Judah Slot Machine volatility

The volatility of slot machines is a fundamental concept, this represents the risk of a slot machine.

In choosing a slot machine online There are several factors to consider, in addition to those relating to personal preferences. In fact, each game of rollers has different technical characteristics that have which are established by the programmers. These concern factors such as theRTP, the payout and the volatility of the slot machine.

In this article we will focus on the volatility of slot machines, a factor often difficult to understand, which can be very useful for choosing your favorite online slot.

What is the volatility of slot machines

The volatility of a slot machine often comes also indicated as a variance indexnull It is a concept that has to do with the mathematical variance and statistics. Volatility is related to the average of the prizes that are distributed by a slot in a number of laps. This explanation is very simplistic, but it is enough to communicate the idea of what we are talking about.

In other words, we can say that The volatility of a slot indicates its tendency to distribute prizesnull Then refers to the profitability of an online slot. The volatility of slot machines is not expressed with a precise number, but through a value scale: in fact, profitability can be high, medium or low.

The different volatility of slot machines

Knowing the level of volatility can help you select the type of online slot machine most suitable for your game mode. Here are the characteristics of the different volatility of slot machines.

high volatility

The slot machines that have a tendency to rarely reward, but with winnings of very high amount are included in this definition.

Average volatility

In this band those slots are included which give prizes more often than the slots with high volatility, but of more contained amount.

Low volatility

Low volatility slots are those that tend to distribute prizes frequently, of low amount.

The slot risk factor

Identify the type of volatility of slot machines puts you in front of a choice that you will have to consider your game mode and your budget. Indeed On the one hand, an online slot with high volatility may appear more attractive since it distributes substantial prizesnull On the other hand, however, a game of this type could ask you long sessions before delivering a win.

If you are a player with a reduced budget, you will find much more satisfaction by choosing a slot machine with low volatility. In fact, in this way even with a few games you can get some winnings.

These considerations acquire greater meaning if volatility is interpreted as a Index of the risk factor of a slotnull In high volatility slots, the risk level is greater, consequently even the prize will be higher.

How to know the volatility of an online slot machine?

Unlike other values such as the payout of a slot, volatility is information that is not always accessible to players. A way to know the volatility of slot machines is to visit the game producer’s website. Indeed software per casino Like Netent and others, the slots are accompanied in the catalog of all useful information, including the volatility index of slot machines. Even the best online casinos offer all the relative information together with the games. So also on the website of your favorite casino you may find information on the volatility of a slot.

If you don’t find this information, a simple trick to understand which type of volatility to a slot is that of Watch the payments tablenull You will have to compare the winnings that are obtained with the same symbol in combinations of 3, 4 and 5. The higher the waste between the different prizes, the greater the volatility of the slot.

Always in the payments table there are other indicators. For example, if the Massimo award does not exceed the episode by 200 times, it is probably a slot with low volatility. Another symptom of low volatility is the abundance of very small prizes with the lower combinations.

The volatility of slot machines, as well as the other factors, is not a guarantee of winning. We recommend that you always live the game as fun and practice it only in legal online casinos.