Blackjack rules and strategies

The blackjack rules as well as blackjack strategies are very simple so much so that blackjack is a gambling very popular all over the world which was born in France during the seventeenth century with the name of Ving-Et-Un. The original name is directly linked to the purpose of the game, or that of reach the pscore of 21 adding the value of playing cardsnull In fact, Ving-Et-e-uno translated by the French means “twenty-one”. Once they landed in America, he took the name of Blackjack.

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The American variant in fact rewarded the score of 21 obtained with ace with the black infantrymen, or the jack of spades. Today this variant has been abolished, but since then the game has maintained the name of Blackjack. The spread of this exciting card game led him to be one of the most popular too In the online casinos where many users entertain themselves to playing online blackjack.

Purpose of the game

To be able to play success, you need to know the Blackjack rules trying to Get the score of 21 without “cloak”null That is, without exceeding this value which is the maximum threshold allowed by the game.
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The value of playing cards in the Blackjack

In the blackjack The rules of the game are not always the samenull Differ so that it is Casino can choose to play with one or more decks from 52 French cardsnull Jolly are still excluded from the game. All cards ranging from 2 to 10 will have a value corresponding to the number of the card itself. For example, the 5 of hearts will have value 5. while all the figures present in the game – king, queen and infantrymen – will all have as value 10. The ace instead can be worth both 1 point and 11 points.

It depends on the need that the player has during his hand. Players do not need to specify the value they intend to attribute to the acenull In any case, the type of seed of the cards has no effect on their value. For example, a 6 hearts will have the same value as 6 of money.

Blackjack rules: the value of scores

The blackjack rules are very simple. For this reason, the game is appreciated by players who simply have to sum of each card value. The ace can be worth 1 or 11 pointsnull To give a practical example, if you find yourself with one hand composed of cards 5, 7 and 9 you will have obtained 21 points. While a figure and a 9 are worth a total of 19 points.

With an ace and a 7 then the points of your hand will be 18, here the ace is worth 11. While with a 7, a 10 and an ace the points will always be 18, here the ace is worth 1. A hand that contains a Ace is called “soft” When both the value 1 and 11 is attributed to the acenull Instead, a hand that contains an ace is called “hard” When the ace can only be attributed value 1, because with value 11 goes beyond 21.

How many are played at Blackjack

The Blackjack rules provide that a blackjack game tables can sit Maximum of 7 players who will take part in the game Together with the Croupiernull The Croupier represents the counter. Whatever the number of players sitting at the table, each of them will not play against the other players but exclusively against the counter.

How the Blackjack game takes place

A Blackjack match begins:

  • with players making their episode
  • Subsequently the counter distributes an discovery card to each player
  • and finally it distributes a card discovered to itself too
  • Then repeat the operation, distributing exclusively to all players a second discovered card
  • At this point the Croupier reads in order from left to right the score totally with the first two cards by each player
  • So, he invites them to show their game
  • Players can ask for an additional card or to be
  • Players can ask for an additional card until they exceed 21 points.
    Furthermore, they still take place when they believe they have the best possible hand.
  • When all players have completed their hand, the Croupier will reveal their cards

Depending on your cards the Croupier will follow the rules of blackjack for the counter, which will indicate if it should fish a card or stay.

The role of the Croupier and the rules of Blackjack

Blackjack rules are very precise about what the role of the Croupier is. The Croupier has to pull a card when his hand has a score lower than or equal to 16, while when he exceeds 16 points he has to stop.

Just as it happens for the players, even the desk if the 21 “high” points go beyond and must pay all the episodes left on the table. Practically The Croupier has no choice to make during the game of your hand, as He has to pull a card until he reaches at least 17 points Or until “high” going above 21.

Once all the scores, those of the players and those of the bench, will be defined, the Croupier will proceed to a comparison, paying all the combinations higher than his, collecting the lower ones and leaving the players in the same. The Blackjack regulation provides that the payment of the winning episodes is on an equal footing.

Blackjack strategies: how to get blackjack

When a player manages to tot 21 points with the first two cards received from the Croupier, or receiving an ace (to which the value of 11 points will be attributed) and a ten or a figure, gets the so -called “Black Jack”.

In this case The player is entitled to pay the win of 3 to 2, equal to once and a half the mail playednull The “Black Jack” obtained by a player beats any score of the counter, including a score of 21 obtained with three or more cards, with the exception of another “Black Jack” by the Dealer.

In the event that the counter is also made the “black jack” then the hand is considered on an equal footing.

Double your episode – Rule of doubling

Among the various options that the players have available during a game there is also the so -called double down blackjack, or the Possibility of double your episodenull This option can be exercised in the event that with the first two cards the player has obtained a score between 9 and 15 points. By calling the double down, the players undertake to ask for only one card, after receiving which they are forced to stop.

The split – Rule of the split

The rules of Blackjack allow the players who receive the first two cards of the same value to carry out the Split, or of divide the hand into two separate hands and to play them both at the same time and independently from each other. After deciding to carry out the Split Blackjack, the player separates the two cards and add an episode of identical value of the first also on the second card. At this point the player finds himself with two first cards and the counter adds a card on each of the two separate cards.

Blackjack insurance

L’Blackjack insurance It is a tool that brings advantages when the counter has a particularly lucky hand, allowing the player to recover the losing episode. When at the Blackjack table the bench discovers a asso, the player has the possibility to use insurance. To do this, he will have to make a new episode, equal to half the first. If the bench totals a blackjack, the insurance pays 2: 1. If the desk does not do blackjack, but wins the hand, the insurance increases the losses. While if the counter does not make Blackjack and the player wins his hand, he will still have spent more to aim.

Blackjack in online casinos

Most of the online casino They make some tables dedicated to Blackjack available to the players, who they differ from each other in the minimum and maximum episode limitsnull In addition, the various tables can have different game variants, such as that of keeping the first two covered cards instead of discoveries, or the quantity of the number of decks used.

The different variants of the online game have some Rules for differentiated blackjacksnull It is therefore important to study the specific rules before starting to play.

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Legal casino in USA and Blackjack online

Blackjack online knows its golden age in the digital era and success has led AAMS online casinos to promote new variants of the classic version. These variants have supplanted the traditional version in the hearts of the players. Legal casinos in USA offer a wide selection of the Blackjack variants, whose rules remain the basic ones of the game, but with some precautions that often go to the advantage of the player.

Some advice to get a winning hand

The rules of Blackjack make this very simple game and within everyone’s reach. But there are still some considerations to be done to try to get as many winnings as possible. There The best combination is the “Black Jack”, or the Pair of initial cards formed by an ace and a 10 -point card, which allows you to total 21 points.

The most winning hand after the “Black Jack” is the one that totals 21 points with 3 or more cardsnull It will not always be possible to get 21 points, and in some cases it is necessary to Follow the right game strategy, both in online blackjack and when you play sitting at a table.

In the event that the player finds himself with a 17 -point hand will converge himnull If the player in the first two cards will receive two 10 points cards, will converge him Split To try to get the 21 by fishing an ace.

The same strategy is also valid if the first two cards are two eight or two axes. Also when a player gets 11 points with the first two cards, it is advisable resort to doubling of one’s episode.

Strategies to win at Blackjack

Blackjack is defined by American law as a skill gamenull Of course, most of the players do not apply any method to win to blackjack and play by relying on luck or intuition. Actually, with a more methodological approach, Blackjack online can also become a rather safe systematic source of profit. There is not only a method to win at Blackjaknull In reality there are several, developing over time by applying statistical and mathematical principles To win at Blackjack.

In the Blackjack game the advantage is of the player

Statistically the Blackjack grants to banker an advantage ranging from 0.90% to 1.50% null Very little if we think of the most famous games like Lotto where to win is practically impossible. In addition, applying even the simplest method, this advantage for the counter is still reduced. Furthermore, It is not necessary to be mathematicians to apply a method to win to Blackjack. The players are very solidarity with each other in the challenge against casinos and willingly make their methods and systems available to colleagues.


The best known, successful method also and also applicable to modern Blackjack online, is that of the group of young Mit students, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 60s. They were also dedicated to them film 21null In fact, strong of this method, called “Basic Strategy” These enterprising guys hooking many casinos around the world. Atlantic City’s casino also tried and unnecessarily expelled them! There Basic Strategy studied by MIT is the only one to have a mathematical and statistical foundation proven.

How to apply the MIT system to win at Blackjack online

Each method designed to win at Blackjack online part from the observation of the cards available to the player and the counter after the first distribution of the same. So it also does the basic strategy. The most valid method existing, which in fact is based precisely onExam of the two cards in the hand of the player in relation to the descended card of the counternull With the help of mathematical calculations e By applying the rules of statistics, the MIT boys translated their method into one Easy reading table.

The table answers the player’s question: staying or taking paper?

The MIT table and the online blackjack

The table to win at Blackjack, developed in the 1980s From the group of researchers from Mit, the famous American polytechnic based in Massachussets, made the happiness of many Blackjack players, making them the victory very easy. Certainly in the past i Territorial casino did not accept that the players would consult the MIT table playing blackjack. Indeed, they tried to prevent him in every way. In the mess that offer the online blackjack, the table developed by the MIT can be used, in fact no type of control is possible. This considerably benefits online players who can try to use this statistical method to increase their probability of winning.

S: Stand – Subtract
H: Hit – Ask card
D: Double – the episode doubles
SP: Split – divide the cards

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Count the cards at the Blackjack

Some players for Increase your winning possibilities they resort to the counting of the cards. In a nutshell they try to keep the cards out and those still at stake to analyze their chances of winning. These players prefer Playing in the tables with the least number of decks possible to simplify the count.

It is important to underline that in Blackjack the deck of cards comes mixed only once At the beginning of the game And then no more. Up to exhaustion of the cards themselves. Therefore, it is easy to understand that from a certain moment on you can also hypothesize with percentages of negligible error which is the Banco game to beat it. That’s enough Keep the cards already out and those still in the deck.

How to count the cards to win at Blackjack?

There are different levels of skills in counting cards. We remind you that there are some manuals that teach the techniques that are easily found online for example on eBay or Amazon.

Where the cards cannot be counted

In the Terrestrial Casino You cannot count the cardsnull Unless you are a pure mathematician, the counts to do are too complicated. It would be too difficult to keep the calculations in mind and at the same time follow the progress of the game. In addition, if the dealers have only the scent you are attempting some calculation take you and accompany you to the door. Counting cards is not possible even in online casinos if you choose a classic or 3D modenull In these games the numerical sequences are managed by a calculator and it is as if the deck mixed with each new hand.

Cards can be counted in the live online casinos

Instead, it is possible to count the cards in the casino online live, those managed by dealers in flesh and blood connected via webcam. You can even assist without betting, Per test your ability to count the cardsnull Choose to start a simple method like Hi Lo and see if the game trend corresponds to your expectations. You can then go up the system in the system to have increasingly precise indications on how to direct the bets and the request for further cards.

Strategies to win Ak Blackjack by counting the cards

Many books on techniques that can be used for the counting of cards have been written on the Blackjack. Here a List of the most famous strategies And more used we remember.


Among the systems to win the Blackjack is the simplestnull A amateur can also use it profitably. Works with blackjack live, not with the classic one, in which it is a numerical standard generator to define the trend of the cards. Since it would be impossible to remember every single card that came out of the deck, proceed with an account in broad terms. The following values are attributed to the Blackjack cards:
Asso – 10 – figure = -1
7 -8 -9 -= 0
2- 3- 4- 5- 6 = +1

It’s a balanced system, because by adding the 52 cards the value obtained is 0. At this point the player, to win, will manage, with an approximate calculation, to guess the value of the cards still in the sabot. Also remembering that the number obtained must be divided with number of decks used by the dealer. If the count is high, type +15, it means that in the sabot there are still high cards. Dare to win, you could easily get busy. If the count gives a low number, then it means that the sabot has many low cards. So, dare can be approached as much as possible to 21, the winning value of the Blackjack.

il HI-LO SYSTEM it is the basis of many other systems More complex used to win at Blackjack.

K.O. System

And unbalanced system: the sum of all cards does not give 0, but +4. This system to win at Blackjack Try to maintain the characteristics of a simple calculation, within the reach of neophytes, but making it more precisenull It is in this sense one variant of the hi lo system, like all the other systems to win at the Blackjack that follow. The difference with the hi system is that here the number 7 has a value +1. To proceed to a count as precise as possible, that help us understand if and when to stay or ask for paper to win, you must also take into account the number of decks. It is precisely the count of the numbers of the deck that makes the calculation slightly more complicated. In the case of this system to win at the Blackjack there is no division, but, simply, the so -called Key Count is added to the number obtained:

– +2 if you use 1 deck
– +1 if you use 2 decks
–4 If you use 6 decks
–6 if you use 8 decks

If the counting of the cards is greater than the relative key count, the advantage is of the player.

Hi opt 1 system

System to win at the Blackjack that goes under the name of Highly Optimum it is, as the name says, highly excellent, but also very complicated.

It is complicated for various reasons, which we will list, and for this reason it is recommended for expert players, who are already very familiar with the first two systems illustrated above. With Hi Opt 1 the cards with the same value are not following, therefore you must have excellent memory to remember it with looseness. In fact, the values are:

10 and figures = -1
3 -4 -5 -6 =+1
2- 7- 8- 9=0

Axes adjustment: the hi opt i system to win at Blackjack attributes variable value to the axes, depending on the position they have in the sabot. If the ace comes out after the dealer of the Live room has distributed ¼ of the cards it will have a value +1. If, on the other hand, two axes had come out of the ¼ of the deck on the second would be 2.

The hi opt i system is valid in the live blackjack that is played with only 1 deck.

The power is hilly inside it

System to win at the Blackjack is even more complicated at hi opt i and presupposes the perfect knowledge of the system from which it derives, the hi opt I. is a balanced system, where no card has value -1 and the sum of the sabot will give 0. The values of each individual card:

2 3- 6- 7 =+1
4- 5 = +2
8- 9- asso=0
10 and figures = -2

Also in this system the ace of the deck has a separate count according to the penetration of the deck: the higher the penetration of the deck is higher when the penetration when the highest ace comes out is its value.

The penetration of the deck Indicates the percentage of the cards distributed before the deck is mixednull It is obtained by multiplying the number of cards of the deck (52) by the number of total decks, divided the number of cards already distributed.

Omega II system

This system is just for Professional Blackjack players. It is a system to win at the Blackjack which is firmly complicated that a doubt arises spontaneously: but do you really care?

Because if you are a professional players of Blackjack, serious and specific visitors to Casino Online Arms And of live salt, then you will already know it.

If, on the other hand, you are players who also do something else in life and who want to have fun and maybe propitiate their luck with a system, then it is useless to be perceived time to lamb the brain with such difficult things.

Anyway: the system to win the blackjack called Omega II presupposes a considerable knowledge of all the other systems that precede it.

The value of the cards is as follows:

2- 3- 7- =+1
4- 5- 6 =+2
9= -1
10 and figures = -2
8- assi = 0

In reality, the value of the axes is completely dancer because the paper must be counted separately based on the percentage of penetration of the deck. To get to an optimal penetration, it will have to have counted all the cards released and divide the number by 52 and for the value of the count obtained. These calculations must be repeated in each hand, every time we have to make a decision relating to staying or fishing paper. If the count obtained is higher than 0, the advantage is of the player.

Sistema Red 7

Let’s go back to the sphere of the possible again. The system to win at Blackjack Red 7 is quite simple, within everyone’s reach and It allows you to have an idea on how to proceed in the game, without removing the game fun and lightness.

The mathematical bases of this system escape us, above all because it attributes different value to 7 depending on whether it is red or black. Apart from this, those who use this system speak well and therefore we propose it to you.

The Red 7 system must be joined by the basic strategies of the blackjack, those which, based on the score in hand, recommend the attitude to be held. Let’s review them:

From 5 to 8 in hand ask for paper.
With 9 ask for paper and double, especially if the counter has 3 to 6.
With 10 and 11 double and ask for paper. If the desk has an ace, do not double.

The Red 7 system attributes the following values to the cards:

3- 4- 5- 6 = +1
7 rosso = +1
7 nero = 0
8- 9 = 0
10, asso figure = -1

The pivot point
Count that requires raising the mail and is identified at +3, +4, +5. If you get that count dare more.

ATTENTION: the 7 Red system does not start counting from 0; The starting point is given by the number of decks multiplied by -2.

With these calculations the previous basic rules are completed as follows:

If the count is 0 or positive, be with 16 if the desk shows 10
If the count is 0 or positive, be with 12 if the desk shows 3
If the count is +2 or positive, be with 15 if the desk shows 10
If the count is +2 or higher, stay with 12 if the desk shows 2

The system was count

Set to win at rather complicated blackjack, but not too much. It is balanced, and attributes to the axes a constant value regardless of their position in the deck, the percentage of penetration of the deck and the number of axes released.

The values attributed to the cards by the Zen system:

2- 3- 7 = +1
4- 5- 6 = +2
8- 9- =0
10- jack- regina- re = -2
asso = -1

The partial result that is obtained by counting the cards with these values must be divided by the estimated number of decks, in this way the real count is obtained. When the real count reaches the overall positive value of +2, +3, +4. Then that’s the time to raise the mail; The opposite, if the value of the real count is lowered to -1, -2, -3, then you have to stay and point the accepted minimum bet.

Is winning at Blackjack so easy?

If, in addition to having fun in the mess you also want to win – but then who does not want to win? Blackjack is the game that’s right for you. As we saw the Blackjack rules are easy And Blackjack is not a disadvantageous game for the player. Not that with videopoker, the slots, roulette or baccarat cannot be won, but with these luck has a predominant weight, With Blackjack, however, the ability matters above all, or alternatively a good safe system. In this article we can help you become a little more skilled, explaining the rules of blackjack, and providing you with the best existing systems to win.

To win at Blackjack it is better to play online blackjack

Why is it easier to win by playing online? The MIT system to win at the Blackjack worries the territorial casinos a lot, whose earnings were quite limited, because he could force them to pay strong winnings to the players. Today, By playing blackjack in an online casino all systems can be used Existing to win simply by exploiting the rules of blackjack which are simple and advantageous for players.

Simple rules and safe strategy to win

The rules of Blackjack are extremely simple and after a couple of games, perhaps in mode for fun without real money, you will already be able to exhibit a certain ability to win.