Simple systems Blackjack card counting

Systems such as the Blackjack Card count work? This question has three possible answers.

  1. traditional blackjack, played on a real table. In this case yes, the Blackjack card count works and gives excellent results
  2. Blackjack online electronic, in the case of Blackjack online electronic online casinos The answer is Negalive. When we sit at a virtual table, in fact, we have all the chances of taking note, pining numbers. But in this case the Blackjack cards will not help. In fact, in electronic online blackjack we cannot count the cards since it is as if the deck was completely new in each hand
  3. version blackjack live online With live dealers you can play the blackjack with the Method of counting cards

Blackjack card counting strategies

Let’s find out how the Blackjack card count works and some methods to do it. Who plays to BlackJack He knows the basic rules of this game with the lead. Know the Blackjack rules It is the first, and inevitable step to apply any form of counting.

According to the game table, you will have to have the ability to count, continuing to play, tending the wrist of the game and making ponderate choices!

Balanced and non -balanced systems

We specify that Blackjack cards counting systems can be distinguished in:

  • balanced, the final sum of the entire deck of cards will give 0
  • not balanced, the final sum of the entire deck of cards will be different from 0

Simple balanced systems for Blackjack card counting

In the Blackjack card count there are various methods, some of which are very famous and popular. These often stand out for a single factor, but lead to different results and assessments to be made.

All counting systems work by dividing the cards into groups to assign a value. This will be 1, -1 or 0


The most known and even simpler blackjack count counting method is the one called hi-lo. It is a balanced system, in which the final sum of the deck will be 0. The abbreviation indicates “high” and “low”, since this system is based on the distinction between high cards and low cards. The assumption of this count is that in Blackjack there are neutral cards, negative cards and positive cards. In summary, in this method the cards are counted like this.

  • 10, J, Q K and ace are high cards and are calculated -1
  • 2,3,4.5 and 6 are low cards and are calculated +1
  • The remaining, 7, 8 and 9 are neutral and are worth 0.
  • During the game we must count in this way all the cards that come out.

At a certain point if our result is high, for example +13, we can deduce that there are still value cards in the deck. And we can focus accordingly.

Simple non -balanced systems for counting cards at blackjack

The hi-lo system is balanced, what we are about to see, the knockout, is instead an unknown system. Like the previous one it is an easy method suitable for beginners.

My system

The values assigned to cards are the same as in the previous system with a difference. Here the 7 is worth +1, and this leads to the result that the total count of the deck will give +4. In general, the higher the result of our counting, the higher the episodes must be.

What is the key count

When we count the cards we must also pay attention to another element. Let’s talk about the key count, which is a value linked to the number of decks with which you play. If the deck is 1, the key count is +2, if the decks are 2, the key count is +1, while if you play with 6 decks it will be -4.

How to use the key count? If our counting exceeds the value of the key count, we can believe that we are the advantage and start daring more with bets.

Conclusion on the Blackjack Carte Country Systems

This is just a small floury on the cards counting systems in the Blackjack. There are much more complex systems suitable only for counting experts, who aim to eliminate possible statistical errors inherent in other methods. For each method, even the simplest, much practice is needed. Training is essential to continue playing counting, without losing concentration and without estranged from the table.