How to play online slot machines

Are you looking for a guide on how to play online slot machines?

To play the online slot machines and win us, especially luck, however there are some small tricks that allow us to play AAMS online slot machines and getting better results.

Some statistics say that 80 percent of visitors who enter for the first time in a terrestrial casino heads towards slot machines. The reasons are easy to understand: slot machines are fun games, so you don’t need to be prepared. Just insert a coin, click on the spin button that now replaces the handle, and look at what happens on the rollers.

The same success that the terrestrial slot machines are enjoyed, online slot machines also have it. In fact, in online casino sites the slots are the lion’s part. For beginners who have never tried an online casino, we propose Guide, which explains step by step how to play online slot machines.

The first thing to do to play online slot machines is to subscribe to an online casino and open a gaming account. This operation is very simple. It is important to remember that for a safe game you have to play only in the Aams casino.

Once chosen the Casino from the AAMS list, just click on “Register”, enter your personal data. The registration will be completed by sending a copy of your identity document. Once registered, we will have to make a payment on our gaming account and we will be ready to play.

Understanding slot machines to choose well

How to choose the slot machine to play at?

Choosing a slot machine for a beginner may not be simple. Online casino propose hundreds of different AAMS slot games, and among all the titles in front of us it is easy to feel disoriented. First of all you have to understand how online slot machines are made and what are the game mechanisms.

Modern online slots maintain the operating bases of the old slots with coils. Whatever the variants, on the screen we will always see rollers, generally 5, with symbols arranged on three lines. Today’s symbols can be very varied: not only fruit and jewels revolve on the rollers, but images of all kinds. They are often inspired by engaging issues, from adventure to ancient Egypt, to our favorite film or TV series. The symbols can be three -dimensional or with animations.

Of any type they are, the symbols vary for their value, and there are special symbols. The most common are The Wild that acts from Jolly the Scatter symbol that can start the extra gamesnull The payments table shows how many are the winning combinations and how they are composed. The corresponding win is indicated for each combination. So, to understand how to play online slot machines it is important to watch the payments table. But let’s not feel compelled to memorize all the winning combinations. In fact, these can be many. There are slot machines that have 10 payment lines, next to others that exceed 200 or 300 possible combinations. No fear! When a winning combination appears on the rollers, this is automatically reported by the slot. And we are credited with the corresponding win.

Slot with fixed or progressive jackpot

By studying the payments table and the information that accompany a slot-machine, we could also know the amount of the maximum winning that can be obtained. It is important to distinguish Slo with fixed jackpot and progressive jackpot slot. The slot machines with fixed jackpot are those that have a maximum pre -set winning, which always remains the same. This generally is obtained with the best possible combination and with the maximum episode. In the slots with progressive jackpot, on the other hand, maximum win is not specified, because these are connected to a prize pool that gradually increases. This increase is determined by all the games that are made to that specific slot. Whenever a player plays one of the titles connected on the net, he contributes to the increase in jackpot.

How to play the online slot machines: start aiming for the slot

Once chosen the online slot machine we can start playing, and here too there are some things to know. There are slot machines in which all payment lines are automatically activated. In other types of slots instead The player can decide whether to select all lines or just a fewnull This choice is very important. On the one hand, if we select all the lines we will have more possibilities to obtain winning combinations. In fact, a winning combination appears on an uncleated line, we will not receive the corresponding prize. On the other hand, when we select all the lines and establish our episode, this will be multiplied by all active lines. So if we don’t want to risk spending too much on a single lap we should be careful to select the minimum episode per line. Then we just have to click on the spin key.

Other features of online slots

If a spin is winning, visual and sound effects will immediately start, including the inevitable waste, which will indicate the winning combination and the sum won. The big win will be characterized by more festive animations that underline the moment.

Risk function

In many slot machines there is the risk function, sometimes also called doubles. This function is activated only when we get a win. In this case, a key will light up with “risk” written “Bet” or “double”. By clicking on this key we will see a new screen. Here the player will have the opportunity to double his win. In general, the game mechanism involves the choice between two possibilities: even or odd, red or black. If the player guess, he will double the win, otherwise he will lose everything.

Special functions and bonus games

In addition to these basic elements, most of the slot machines will have Special features and bonus games. They are elements that make the game more varied and fun, and can be very different from each other. Trying them will be much better than reading the descriptions. Players who wish to familiarize himself with an online slot machine have many possibilities to do it without spending money. Many casinos in fact offer The ability to play free Machine slot in demo mode. We will therefore have the slot with all the features, to try and try again without spending real money.

Online slot machine with real money

Aams casinos offer a vast choice of online slot machines with real money, of many different producers. To be able to play you, you must be of age, so you can register and validate your gaming account. After registration you will have to make a deposit on your account. At this point you have to select the game you want to try the fate.

Click on your favorite slot and choose the budget you want to use, then select the episode you want to do with each spin. We recommend that you lend attention to the minimum and maximum episode, given that very often the highest one corresponds to decidedly high sums. At this point you can start playing and all the winnings you will get will be counted in the appropriate section of the game board. When you decide to stop, close the game. The amount won will be credited directly to your account and you can also choose to take it.

What is RTP

The abbreviation RTP stands for Return to players words that translate into American with “return to the player’s winnings”. The value of RTP of a slot It is very important as it indicates how much the slot pays. In fact, the RTP indicates which percentage of the sum played in a slot is returned to players in the form of winnings. For example, a 96% RTP slot indicates that out of $ 100, 96 are returned to players in winnings and 4 go to the casino.

It is important to know the RTP is indicated by the manufacturers, but it is a theoretical value calculated on thousands of games, which can vary slightly in reality. Furthermore, it must be understood that it does not indicate that if you play 100 euros, you will remain 96 in your pocket. The RTP refers to an average calculated on all gamesnull Once this consideration, tendency to a high RTP slot machine, is more generous than a low RTP slot.

What and volatilite

Volatility in a slot machine is a fairly complicated concept that indicates its risk factor. Volatility indicates the tendency of the slot machine to distribute prizes in a certain period of time, and their amount. Volatility It can be high, medium or low And it identifies three types of slot machines.

  • High volatility: slot that rarely reward with high winnings
  • Low volatility: slot that often reward with reduced prizes
  • Average volatility: slot that are placed halfway between the two previous types

In high volatility slots, the risk factor is higher. In fact, if you choose this type of slot, you risk having to play for a long time before getting a win, even if this is probably conspicuous. Conversely, in low volatility slot machines, even if you have a reduced budget, after a few play you will probably receive a small prize.

What are the AAMS slot machines most loved by the players?

The choice is really difficult and make a complete list of all slot machine AAMS online Available is really difficult. Certainly, among the most loved, there are those that remember the old bar or casino slots, colorful and simple, but there are also those inspired by the characters of the comics and the Justice League in particular. Not least those dedicated to television quizzes, loved programs, the most awarded films, such as Rocky Balboa.