, are managed by Random numbers generators (RNG) which, based on particular algorithms, determine the numerical results. The system is rooted and reliable and constantly subjected to the examination of specific entities such as Cograph and TST (Technical Systems Testing). The whole gear is perfect in safe online casinos.

    Non AAMS control and certification entities

    In addition to the AMS, safe online casinos rely on international bodies for further checks. These bodies offer a further level of security to the players. In fact, they not only control the truthfulness of payout and Playthrough, but they ensure that the safe casinos thug from the problematic game.
    The main certification bodies are:


    G4 Global Gambling Guidance Group It aims to spread the responsible game and the reduction of problematic gaming damage. It offers an accreditation program for both online and terrestrial operators, also offering training for sector operators. He also collaborates with game software providers.


    PWC is an English auditing and Consulting company that collaborates with Gambleware on the problem of problematic game. In this area PWC uses sector data to process risky behavior indicators and create models suitable for dealing with it. The company offers game operators tools for preventing identification and intervention on the problematic game.


    Gaming Laboratories International It offers certification services in the games sector, both for software manufacturers and for operators. The company, created in 1989, offered its control services in about 480 jurisdictions. It also offers support in the development phases with pre-conformity tests of the products based on the jurisdictions to which they are intended.


    Ultrasound is a control body that aims to protect consumers. Its activities are transversal to the whole game sector. Starting from the development phases to those in which the games are proposed to final consumers. With the standards imposed, the certified game environments offer responsible, fun and safe game.

    Privacy protection in safe online casinos

    Based on current regulations, the Safe Casino Aams guarantee the protection of the privacy of its members.

    The communication of personal data is mandatory for players, for the purpose of stipulating the game contract with the AAMS authorized online casino. Regarding this, the lack of consent from the players, to use the data, can result in the cancellation or disability of this contract.

    However, the processing and conservation of the player’s personal data, on the reliable Aams casinos, provide for the use of IT tools that guarantee certain security measures. Personal data will be kept for the entire duration of the contract, and later only for the fulfillment of the obligations required by law.

    The protection of privacy and use of personal data in the Safe Casino Aams follows the directives provided for by GDPR | EU General Data Protection Regulation entered into force in 2018. These directives are common to all casino online in europa, whether they operate legally in USA and abroad.

    In the safe casinos Aams, assistance to players is better

    Being a safe online casino also means offering better assistance to players. In USA, i Casino Online Arms They provide a toll -free number, thus guaranteeing free telephone communications from all over the American territory. Depending on your needs, it is preferable to choose one of the proposed tools.

    In general, the email is to be preferred for non -urgent problems, which also involve the sending of documents. The phone is useful if there are urgent problems, and also difficulties of connection or you do not have access to a computer. Chat is certainly the fastest method to have an immediate comparison with the operator, when we are in front of a computer.

    Customer service should be available 7 days a week, and ideally H 24. But generally the Safe Aams casinos, even the best ones are limited to a service in the daytime. Good assistance is the one that covers the time slot from 8 to 24.