Legal and responsible game

Online gambling, lawyer for several years in USA, is promoted by the American state as an entertainment activity, to be carried out only if it is a legal and responsible game. The best online casinos to maintain the concession of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, must promote responsible game. In addition to a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing safety and transparency in the activities of the game, they must also deal with avoiding pathological game.

Unlike what you might think, the best European and American online casinos do not push the player to invest all their money in the game. They must also orient it to a conscious game mode and to place the limits in the first person.

All online casinos that pay more than the normal slot salt, in accordance with the ADM provide a series of measures for the control of the game.

On most of these platforms there is a section dedicated to the responsible game in which all information relating to this issue is present. Proper information is the starting point to make each player aware of the risks and to implement a healthy and fun game mode.

The approach to the responsible game of the best European online casinos

Like the American legal sites AAMS of casino online, even the best European online casinos, to maintain the license they must adapt to the ADM indicationsnull This means that they must follow the directives imposed by the law, to encourage responsible game.

As we said, online gambling must be experienced as an activity based on fun and not on obsession or addiction. Test yourself, challenge other players, trying your luck to a slot machine are positive experiences and so they must be lived.
Not the whole game is pathological, and we must not fall into the stigma that those who approach the slot machines necessarily have a problem.

But, on the other hand, the step from the fun game to the one in which it is abused, can be short and often the player does not realize that he has crossed that border.

All the best legal online casino with AAMS license as well as making the game possible only to adults, protect their members with a series of measures. Let’s see how, and with what tools, in the following paragraphs.

The service card and the game limits on the best European online casinos

The ADM issued the “distance game service card”, a document that aims to create online gaming environments that are responsible.

There is a list of European and American casino casino that has adopted this card and follows its indications. Starting from the ban of game to minors, made evident by the presence of the 18+ logo.

When a player enrolls in a new online casino, he stipulates a gaming contract with the manager. Registration is validated by sending a copy of a document, with which the online American legal casinos are ascertained of the identity of the player.

At the time of registration, the player is informed of the regulation, also if he enrolled in an online casino with bonuses, the terms and related conditions are communicated.

The responsible game begins even before playing and manifests itself evidently within the game limits. The best online casino adm in fact give the player the possibility of self -heaven. In practice, each one must establish the maximum amount of weekly payment.
In addition to this limit that once set must not be exceeded, there are others. In fact, the limit of daily games can be established, and also the maximum amount for each game. The latter two limits are optional, but the conscious player can decide to apply them to self -regulate.

The possibility of self -locking from the ADM online casinos

Limits are a tool to avoid exceeding the game. But there is another tool for players who perceive they already have a problem: it is self -exclusion.

USA is one of the few countries where this tool is active, and can be adopted on all legal casino sites. Each ADM license dealer gives the possibility of self -locking himself from all game activities. As the word suggests, the self-exclusion is voluntarily made by the player who perceives that he has a problem. It can be temporary or permanent, in this case it must be revoked with a specific question.

Once the player presents the request for self-exclusion to his reference casino, this will be extended to all legal online casinos in USA. In fact, the online casino on which the request is made must forward it to the registry of the game accounts.

The request must be sent together with a copy of your identity document, and will have an immediate effect. It is understood how this is a sort of extreme ratio for the player who cannot limit his game activity with other tools.

The tools to deal with online gambling addictions

The best European European casino, with ADM license, also make the evaluation tests available to players. These help to understand whether or not there is an addiction. Other tools may be chats or information on the entities to ask for help.

Among these are the Ser.Ds that are dedicated precisely to the management of addictions, including those relating to the game. Across the Federserd website You can get in touch with the closest Serd and it for concrete help. On the site there is also all the information on addictions, news and events on the topic.

Another very important official reference in the field of ludopathy is the Government site of the Department for Anti -drug policiesnull Here are all useful information, projects and plans in place in the context of addictions. Just type the word “game” in the search box, and numerous information resources will open on the management of the pathological game.

The responsible game on online casino adm is also safe game

When we talk about responsible game, we also talk about security. The best online casinos implement a whole series of actions and protocols to make the game safe. But players also have to do their part.

On the safety side it will be good to follow some indications:

  • Choose an uncommon access password and change it often
  • Do not communicate their credentials to others
  • Log-out after each game section
  • Play only on their devices and avoid shared or public terminals

Often the casinos you have subscribed to send communications by e-mail, promotions and bonuses. Here too attention must be paid to the danger of phishing. These are scams put in place with the e -mail tool. The scammers send e-mail, with graphics and name of their online casino, asking to click on links, enter personal information, change their data.

They often refer to counterfeit websites that, even in the address, seem identical to those to which we are regularly registered. In case of doubt, it will be better to avoid clicking on the various links and opening the page of your casino independently by typing the address in the browser. The suspect email must in any case eliminate and can also be reported to the authorities. For more information on phishing there is several resources online, including that of Wikipedia which is very complete and exhaustive.