Video poker Online Aams

With the legalization of the online game introduced by AAMS also i Online videopoker added to the list of AAMS legal casino games that offer the honest and safe game. Videopoker have become very popular thanks to theirs terrestrial diffusion in bars under the house.

Today, these casino games Aams authorized online, as well as the bar slot machines, are highly appreciated by young players as dynamic game such as slots but is based on the rules of poker.

The video poker, as we mean it today, was born in 1972null It was the first version equipped with a monitornull The next step was the creation of online software, completely disconnected from the physical component of the appliance. The life of bar video poker has had alternate phases in USAnull For example with art.110 paragraph 6 of the T.U.L.P.S. It was established that the slot machines were legal in USA. The only limit is that they could not play games based on poker mechanisms. It was therefore a serious blow to the bar videopoker, who from that moment disappeared from circulation.

The best AAMS online videopoker

In the Casino Online Legali Arms You will find American and legal video poker. There AAMS certification granted to online gaming managers ensures that these are legal in USA and therefore also safe and honest.

Playing online videopoker is sure: AAMS certified virtual casinos guarantee the possibility of playing safely thanks to professional and scrupulous managers in respecting the prerogatives of the players.

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Features of AAMS online videopoker

AAMS online videopoker offer a fast and pressing gamenull No dead times nor slowness of any kind. The game is dynamic and the player can decide by himself the rhythm to be imprinted to the matches. With AAMS authorized online videopoker it is also possible to play Up to 50 games at the same time in the space of a few seconds.

These AAMS authorized online games, together with AAMS online slots, found on web their perfect and natural locationnull While for other authorized games such as Roulette or Blackjack the online passage has been studied for a long time, because it was essential to be able to virtually make real game actions, with video poker instead it was immediately indulged. THE Software that regulates AAMS online poker are very sophisticated And they allow you to live satisfactory game sessions. Let’s analyze together what are the fundamental characteristics of the AAMS authorized online poker videos and the different existing versions.

How to play the AAMS online videopoker

AAMS authorized online poker videos transfer a real poker game to the video so, as in the famous game, The cards are the absolute protagonists and the winnings reward the combinations of poker: double couple, trio, scale, color, full, poker, color scale, real scale.

Description of the game field

The main screen of the simplest AAMS online poker video poker, those with a line, portray the payments table at the top. The 5 cards are displayed at the center of the video and at the bottom the buttons for conducting the game: the one to make a single episode, the one to set the maximum episode and the “Distribute” button.

Carrying out the game

Videoopker is a game from Rsimple rules and from fast performance.

  • At the beginning the 5 cards are discovered
  • So, the player will have to decide which ones and how many keep it
  • Once this is done click on “Distribute” and the discarded cards are replaced
  • Based on the winning scores table, the win is collected or not

All AAMS authorized online poker videos, regardless of the number of lines, offer the player a more final step to allow him to increase winning.


By clicking the player in vehicle He puts back only half of the win, by clicking on Doubles you try to duplicate it insteadnull Out of 5 cards that will appear on the screen only one is discovered: this is the card whose value the player must overcome by discovering one of the remaining 4 cards, if he succeeds in the company he earns more or much more.

AAMS Videopoker symbols and commands

We remember here what are the main symbols and commands of the videopoker game:

  • Wild symbols The Wild symbol is the Jolly and can be worth like any other card. The purpose of this symbol is to help you play with winning combinations
  • Hold e Auto Hold In most online videopoker players can ask for self-holds. This means that it is the casino itself that recommends which cards to keep
  • MINIMUM HAND Some poker videos like Jacks or Better Fano win with minimal combinations.

Video Poker bonus

Game bonuses are planned on some poker videos. Therefore If a winning combination appears, the player chooses if Activate the bonusnull So, the next step is to understand whether to bet double the amount or whether to cancel the game. In this case, players can bet double or nothing.

If you decide to proceed with the game 5 cards will be distributednull An uncovered face and the other four -faced face. The player will choose one of the covered cards and if the value of the chosen card was higher than the value of the discovery face, the bonus has been won.

AAMS online videopoker have many variations and many lines

Exist Many AAMS variants born on the basic game of online videopoker And these have conquered the favor of the players because they are designed to offer new structures to the game and increase the winning combinations. First of all, authorized video poker are available to 25 or 50 lines.

What happens by playing with multi -lines online versions is easily understood: There are always 5 cards that we find in the foreground but in the background We will view many other gathered the 25 or 50 lines, 5 cards each. When We choose which cards keep the their value is repeated on all linesnull By clicking on distribute all the lines are completed with the replacement of discarded cards.

Playing on multiple lines, the probability of winning increases

The most successful videopoker are those that allow a game on multiple lines. In fact, Gto 25 or 50 lines means it means play multiple games at the same timenull In the foreground on video we will see the 5 cards uncovered; After we have chosen those to keep them we will also see them on all the other lines. By clicking on distributing the lines they are completed with the other uncovered cards. At this point the winning lines are added to obtain the total winning of the hand. Attention, to activate multiple lines of the game it is necessary Bet on the linesnull For example, if you want to activate 50 game lines, the bet must be made on all 50 lines.

So if you choose to focus on 50 lines the shopping will be moreú High because it multiplies by 50 but statistically there will be more likely to get winnings.

With the 50 lines they give you the Possibility to double in full Or half the winnings obtained with a dry challenge: 5 covered cards, first the software then you discover one. The highest wins, if it is yours you will have doubled the win.

Of course these functionalitiesà They are different depending on the type of videopoker chosen to play. In fact, there are many different models of videopoker that differ in the structure you play.

Who produces the best online videopoker

Videoopoker are one of the classic games of the online casino. Thickening, together with the roulette and al BlackJack They were the first casino games to be available online. Especially at the beginning, it lent itself very easily to online transposition, given that in fact all the videopoker use a screen as a support. Today, there are different versions and variants, here the software house that produce the most beautiful videopoker.

  • Playtech:
    It offers many online versions of the videopoker. In our opinion, the best videopoker available for the American players. The various versions change the payments tables, the jokers, the number of payline but the mix between the cabinet game and the rules of poker remains constant. For Playtech the best casino is Snai.

LAWS – Snai Review

  • Microgaming:
    Microgaming also produces beautiful versions of videopoker. As usual, the microgaming style is very “American” with colorful and fun graphics. Trying microgaming videopoker is definitely recommended. Recall that the best American online casino to play with microgaming is Leovegas.

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List of the best AAMS Playtech online videopoker

American legal online video poker exist in many versions, though Everyone maintains the typical poker rules and scores as a fixed feature. The most famous variants AAMS authorized online poker videos are:

  • Aces and Faces: In the table of payments, couples of axes and faces are inserted: jack, queens, re. Even the pairs of axes and dressed are the winning score. , in fact, poker is paid differently depending on whether it is made up of axes or faces.
  • Joker Poker: This variant keeps the joker inside the virtual deck of cards, which you will see on the video in front of you. The Jolly naturally acquires the value of the paper that is needed to make a good score. The jokers are not discarded, this very advantageous version. The very advantageous online version especially if played with multiple lines on the video.
  • Jacks or Better: Couples are paid from 10 or jacks up. If at the end of the game you made a couple of jacks on the video or better, you have won the same.
  • All American: It is the classic online version of the video poker. Same rules of the card game, same scores.
  • Deuces Wild: In addition to keeping the jokers, the two also acquire different values. Very easy to win here too.
  • Ten or Better: Even more advantageous version: pays by the pair of 10 upwards.

Typologie in online videopoker

Three types of online videopoker remember:

  • Simple videpoker: The game is structured on one hand
  • Video Poker Multi-Hand: players can bet on several hands simultaneously.

Videoopker bar version

The bar video poker is one of the casino games with a console similar to that of slot machines. Through the screen the player are proposed the cards, in games that are based on poker; The opponent is not another player, but a car. There Videopoker bar version was born at the end of the 19th century, in conjunction with the invention of slot machines. Just as in the first slots, the player pulled a lever by rotating the rollers. The playing cards were glued to each roller. Based on the combinations, the player won prizes, which were initially cigarettes or drinks.

LAWS – Slot Machine Bar

Win to the videopoker, the basic strategies to start

Among the most loved Games casino, in addition to slot machines, there are video poker. While the slots are based exclusively on luck and not on the ability, videopoker require a minimal knowledge of the rules. Based on the mechanisms of poker, these games, in all their variants, will offer the player 5 cards. It will be necessary to choose which to keep and which to discard, preferring the best option every time, and sometimes risking.

Without going to the merits of the differences between the various videopoker, There are choices that it is preferable to make according to the cards we havenull These are probability -based suggestions, which would be better to follow and always apply. Even if the possibility of choosing differently is not excluded. In fact, in some cases, a certain dose of gamble can reward.

The decisions to be made in front of the 5 cards

The indications of how it would be preferable to act in front of our cards on the screen of a videopoker are summarized in the following list. These are generally defined: basic strategiesnull The various possibilities are indicated, and for each, the suggestion on how many tender cards and how many to discard it. Clearly when we talk about high cards we refer to j, q, k and ace.

  • 5 low cards: all must be discarded
  • 1 high paper, j, q, k or ace: keep it and discard the others
  • 2 high cards: keep them and discard the other 3
  • A 10 and 1 high card: keep them, discard the other 3 and try a staircase.
  • J, Q and K: Keep them and discard the other 2
  • 3 useful cards for scale: keep them and discard the other 2 even if there is a high card.
  • 4 useful cards for scale: keep them and discard the other
  • 2 consecutive high cards: keep them and discard the other 3
  • J, q, k and ace: keep them and discard the other
  • 3 Royal Cards and 2 Alte Cards: Keep the 3 in Scala and discard the other 2
  • 10, J and Q: discard the other 2 cards
  • 9, J and Q: discard the other 2 cards
  • 8, 9, 10 and J or 9, 10, J and Q: discard the other card
  • Low couple: keep it and discard the atre 3 cards
  • Four color cards: discard the other card
  • 3 Royal Scala Cards: discard the other 2 cards
  • Pair of high cards: discard the other 2 cards
  • Double couple: discard the other card
  • 4 Cards in Royal Scale: discard the other card
  • Color: Keep all the cards
  • Full: keep all the cards
  • Color scale: keep all the cards
  • Real scale: keep all the cards

Why apply basic strategies

These suggestions, from a game expert will be seen as trivial. For those approaching videopoker for the first time, instead they represent the most reasonable choices to make. By practicing we will be able to try them very quickly. We can do some trial session to one Demo version of AAMS online videopoker to check whether these suggestions bear fruit. Clearly the player’s ability and luck can always subvert the results.

Those who decide to approach Aams online videopoker based only on luck are probably intended for bankruptcy. In online casinos there are many games where only luck matters, for example slot machines. In the slots there is no strategy that holds, and once the spin button is crushed, it will only be the RNG to determine the results. With videopoker the question is a little different. Despite being a game in which the makeshift component is present, he leaves the player of the choices to be made. If we approach this game now, keep in mind the scheme presented, it can be a good starting point. Recall that not necessarily the basic strategies are winning, they are the ones that given a certain combination of cards, prove to be the best.

Basic reasoning behind the strategies

If it is difficult for us to store them, we can try to remember the rules of conduct behind the basic strategies.

  1. The first is that in every hand, It would always be better to keep the winning cards. For example, if we find ourselves a pair of J, a pair of 10, we are not thinking. We have to keep them. The occasions when a winning couple can be replaced are rare. For example, it could happen that the other cards, including one of the couple, contribute to forming a royal scale. So you could decide to discard a pair card, accepting a higher risk.
  2. Another rule says that The high cards should always be keptnull When we have nothing in hand, apart from a single high card, this should be kept. The probability of obtaining another of equal value is 1/13. If we have a high card and a low torque, however, it would be better to keep the low torque.
  3. For videopoker players theLast resource to consider is to discard all 5 cardsnull This can be done, and it is advisable they are if we do not have even a single high value card.

As we said, these are basic rules and strategies to get closer to the game of videopoker. Although simple, they are essential to face this game with a certain awareness, avoiding pressing on the blind keys.

Play the videopoker with real money

If you have the passion of videopoker and you want to start playing comfortably from your home, today you have many possibilities. The best legal online casinos in USA in fact propose online videopoker in the catalog with real money. You Just be of age and register for one of the legal AAMS sites in USA.

Playing with real money means making a deposit using the deposit methods provided for by each online casino. These same deposit methods can also be used to withdraw. Among the most used deposit methods are:

  • Credit cards
  • prepaid cards
  • paypal
  • Postpay

In AAMS online casinos playing online videopoker with real money is safe. All transactions are encrypted and your personal data and your card are safe away from fraud.

Only by playing with real money can you win real money.