Online casino with bank transfer

I Online casino with bank transfer They are widespread. In fact, the bank transfer is among the most used payment options in the world to make transactions and make payments or receive sums of distance money.

A traditional, reliable and safe tool also to play in online casinos, which have included it as a method of payment within their options. This tool gives complete security in transactions and therefore the sensitive data of the players are completely protected by the attackers.

What is the bank transfer and how it works

Among the payment methods accepted in online casinos, the Bank transfer It is one of those deemed traditional. This type of distinction refers to the opposition with more innovative payment methods, perhaps born precisely for use on the web. For example, electronic wallets or mobile pay systems. But despite the existence of faster and more modern systems, the transfer still resists as a form of payment.
Technically, the transfer is a payment order with which the ordering, in this case the player, authorizes his bank to transfer money to the beneficiary. That is the AAMS online casino. In this operation, unless it is physically done to a counter with cash, there is no passage of physical money. In fact, the operations take place virtually between:

  • Ordering
  • Credit institution
  • Recipient

The transfer can be carried out personally at the bank counter, or virtually on the home banking website. In this second case it is necessary to be the bank’s customers and have an account. While even those who do not have an account can operate at the counter.

The procedure made of person is a little longer and cumbersome, since it requires filling in a form with your data and those of the beneficiary. Online everything is faster, and once the casino data will be entered, you will receive a electronic receipt certifying the payment. This will also appear in the list of movements made by its own account.

Online casinos with bank transfer

Today there are many payment methods born for Internet transactions, including some of them dedicated to the game. Despite this, online casino with bank transfer are really widespread and therefore those who want to play by recharging the account with this system will have no problems. At the tendentially in online casinos with bank transfer, mainly strong players operate, who want to recharge substantial sums. In fact, this method is what has the highest charging and sample limits.

Those who want to play safely can do it without problems on online casino sites with license from the Customs and Monopolies Agency. These are the legal sites that offer security guarantees and allow you to make incoming and outgoing transfers.

The commissions applied vary according to their credit institution and for the accreditation of the winnings it is necessary to wait from 3 to 6 working days. To remedy this timing, some online gaming platforms offer their VIP customers the immediate crediting on the bank account.

Safety of casino bank transfer

Many players prefer not to use their bank account for operations such as gambling account. In reality, online casino with bank transfer offer many security guarantees. In fact, all the operations that allow you to transfer money by bank transfer are monitored by the channels of banking institutions. These are therefore always traceable.
In addition, the same institutes use encryption -based security systems that prevent theft of fraudulent data and access. Banking platforms are the safest and, as well as the best online casino sites with bank transfer, use HTTPS certificates.

The bank transfer account and AAMS online casinos

Any player wants to open an online account in an AAMS casino with bank transfer will have no problems doing it. But first he will have to register on the game site by entering his personal data and sending a copy of identity card and tax code. In this way the casino will be able to check the identity and age of the player. Once the registration has been made, the player will be able to access his gaming account and recharge it. The online casino website with bank transfer communicates in the appropriate section on payments and withdrawals the data to make the bank transfer and the reason to be entered.

Exclusive advantages for those who use bank transfer to online casinos (receive bonuses when you pay by bank transfer)

Many online casinos use bonuses and promotions to encourage a certain type of game. Among the AAMS license sites there are some who dedicate a welcome bonus to strong players. These offer consistent advantages to those who recharge high sums. Generally these are the High Roller players, who use the bank transfer tool to make their transfers. In this way they will have no problems obtaining bonuses on the deposit even up to $ 1000 or even more substantial.

Using the transfer as a payment method is simple, just follow the signs shown on the AAMS casino page and choose this option to perform deposits and withdrawals on your account.

How to deposit on online casino bank transfer

To deposit your money on an online casino with bank transfer, you first need a little patience. In fact, although it is a safe and advantageous system in many respects, it requires waiting times. To make a deposit by bank transfer, log in to the site and click on the area dedicated to the game account. Here, just go to the section dedicated to deposits and choose the transfer to the proposed options. If you don’t find it immediately, don’t worry, maybe it’s not among the first options, but almost all the best casinos allow it. The operator will provide all the data to be entered, as the bank name, IBAN, BIC code and above all the reason for the payment: top -up of the game account.

How to pick up on online casino bank transfer

The collection with bank transfer is possible by using an account in the name of the gaming account holder. Compared to other methods, this mode is the one that requires the most patience from the player. In fact, at the necessary times for the bank transfer to be credited, there are those of the regularity checks imposed by casino. To withdraw, you can choose the bank transfer in the area dedicated to withdrawals on the gaming account and enter your bank data to receive payment. The waiting times provide for the sum of the casino control times and those relating to the banking institution.

Deposit and withdrawal limits in the casino with bank transfer

One of the advantages offered by online casino with bank transfer concerns the charging and withdrawal limits. As we have previously written, the bank transfer allows you to carry out very substantial top -ups and withdrawals. The minimum deposit is generally $ 10, only a few sites allow you to do it with $ 5. The maximum deposit can have limits of 2000 or 5000 $ but also no limit, which will please high roller.

Recommended payment methods for online casinos

Paypal is the payment method preferred by online players, however the bank transfer is also a method widely used above all for the movements of large numbers of money. In addition to online casino with bank transfer and i casino con paypal yes they are others Payment methods safe and recommended:

Payment methods
Payment method Deposit timing Deposit Commission Timpistic sampling Shabby commission
paypal Immediate None Immediate None
postepay Immediate None Immediate None
visa Immediate None up to 3 groups None
mastercard Immediate None up to 3 days None
Skrill Immediate 0-1% Immediate 5.50€
Neteller Immediate 0 -2.5% Immediate 00-3.99%
Transfer up to 2 days up to $ 3 3-5 days Up to $ 10
Paysafecard Immediate None Unavailable Unavailable
Payment methods
Method Storage area Comm. Withdrawal Comm.
Immediate None Immediate None
Immediate None Immediate None
Immediate None up to 3 groups None
Immediate None up to 3 days None
Immediate 0-1% Immediate 5.50€
Immediate 0 -2.5% Immediate 00-3.99%
up to 2 days up to $ 3 3-5 days Up to $ 10
Immediate None Unavailable Unavailable

Advantages of bank transfer

Among the advantages of the bank transfer, there is undoubtedly the safety given by the traceability of the method and guaranteed by banking institutions. Furthermore, another advantage is the fact that with this tool the strong players will have no limits or to deposit, nor to withdraw. Another point in favor concerns the fact that the transfer can be used by those players who use other methods for charging. For example, those who recharge in cash using a Paysafecard code, which cannot be used to withdraw.

Disadvantages of the bank transfer

The main disadvantage of this transaction method concerns the timing. In fact, both for the charge and for the crediting, waiting times are required. In particular, to transfer their winnings from the online casino with bank transfer it is better not to be in a hurry. Expectations can also reach 9 working days. In addition, the bank transfer may request commissions for transactions, always imposed by the bank, or in some cases by the casino.

How to avoid scams

Any online transaction, whatever the tool you use it always raises a little apprehension. Despite the characteristics of bank transfers make them safe tools, it is always better to be noticed and prudent. In particular, if you use home banking. In this case, the indications of prudence are a must and are worth for any operation and not only for the transfers to online casinos.

Users are recommended to choose a complex password for access to the bank’s website. To always carry out the logout every time the operation has ended, avoid public connections and shared computers.

In addition, in order not to fall victim to phishing, never click on links and attachments present in emails and messages. Always check the reliability of the communications you receive and carry out the various operations by going directly to the home banking page.
Finally, but not least, the AAMS license, the only legal in USA.

The AAMS game rooms are regulated by a privacy policy that follows rigorous standards with encryption systems aimed at protecting the financial and personal data of the players, in order to block any attempt to access thieves and scammers. It is therefore not to be surprised if the bank transfer is a simple and safe payment method, which allows you to transfer funds to the currency with which you decide to open the account by inserting the IBAN code and the desired amount.