Hi-Lo Blackjack system Easy to count cards

il Hi-Lo Blackjack system is one of the simpler counting strategies to be applied to this game. This is the first strategy that a player generally learns. Notoriously Blackjack is a game highly appreciated by those who love cards and casino games. In fact, it is characterized by simple rules and the results are determined by the right mix between skill and luck.

Who master the rules of blackjack and basic strategies of this game can begin to approach the practice of counting. Obviously if you play in a traditional casino you will not have to be discovered to count, you may be removed from the table and the game room.

The hi-Lo Blackjack system, like all the other counting strategies is based on the correct, correct, so counting the cards, increase the chances played winning. In fact, those who count the cards will gradually have the hands go on, a precise idea of what remains in the deck. Consequently he will know if it is better to aim low or dare with greater episodes.

How the hi-Lo Blackjack system works

The hi-lo Blackjack system allows you to make a way The counting of the cards is simple Already out, to draw conclusions on those remaining in the deck. Clearly no counting system will ask the player to memorize the values of all out cards one after the other. The counting is very facilitated by attributing to different groups of certain values.

The hi-lo Blackjack system is called this because it divides the tall “high”, and low “low” cards. And attributes to these two groups the values of 1 or -1. Here are the rules to be applied:
• Low cards from 2 to 6 are worth +1
• The tall cards from 10 to ace are worth – 1
• The 7 to 9 cards are neutral and are worth 0

This counting system is balanced, then there are 20 tall cards, 20 low and 12 neutral. So the sum of all the deck cards with the indicated values gives the result zero.

Hand after hand, therefore, you will have to add the cards that come out based on the values +1, -1 and zero. The higher the result of your counting at some point, the more in the deck it will remain high value cards. Conversely, if the count remains low, it means that many high cards have already come out and accordingly the low ones remain in the deck. Based on this information you can understand what to expect and manage the episodes better.

Counting and number of decks

To apply any counting strategy it is necessary to start from the start of the game after the dealer has mixed the various decks. Obviously the count must be calibrated based on the number of decks used at the table. In fact, to have the True Count or the real point, it will be necessary to divide the result of the count for the number of decks that remain. For example, if the count is at 4 and in the sabot there are two other decks, the True Count will be 2, that is 4: 2.

Paying attention to the number of decks is an extra difficulty but it is essential to be able to draw conclusions that make sense. We remind those who are not an expert in Blackjack that i Software online for free In demo mode they are very useful to train to count. But at the time in the games with software for Blackjack online, the count does not work since in each hand the deck is reset. But he can work in the versions of Blackjack online live, where a real Croupier will manage the table using real decks of cards. In this case you will also have the advantage of being able to take some note with paper and pen.

After a bit of training you can try to apply the hi-it Blackjack system to a real table. But be careful, casinos do not appreciate those who count the cards. If you come discovered in the best of cases you will be removed from the table. In any case, whatever the game mode, as the number of decks increases, possible prediction capabilities decrease thanks to the hi-it Blackjack system.