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This page contains theList of online casino games offered by AAMS certified gaming houses with their main characteristicsnull Each online casino Aams expresses a personal vision of the Gambling, focusing on one software per casino Compared to others, classic games promoting certain particular versions, or giving emphasis on a type of bonus or promotion that is particularly suitable for a type of game.

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Each player must take these aspects into account in defining what needs and desires wants to satisfy. However, we can say that the online casino games listed by us albeit with some exceptions are present in most of the Casino Online Arms.

roulette online

Online roulette is played in many different ways. Roulette is called Queen of online casino games. First of all you have to choose between his Classic or live version: in the first case it will be a software has determined the numerical series outgoing on the wheel; In the second case, however, it is played live, with Croupier in flesh and bones and a real ball, in directed by terrestrial rooms taken through web cam.

Then there are many variants of the roulette the variants have in common the structure of the game and the Roulette rules which are always very simple. The French variant is the one we all know, with 36 white and black numbers zero. There American variant It has two zeros and a small advantage for the counter. The European variant is similar to the French one, but has a green cloth instead of red, some different episodes and a different arrangement of the numbers on the wheel. In English variantFinally, a small difference in the episodes is associated with the Blue color of the cloth. Last news of the online casino games is the roulette 3D where the game surrender is excellent.

LAWS – roulette online

Blackjack online

And the more played in terrestrial casinos around the world, and its success continues online. It is a simple, fast, passionate and adrenaline game: It involves only two actors, the player and the counter and makes the mail win to those who approach more, without overcoming it to Score 21.

Anyone can play the Blackjack: the Blackjack rules In fact they are few and simple. For those who want to play in a more serious and determined way, then, many interesting systems are available on the web. Among the online casino games, the Blackjack variants The Spanish one, the Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, or the Blackjack Switch. Differ from each other according to the number of decks and the type of cards that are used; to the behavior that the dealer must keep in an attempt to reach the score; to the way the cards are distributed, discovered or covered, and to the number of episodes allowed for each hand

LAWS – Blackjack online

Baccarat Online

Among the classic online casino games we find the Baccaratnull Less played than other classics such as roulette and blackjack because it presents as few strategies possible to win.

A niche game and with complicated rules considered prestigious and which has its own small audience of fans. If in the electronic version there is many of the online casinos its version with live Croupier is not particularly widespread.

Live mess

The Live versions of Casino Games Online more famous classics are a fairly recent invention, which has decreed the definitive consecration of online casinos. The number of players has centupped all over the world; In fact, thanks to very sophisticated web cam, placed numerous in real terrestrial halls, with real Mazzieri or Croupier, online casinos manage to make the emotion of challenging the counter true and vivid or pointing a number on the roulette.

Anyone, in every part of the world, without even getting up from its comfortable home armchair, can try the thrill of the roulette or live blackjack. In the live version the virtual casinos present the roulette, il BlackJack, but also poker in the Caribbean or Hold’em versions the Baccarat and even the Red Dog. It is played at every hour of the day and night, also interacting live with the dealers and the Croupier or with the other table companions simultaneously tuned online

LAWS – Live mess

So – online craps

Maybe they are the most ancient game ever, certainly the oldest still present in online casinos. And if they have had such a lasting success in time there will be a reason!

Here it is: in the face of a few rules, the dice give a compelling and exciting game; Those who have never tried to pull them, live or online, should try without delay.

In the dice game they are Many players involved, each of which, in turn, becomes a pitcher; the bets are continuous, because every launch each player can make his episode. Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, such as Point, Seising Out: the rules are all here and the fun is insured

video poker online

Each virtual mess has its own Online casino games section dedicated to video pokernull You play in many variants And versions: Aces and Faces, Tens Or Better, Jacks or Better, All American, Jocker and many other titles at 25, 50 or an even greater number of lines. Regardless of the chosen variant, video poker have the common feature of being one Electronic Poker version: The same are in fact, even if simplified, the basic rules.

The player substantially must Choose between five cards discovered in front of him and hope to make a better score than that of the carnull If the themes, the graphics, the background musical is the same as the poker of the terrestrial game rooms and the bars, are the chances of winning that they change by playing online: here at least 95% of what was collected in betting returns to the winner!

LAWS – Video Poker Online

Slot Online

They are among the online casino games that everyone is looking for, the most spectacular in virtual surrendernull An online casino, today, wins or loses the race with the competitors based on its slot machine menu. And all online casinos compete to form the richest, exciting, generous and convenient menu of all the others.

The choice is infinite: slot machine con progressive jackpot, con Free spin, in tournament version, dedicated to a thousand topics. Some examples: cinema, comic, show, sport, thriller, fantasy. There is no limit to the imagination of the providers who invent continuously New increasingly spectacular titles. Incredible graphics, refined soundtracks, special movie effects, close agreements with the largest majors in the world of cinema and comics

LAWS – slot online AAMS

slot machine dei BAR

Today available among the online casino games. They are a particular type of slot machine: more simple in animations, without special effects, characterized by Scampanellii and Trilli instead of complex sound accompanying.

Lot of players are fond of these games They made them a lot in the bars and asked and obtained them online, in the Aams casinos. In the virtual version they therefore maintained the same graphics and the same visual yields, but have become immensely more generous: the Ses the salalalal., either the castles or Yabba Dabba Dosh, to mention some of the most famous titles, online make players in the form of winnings much more than 90% of what they collect in bets.

LAWS – slot machine dei BAR

vlt videolottery

It is a terrestrial offer of Slot Machine complessenull With high -level graphic and sound properties. The storyboard are also more articulated than bars slot machines.

The VLT usually they play in Sale Slot on the territory and are connected to each other to allow theProgressive jackpot disbursementnull Today they are available among the online casino games.

LAWS – VLT Videralottei

social casino

Social casinos, as the name suggests, are games of Online casino that are hosted on social networksnull Their feature is that they are totally free And they allow you to play without real money.

Social casinos do not require registration. Just be enrolled in the social social networks. Everyone can play you freely, try slot machines and other online casino games without having to deposit any figure. Many social casino are hosted on Facebooknull Generally just click on the play key and it is done. A page will open with slot machines and games available.

The player will also receive a nice coins egg of coins or tokens for free and can use them to try his favorite games. Every day they receive gettoni free, you can invite friends and you participate in tournaments. Access to some options (Avatar customization, subsequent levels) is paid.


Many of the Aams casinos present on the web are born as poker salt. Online poker relives a new youth, with the introduction of many specialties and variantsnull Those who love poker can therefore enjoy it at all hours of the day and night, in the Classic version, in the live, in the electronic and fast video poker.

To have fun and win it is not necessary to be a professional player. The basic rules of poker are very simple and each virtual game room also has tables with low episode limits, precisely for those players at the beginning. Omaha, Texas hold’em, Telesina, Caribbean. Each casino puts all the existing specialties on the menu of his online casino games, to really allow anyone to find his perfect poker!

pai gow poker

It is becoming very famous, especially thanks to the tow of the Large terrestrial mess of Macaonull The PAI GO, in fact, is the most Famous Chinese gambling. The Domino tiles and, as in Blackjack, the purpose is to do 21 Without busing, in the PAI GOW you try to get to the number nine.

The Americans soon invented one western version: The 52 poker cards are used instead of the cards and players, up to nine per game, collide one at a time against the counter. If the nuts are the oldest game in the world still played today, the PAI GOW POKER, however, is the newest and is often available among online casino games.

Sport bets

Many online casinos have been, or they are still, large betting rooms. Sports betting often occupy the same space in the game sites reserved for all casino games in their entirety.

Online betting rooms work 24 hours a day and accept bets on practically every sport, of course football, but also motorcycling, motoring, tennis, basketball, volleyball and many others. The sporting events followed by Betting rooms of the online casino are a world level, not only European American; Even the Japanese football championship finds space there! Sports bets are often at the center of very interesting particular promotions and bonuses. Many historical bookmakers offer online casino games.


Bingo Live is the main attraction of many online casinos, especially those who reserve a place in their menu for more traditional games. Just as there are live rooms dedicated to roulette, poker or blackjack, among the online casino games there are also the sale bingo.

Just register, choose the most comfortable game time for us and take a virtually place in the Bingo room. The draws follow one another all day And usually it is not necessary to download any software, because the technology is so sophisticated as to allow the player to simply connect via browser.


You have to keep up with the times, nobody knows it better than online casinos: always careful to include the latest news and prepare game menus always updated with the new trends of the online casino games. Keno is a game of Chinese origin.

Ever since China decided that the online game is not the work of the devil and indeed has started to invest massively in the terrestrial resorts in Macao, Chinese games began to cross the great wall to conquer players around the worldnull Just like the Pai Gow also the Keno is an ancient game, which, however, has such fascinating characteristics that it lends itself perfectly to be inserted among the online casino games.

It looks a lot like the bingo; Even in Keno, in fact, you buy folders and you are witnessing the extraction of numbers. In this case, however, 20 numbers are chosen from the beginning and the winnings are modulated on the basis of those of these will then be extracted from the Bussolotto.

Wheel of luck

It is a great success of the online casino Aams that comes from the United States: There is an audience of players even fanatically adoring the wheel of luck. American players also begin to appreciate this game e Many Casino Aams have decided to open live salt, to play the wheel of luck live, as well as in a classic version. Today the wheel of fortune is located among the online casino games.

The wheel of luck is, the name also says, a Game absolutely entrusted to fate: to win no mathematical or statistical tables, it is not necessary to count the numbers already released; Each new lap is a race in itself.

For this reason, the wheel of fortune is especially passionate about the less experienced players and those who only recently started attending virtual mess. The possibility of interact with those who turn the wheel in the live versionThen, it constitutes a great way to become familiar, having fun and perhaps even winning beautiful sums, with the world of virtual game.


Everything in the past has entertained game enthusiasts has found new life online in the Aams casino. Roulette, dice, poker, blackjack, baccarat and even slot machines come from the terrestrial casinos have now become online casino games and have a fascinating and mythical story behind them.

Arcade games, however, they come from the childhood and adolescence of the fifty -year -old players that in the bars, even before in the game rooms, they attached to those great ones Cassoni with huge buttons, knobs and joystick equipped with the two hundred lire to make them worknull Pac Man, Tetris, Bubble: elementary games, simple, with coarse graphics and ringing and clumsy sounds, which however were Phenomenal collective entertainment machines.

Online casinos propose them among their online casino games, often without changing thevintage appearance, but by giving away huge figures for the time and high payouts. Among the most successful arcade online casino games we mention, penalty kick, arrows, the Boowling.

Fantasy adventures

They are a new category of online casino games. Develop on one complex storyboard on multiple levelsnull The player is represented by a personalized avatar And it must complete pre -established adventures to be able to access the next level.

One of the most successful examples of fantasy adventures is Casino Legend a tournament that takes place on the Eurobet website. At the last level of the game you win a prize pool.

American card games

American players have one Long tradition of play with cardsnull Some legal online casinos have therefore included the classic card games with card games of the American tradition.

Among the classic American tradition games we mention: the broom, the burraco, seven and a half, scale 40, briscola, tressette, cirulla, the ace takes everything, peppa, Telesina, beast, chemin de fer.

The recommended online casino to play classic American games is Snai

Skill games

I am in general i skill games, Different from the online casino games of pure fortune, such as roulette, because in this case memory, calculation, attention and experience become essential elements to win frequently. Online Skill Games almost always have a section dedicated to them in each menu.

Here are collected the electronic versions of classic and traditional games, such as the backgammon, or chess, or the lonely cards, or new games, born directly online, such as Skat and Doppelkopf. They also include American card games indicated above.

Play free online casino games

If you are interested in trying free casino games you will have no problems finding them online on legal game sites. In fact, many Aams casinos make the slot machines and other games available to players in the free demo version. In this way you will have the opportunity to try the various titles without real money, but with all the active features. Obviously the winnings that you will get will be exclusively in virtual coins, and in no case you will get used money.

On many sites to try the games of casino gratis You will be asked to access, so you will necessarily have to register. Just fill in the registration form and then access with username and password. Other Aams casinos instead provide games in demo mode also for players who are not registered. You will find the casino games for free also in the for fun casino, portals dedicated only to fun, also called social casino.

Complete list of online casino games

So the Legal online casino in USA they also offer diversified games who are not properly online casino games. The characteristic of these products is of course that they are gambling (in which therefore you bet on the incitement of a particular event) or games in which you clash with an opponent and the winner receives a cash compensation. Below we indicate a complete list of online casino games that can be found in virtual gaming houses:

  • roulette
  • BlackJack
  • Poker
  • It will bow
  • slot machine
  • Slot Machine Bar
  • Videolottery VLT
  • Video poker
  • Casino live
  • Craps (so)
  • Arcade
  • Broom
  • burraco
  • Texas Hold ‘em
  • Half past seven
  • Casino Hold’em
  • keno
  • Monopoly
  • Omaha
  • Pai Gow
  • Poker Pai Gow
  • Treette
  • Calmed down
  • Backgammon
  • 5 card Stud
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Sic Bo
  • Stud Poker
  • Broom
  • Traditional poker
  • Yablon
  • Three Card Poker
  • Lonely
  • Trent and quarant
  • Peppa
  • Wheel of luck
  • Scratch and win
  • Traffic Puzzle
  • Guerra
  • Basket
  • Spanish 21