Double Down Blackjack how the doubling works

The doubling Blackjack or double down blackjack It is one of the most popular betting possibilities in this card game. This possibility, also offered by the online blackjack tables, allows you to double your episode in some cases, to obtain a greater win. Depending on the table, the rules can change, but generally the initial bet can be raised up to 100%.

In this article we try to understand if the doubling Blackjack or Double Down Blackjack is a favorable option to the player and in what cases. In reality, double is a sort of vote of trust in your hand and there are at least three situations in which it is the most rational decision from a probability point of view.

When the Double Down Blackjack is convenient

The Blackjack doubling option is offered only in particular moments. As already mentioned, the Double Down Blackjack rules they vary according to the tables. In some cases the doubling is allowed only after the first two cards have been distributed. In other cases only when in hand you have 10 or 11 points.

In any case, independently of the rules, three situations can be presented in which the doubling can offer you real advantages and therefore it is better to the playernull These are three particular cases in which you cannot get busy and it is more likely that you win your hand compared to the counter.

Case 1 – A hard 9 and the discovery card of the dealer is between two and six

By hard 9 we mean two cards whose sum gives 9, but which do not include the ace.

Case 2 – A hard 10 or 11 hard and the discovery of the dealer is lower

If you have these values, without having an ace in hand and the counter card is lower than yours, the probability is in your favor. In fact, the dealer risks boster because he has to ask for paper at least until he reaches 17.

Case 3 – You have 16, 17 or 18 soft and the dealer discovery card ranges from 2 to 6

With the option of the ace as 1 or 11 there is a good chance that you can improve your hand with another card.

The disadvantages of the doubling Blackjack

The doubling, like other possibilities offered by Blackjack, is an option that can bring advantages, but which may not be convenient. The main disadvantage has to do with the rule that once the Double Down Blackjack has been carried out, you can no longer ask for paper. Consequently, you can run the risk of staying with a very low card, which will determine the defeat.

Another reasoning to do is that to carry out the Double Down Blackjack, in practice, a collateral episode equal to the main episode is made. So if you win, you bring home a nice win, but in the negative case, the loss will also double.

Apply online blackjack double

Blackjack is a very popular game in online casinos, which offer in addition to the versions Blackjack online classico, also very funny variants. In choosing a Blackjack table, we recommend that you study the rules well and understand which one collateral episodes You can apply and in what way. For example, as regards the Double Down Blackjack, you should study if the episode will be 100% compared to the main episode. In some cases, in fact, a doubling of not 100%is also allowed, therefore an increase in the initial episode.

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