Easy Ko Blackjack system to count cards

il My system It is an easy -to -date count counting technique to win at Blackjack. To improve your results at the green table there is more than a Blackjack strategy accessible also to players who are not exactly expert. If you are approached this game recently and you started applying the basic strategy you will have heard of the CARD COURTEnull Most likely you are curious to try to apply some Blackjack strategy based on counting cards released to better manage the episodes.

The first strategy you approach is the one called THREADnull It is a system of balanced count according to which the count of the entire deck gives the result zero. But another widely used system is the KO which unlike hi-it is a non -balanced count, therefore the final count of the deck is not zero. Let’s find out how this Blackjack strategy works and what are its advantages.

How the Blackjack KO strategy works

The letters K e o of the blackjack strategy we are about to illustrate are for Knock Out (KO)null This system was invented by Ken Fuchs and Olaf Vancura. It is a method of counting very similar to HI-LO, which differs from this because it assigns a different value to seven. In fact, this instead of being counted as zero, it must be calculated as +1.

Here’s how to count the cards in the Blackjack K.O strategy::

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 e 7= +1
  • 10, J, Q, K e Asso= -1
  • 8 e 9= 0

It can be easily guessed that the final result of this unbalanced system, counting the entire deck, will give +4, instead of zero.

How to apply the Blackjack KO strategy

Like all other counting systems, the Blackjack KO strategy must also be applied, starting to calculate the values of the cards as they come out. Hand after hand you will have to continue calculating and at some point you can draw your conclusions. The reasoning to do is very simple. If your counting is high, it means that the cards remained in the deck with high values, so it’s time to bet. Conversely, if the count is low, you can deduce that only the low cards remain in the deck.

Il Key Count

In each counting system there is a Key Count which varies in varying the number of decks used. In the Blackjack Ko strategy the Key Count is equal to +2 (if you are playing with a single deck). If the count is higher Key Count you are in an advantageous situation and you can dare with higher bets.

As we mentioned, the key count varies according to the number of decks used; that’s how:

  • 1 deck: Key Point +2
  • 2 mazzi: key point +1
  • 6 mazzi: key point -4
  • 8 mazzi: key point -6

The advantages of the KO system

The KO counting system has several advantages compared to hi-lo. In fact, in this method, as in any other sliding Blackjack strategy, it is not necessary to calculate the true count. So unlike what is commonly thought, The Blackjack KO strategy is easier than hi-it.

In fact among the simple cards counting systems Ko is the easiest designed for the unwelcome players who face tables in chaotic situations. Online there are many game software that allow you to practice blackjack without using real money. These can be very useful to train with the various counting systemsnull But it is important to know that when you play the Blackjack online Electronic in software format, each count is useless. In fact, after each hand the system resets the deck, so holding the output cards is practically useless.

It is not useless if instead you choose to try the blackjack in the live version proposed on AAMS online casino sites. In this case, in fact, the same situation as a real traditional mess is proposed. So there will be a game table with a meat and blood croupier that handles real decks of cards. In this case, a counting blackjack strategy can make a difference.