vlt videolottery

In the new online casinos we find the VLT casinos, online videotaries and bar VLTs (as they are improperly called by the Americans). All of these are legal gambling appliances in USA. Very often confusion is made between the different game devices, which are all indicated with the name of slot machinenull What we are talking about is a fairly different product from normal slots: In fact, VideoLottery and Slot Machine are apparently similar.

The full name of the bar VLT is Video Lottery Terminal, summarized with the acronym VLT, or simply with the word “videolottery”. It is appliances dedicated to the game that are connected to the net with each othernull So the videolottery are online in even when they are located in a games room. In fact, the VLTs are online with the other nearby devices, connected to the same local server. They are also All connected to a national central main server. This server provides games with cabinets, i.e. physical appliances, which are therefore not linked to internal game software.

VLT Videolottery in Italia AAMS

Video lottery in bars in USA They begin to spread from 2010, following the Save Abruzzo decree number 39 of 2009. This decree started the spread of gambling appliances on American territory. The aim was Promote the collection of money to be allocated to earthquaker -raped populations.

As required by law, the VLT are online connected to the net, and are all approved by the AMSnull They are also periodically checked by the control body of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, through Soiinull Both the fact and the VLTs are online and the certifications and the Periodic checks make these appliances safer than the Slot-Machine barnull They are also more difficult to tamper, even by the managers.

Where to play VLT online in American legal casinos

Different today Casino Online Arms that offer the VLT online version. Here a selection of the best VLT mess.

The best American legal casinos for August 2023

1.315$ Bonus
30 free giri


1.000$ Bonus
250 Free Spin


1.000$ Bonus
20 $ + 200 Giri Free


The best VLT Videoltery in the online VLT casinos

Between casino games Available in online casino there are also online VLT video rolles. In fact, since the lovers of the VLTs are many, the producers have created Special versions of famous games on video recipients also for online casinosnull So you can find some versions of online video rally of the most popular games. online-casinousa.com It offers here a selection of the online VLTs that really like.

Book of RA

One of the most successful slots throughout Europe. Produced by Novomatic Now also available in online version on some selected VLT mess. On the Slot Egypt Book of RA Faraoni, hieroglyphics, magical scarabes and pyramids alternate spheres, pharaohs. 5 rollers out of 10 payment lines with free spin and bonus gamenull Each slot of the Book of Ra series must be considered a masterpiece to try or replay.

The Big Easy

As in a Trip to New Orleans, an experience full of charm and blues music for this VLT casino produced by IGT. The slot The Big Easy It has an exceptional soundtrack accompanies the game and winnings. Generous with free spin bonus and multipliersnull Available in the best American legal VLT online casinos.

Among the other famous videolottery in USA always in Novomatic we remember the Sizzling Hot and the Lord of the Ocean. While for IGT it is worth mentioning the SPHINX Egypt slot.

From VLT Terrestries to Casino VLT Online

There are names of successful slot machines, also available in the VLT version such as SPHINX produced by IGT and available in the VLT circuits of Lottomatica. The inverse route is often made and VLT from famous bars become popular online slots. An example is Big Easy, which also depopulates as VLT online in the VLT casinos, with free game, in the slot machine version.

Sometimes it happens the opposite, that there are famous Aams slots on the mess that become a success even among the video rows in terrestrial rooms. An example are the Playtech Gladiator slots with progressive jackpot and Halloween Fortune available on Snai who are more played by Slots online are now conquering the public in terrestrial premises.

Play free VLT in online casino from mobile devices

As we mentioned, i Best American online casino The most famous VLTs propose among their titles. In this way for the players it will be possible to try the free online VLT, in the VLT casinos maybe in Demo modenull Or Try VLT online thanks to a no deposit bonusnull Having said that we add that the best legal casinos in USA have a platform to play from mobile devices. Through the app it will therefore be possible to try playing video reciprocates and slot machines available on that site, also from smartphones.

VLT Online with real money

To win real money when you play VLT you have to play real money. Online casinos offer a wide range of payment and withdrawal methods. Among the most popular payment methods are:

  • Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard
  • prepaid cards like Postepay
  • Electronic wallets such as Neteller and Paypal

To play real money you must be more than 18 years old.

VLT Videoltery slot suppliers

There are many companies that are dedicated to the creation of video lottery and bar slop-makes. Often to produce VLT online and bar VLTs are the same producers as Casino Software Online AAMS. Among the VLT manufacturers we therefore find known names to online casino players.


This manufacturer offers his video Lottery to the major game operators in USA such as Snai and Eurobet, among the most beautiful videolottery Sphinx, The Big Easy, The Vinci Diamonds e Decadencenull Recently its highly sought after VLTs have also been produced in online version and are available in the best VLT online casinos AAMS.

Novomatic (Admiral)

Perhaps the most successful name in Europe. Its Egypt Book of Ra slot is absolutely the most searched slot in USA, Spain and USA. Beyond the famous Book of RA Other important names are Sizzling Hot e lord of the oceannull Also available in online version but only on some online VLT casino selected such as Snai and Starcasino.

Other VLT manufacturers for the American market we mention Inspired who produced the famous Vlt Monopoly and Mike Tyson and Octavian American company that produced King Mida (not online).

Innovation in VLT

Today VLT producers are very committed to creating gaming appliances that are increasingly fun and engaging. These are characterized by ergonomic design which guarantees comfort to players, monitor full hd con LCD Technologynull There are integrated and synchronized lights with the games, e display touch To be able to select them easily.

That is not the vault no

Based on paragraph 6 of art. 9, of the decree of 22 January 2010, What we call VLT as a bar, actually they cannot be placed in barsnull It looks like a paradox, but it is so. We continue to call them VLT as a bar to differentiate them from online games, even if it is an inaccurate wording. Having made this clarification, we emphasize that the Video lottery can only be installed in bingo rooms, in betting agencies, both sporty and horse racesnull They can also be placed in the games rooms, separated from the places accessible to minors, and in the rooms dedicated only to VLTnull This makes it We will never find a VLT in a barnull If we see a game appliance in a bar or tobacco, It is a new slot, a slot-maker and not a videolottery.

Slot dei bar (new slot)

When we talk about the bar slots we refer instead to Slot Machine Bar of the Typology New Slotnull These are Cabinet with an internal game card that are not connected on the net with a central server. In fact, despite sending data on the played AAMS to Soii, the payout is calculated on the single machine.

Instructions to play with VLT Videoltery

Video lottery are online connected to the net, both locally and at a national central level. This feature should not be underestimated when these appliances are used. VLT can be equipped with touch screen that allows you to select the favorite gamenull We underline once again that The physical appliance does not contain its own softwarenull So it is not linked to a certain game. This means that the cabinets, while always remaining the same, come continuously updated With the latest news, to the delight of the players.

A fundamental peculiarity of the VLTs, concerns the episodes. In bar VLT it is possible to insert coins and also banknotes of different cuts, starting from 5 euros up to 100 $. The episodes for each single tour can vary from $ 0.50 up to a maximum of $ 10. Once the banknote is introduced, if several games are available on the same appliance, we should select the chosen one. It will therefore be enough to establish the episode we want to do for each spin, and start playing.

Tips to play best with videolottery

Apparently video lottery and slot machines are very similar but with video lottery it is possible Consume high budgets in a short timenull In fact, just insert a $ 100 banknote and select the maximum episode, to exhaust the budget in 10 spin. The advice is that of be prudent and select the minimum episode, so you can play longer and increase fun.

As for video lottery, The tricks proposed for slot machines do not worknull We are talking about those stratagems that allow you to understand if the machine is full and in payment mode, or empty. We cannot use even the trick that, based on the noise of the coin that falls, allows you to understand if the collection drawer is full.

Tips for winning with videolottery

Since video lottery are online, connected to the net, The payout is calculated on millions of games made by all connected VLTsnull This means that if even the bar VLTs we play have a payout of 85%, there is likely to be negative days. Maybe we insert hundreds of euros in our car, we lose everything, and those who sit next to us wins.

È Impossible based on this information to give advice to win to video lotterynull We must not forget that those we are inserting in our online VLT or bars are real money. The recommendation is that of play consciously, and establish a budget before startingnull It is also important avoid continuing to play if we are losing, to win at all costsnull Also if we are kissed by the goddess of luck and we get a win, it will be better to collect the ticket and change it, instead of continuing to play.

Casino Vlt villolottery the volatility

Applied to the videolottery the term “volatility” indicates the risk relating to a specific game. There are VLTs that grant significant but occasional winnings, while others that give frequent prizes, with low amounts. It all depends on the volatility factor.

The high volatility to do with a greater level of risk: in these cases, although the winnings are more generous, they take place with little frequency. In VLT with low volatility, even the risk is such, this means that the player will probably win, but small sums. Choosing a video row with high or low volatility has to do with our game mode. If we love the risk and prefer a big winning or nothing, then the VLT with high volatility will be those to prefer. If, on the other hand, we like to play for a long time and have fun, with some slight winnings, the low volatility videotaries will be the best choice.