Payment methods of online casino

The payment methods of online casinos are a decisive factor when choosing the mess in which to play. In fact, it is important that the Deposit and withdrawal operations take place safely, fast and correctlynull In particular, that our payment data will not be hacheciates and that the accreditations of the winnings are made in reasonable times.

Payment methods of AAMS online casino: deposits and withdrawals

The Aams casino employ very large resources for the purpose of facilitate all those operations that see the player withdraw or deposit moneynull This is because at the basis of every satisfactory game experience there is first of all the awareness of entrusting one’s money to Safe online casino And the certainty of being able to have at all times, and in full, of all the sums won to the game.

Casino Aams with Paypal: the best payment method

Founded in 1999, the Paypal company was acquired by Ebay in 2002, and this determined its massive diffusion in USA. For its versatility Paypal has immediately become the best ally for those who make purchases and transactions online. Consequently there are many casino online AAMS con paypal.

paypal It is part of the payment methods of online casino e-walletnull The e-wallets are characterized by the fact that they do not require to enter the data of their account or credit card on the AAMS casino website. In fact, your email address, associated in this case with the PayPal account, is enough, and you’re done. As for execution times, compared to bank transfers, and credit cards, Paypal is much faster.

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Choose the payment method to be used before subscribing to the online casino

If, winning a progressive jackpot at slot machines or a challenge against the counter in the blackjack, we had to worry about it or had doubts about the payments of the winning, the pleasure of the game would end. So, before starting to play at the online casino we suggest deciding the payment method you want to use and therefore verify which American legal casino accepts the favorite method.

The only recommendation that must always be made to future players is always the same: Choose only Certified Casino ADM (ex AAMS), because only those are totally safe, legal and honest, also and above all in the management of our player account. AAMS, in fact, guarantees the privacy of personal data and sensitive players by imposing the adoption of the best and more inviolable protocols and security programs, who encrypt any data in the virtual journey between player and mess.

How to deposit in online casinos

Guide on how to complete this deposit operation quickly, fast and safely.

  • Surely before you have been registered: that is, you will have sent your personal data to the online casino and set up your username and password. All Aams legal casinos move on the web every figure in encrypted form, thanks to the programs of mlitation SSLnull These modify the address http:// in https:// and they make it totally illegible and armored the sensitive information
  • After registration, and sending a email of a valid identity document, you are ready to finance the player account; And this is where the famous deposit methods enter the scene
  • Log in and click on the “Deposit” or “Charging” button to choose the method that most aggravates you. The online casino server will offer you a selection of the most used and favorite ones, but you will also have the opportunity to click on “Show all payment options” If the most used ones do not satisfy you.

For the deposit The credit times on your player account are immediate: You can immediately sit in front of the Live Roulette wheel or challenge the bench to the blackjack or Baccarat without having to wait further. Even the commissions are zeronull Usually exist in the online AAMS casino dei dei minimum and maximum deposit limits with classic methods, from 10 euros to 2,000 euros. If you want to deposit more than the maximum limit, but we don’t know anyone who has ever done so, you will simply have to the assistance service.

How to deposit $ 5 in online casinos

When it comes to minimum deposit There is a detail not to be overlooked. In fact it is necessary pay attention to the chosen payment method to make the first payment. In many Casino Aams Online in fact they vine different rules according to the methods we deposit money with moneynull It could therefore be the case that if we want to use our PayPal account, there is, for example, a minimum deposit of $ 15. So, we recommend that you Check between the casino faq which payment method allows a minimum deposit of $ 5.

How to pick up in online casinos and immediately receive the winnings

With a little luck, thanks to the winnings propitiated by the always very high payouts that AAMS legal casinos ensure to players, or with the Transformation of a free bonus into withdrawable winnings, the time will come to monetize your passion for online game, namely that of the withdrawal of winnings. The withdrawal methods are completely similar to those of deposit and the equally simple procedure. As in any data transmission, moreover, AAMS legal casinos guarantee the certainty of the success of the withdrawal: the player account is safe and armored.

To speed up the payment procedure, Try to use the same method for both deposits and samplesnull The approval times of the Aams casino are always limited to 1 or 2 working days, regardless of the type of method used. Instead, the credit times change: if the Visa, Postepay circuit, Mastercard ensures the completion of the process in no more than 2 or 3 working days, and so also for electronic wallets such as Skrill Moneybookers, Paypal or Neteller, those who choose the old and prehistoric bank transfer should wait at least 6 or 9 working days.

List of payment methods of online casino

As we said, a very important aspect of the service offered to online casino players is that of payment methods. In fact, several players prefer different methods of deposit and withdrawal. Therefore, an online casino established to meet the needs of the different players should have one Wide choice of payment methodsnull Below is a list of the most popular online casinos payment methods in the best American online casinos.


it’s a prepaid cardnull One of the best payment methods of online casino and most used by Americans to make payments online, because it is not connected to any current accountnull It is obtained in each Post office with tax code and identity documentnull Very widespread among the payment methods of online casinos, the credit time is immediate and no commission is retained

Postepay Evolution

It is the evolution of Postepay. It is a prepaid card that withdraws to post offices But you can also recharge via iban; Perfect to use for any money movement on the web and in the Aams casino. No commissions and times of ultra fast accreditation.


the most accepted credit card on the web together with Mastercard. It presupposes the existence of a current account and, in the Visa Electron version, is in practice a prepaid. In the presence of Code CVV2, and after making sure that the reference bank accepts online gaming transactions, The Aams casino will pay the winnings quickly and safely.

LAWS – casino online con visa electron


The Mastercard circuit, which also includes prepaid, are also, are accepted without problems of online casinosnull The premise for the good end of each transaction is, as per Visa, that the support current account has an available balance and that the bank agrees to translate money from or directed to the online casino with Mastercard.

LAWS – Casino Online con Mastercard


And the Most revolutionary and comfortable e-wallet method to manage your player account. To open a PayPal account, just an email and a password, to which to associate a payment method. It’s a Electronic wallet, not connected to any banknull In this way no banking data or credit card is communicated to the casino.

Skrill Moneybookers

other electronic wallet which offers the double advantage of a virtual account that is easy to move, safe from any hacked e not connected to real bank current accounts. To take advantage of the service Skrill (Moneybookers) It only needs to have an email and create your own account.

LAWS – casino online con skrill moneybookers


It is less known than others but Very used by those who play in a serious and assiduous way in AAMS legal online casinosnull Neteller also requires a simple account and an email to move your virtual account. There are no commissions, the transactions are very fast and also Neteller also offers its customers to credit cards to be used in real life. In the forums Neteller And the Payment method most appreciated especially by the hi roller (the great players).

LAWS – Online casino with Neteller

Paysafe card

It was the first online payment method authorized by banking laws. Yup Buy a prepaid card In an exercise or shop of the circuit, petrol stations, tobacconists, receivers, and you receive a PIN to be used in virtual transactions, and in the AAMS casinos until exhaustion.


It’s a Cogetech payments circuit Now Snaitech to make transactions in tobacconist’s or circuit shops. To make payments on the player account you need to insert the PIN.


Some new American casinos finally accept deposits and samples of winnings in CYPTOVALUE including bitcoin. The casino with Bitcoin are still rare in USA, but some online casinos are equipped since American players are requesting this payment option.

LAWS – Casino online con Bitcoin


LAWS – Casino Online with Entopay


LAWS – Casino Online with Ecopayz

Bank transfer

They are extinguishing, but in virtual AAMS still someone tied to the old bank or circular check there is. They are expensive and slow; They can be subject to scams, the bank is involved too blatantly and the commissions are really high. It is a payment method that belongs to the last century, useless to propose it!

LAWS – Online casino bank transfer


This payment tool no longer exists, but it was very similar to Paypal. Users had the opportunity to register and choose the currency with which to make their transactions and were equipped with the Mywallet Card, a prepaid card to be used online and offline.

Cards issued by the game operators

Some online casinos, such as Snai and Eurobet, for example emit own prepaid cardsnull If the legal virtual mess that attended also emits these cards it is worth trying to use them, because they are often the subject of significant facilities and promotions. Affection card, for example, are free rechargeable prepaid, without commissions and fast to use. Are associated with the player account on the occasion of the first deposit and then they can be used to withdraw the winningsnull They have pins and bank chips to be safer and, also associating an IBAN, can become methods to send and receive wire transfers as a real bank account. The advantage of these cards is that they give access to the immediate withdrawal of the winnings.

Online casino that pay immediately

When you get a win, you can’t wait to collect it.

“But what are the casinos who pay immediately?”

Tendentially All legal and certified AAMS casinos pay in a short timenull Each casino reserves the right to control the win and make sure that everything has happened regularly. In this case, the checks can take 24/72 hours and the winnings are paid immediately. If there are no problems, the money accreditation time depends on the chosen withdrawal method. With electronic wallets, type Paypal, Neteller or Skrill, the transfer is immediate. In other cases, such as the bank transfer, the times stretch and vary according to the circuit or the banking institution.

Other Casino who pay immediately, are present with gods points of sale on the American territory They immediately pay thanks to the fact that the player goes to the store to collect the win.

Playing without depositing in the best online casino

Online casinos open part of their virtual rooms also to players without a deposit: slot machines, some classic roulette or blackjack or poker tables are often offered also in versione FOR FUN, without real money. Of course, however, to enjoy all the magic and suspense of the game you will have to sooner or later Make your first deposit, even a minimum.