Guide to play and win at online slot machines

Given the success of the slot machines we have prepared a guide to play and win at online slot machines.

Despite being an easy game, to maximize the chances of winning at online slot machines, it is not said that you cannot apply game strategies.

We try to understand how online slot machines are made and how they work. We will also understand which slot to choose to try to win at online slot machines.

How online slot machines work

We continue our guide on how to win at online slot machines trying to understand the game mode. Online slot machines retain the same basic operation as classic slots. In fact, even online slot machines generally include five rollers, with the symbols arranged on three lines.

Unlike the old mechanical slots that have a reduced winning number of combinations, the new online slots can have many Payline (winning lines). Payline can be more than 200 in theories! The winning combinations are indicated in the Payment table of the slot.

As can be understood, it will be difficult to know all the possible combinations to win to win at the slot machine. It will therefore be the slot itself to highlight the payline on each lap.

Among the online casino games the slot machine machine a 5 rulli They are the most common. However, there is no shortage of online slot machines with 3 rollers, and online slot machines with extra rollers, even 6 or 7.

Just take a tour of the online casino games, to realize the hundreds of online slot machines available. In addition to the number of rollers, the online slot machines are characterized by the theme slot And for the functionality. There are in the online casino slot machines dedicated to movies, famous characters, comics, video games, the very popular Slot Egypt: everyone can choose their favorite subject. Images of various types will therefore rotate on the rollers, even if the themes persist for the lovers of the classics Slot Frutta and jewelry.

3D slots and extra features

In addition to the theme, the aspect of the new online slot machines can be characterized by a Three -dimensional graphics, yes animations who accompany the game. These vary from slot machine to slot machine. Some show real animated scenes, other slots are limited to proposing special effects.

Another fundamental element in choosing an online slot machine is that of Extra featuresnull In addition to the classic game of rotating the rollers and obtaining winning combination, in fact there are additional functions. Special symbols such as the Wild And it Scatter, allow you to get more winnings or activate extra games and functions. Much loved by online casino players are the Bonus Gamesnull In that case the rollers disappear and the player is called to play a different game in which he will be able to win rich prizes. Among the extra features of online slot machines we find i Free spin (free laps), highly appreciated by all players and different functions. The avalanche function, the roller block, the extended symbols, the multipliers, and many other opportunities make the game more lively and satisfactory.

Win to online slot machines with fixed or progressive jackpot

Those who start playing a casino slot has the dream of winning at online slot machines and taking home a nice sum. One of the best ways to win at online slot machines is to burn the slot by winning a jackpot.

However, a distinction must be made between the fixed jackpot slot machines and the progressive jackpot slots.

Ogni slot machine a fixed jackpot It has a maximum possible win, indicated in the slot payments table. The slot winning very often also depends on the type of episode that the player does. For each slot, the rules also include the minimum or maximum episode.

Then there are the online slot machines with progressive jackpot which the maximum possible winning is not established by the slot payments table but is based on a progressive jackpot that increases continuously.

Win to online slot machines with progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot is a prize pool that is accumulated multiple online slot machines that are on the net and based on the players’ play. There are slot machines networks in USA but sometimes also networks of international slot machines that cross the American borders that allow you to let the prize pool at astronomical figures rise. Clearly if the goal is to hurway the mess and change life we should try to win at the online slot machines with progressive jackpot.

Practice to win at online slot machines

Those who think that online slots are easy casino games, they are not wrong. However, this does not mean that there are no systems and techniques to play and increase the chances of winning online slot machines.

Unlike bar slots, in online casinos there is the possibility to try the games for free. Many legal mess in USA in fact make the players available Demo versions of the slots. In this way the player will be able to familiarize himself with the slot and manage his episodes consciously.

Many online slots allow you to select Winning lines to be activatednull This function is very important as it allows you to reduce the amount of each individual episode. It is also true that when we deselect some winning lines, we could remain dry mouth even if a winning combination comes out. The best way to manage an episode is to select the minimum per line, however leaving all active payment lines.

Manage your budget, for a conscious game

We have already talked about the return to the player. Although the online casino slot machines generally have a RTP more than 90%, this does not guarantee us winnings. The goal of the players is to win at online slot machines, but to get results it is important to play consciously and correctly manage your budget. Before starting to play it is important to establish their own game limitsnull In this way we will avoid further losses, to recover, once this limit has been achieved.

Establishing a winning limit is important to establish a loss limit. In fact, the game decisions made on the basis of the euphoria for a big win, can lead us to put at risk what we have earned.

RTP of a slot machine

When we choose a winning slot machine we have to keep your RTP in consideration. The abbreviation RTP is for “Return to Players“Which translated into American means” return to players “. For each online slot machine, the manufacturer must indicate the theoretical RTP value. This is expressed with a percentage that represents the share of the total played that is returned to players in the form of winnings. The RTP value in online slot machines must be a minimum of 90%. This means that these games, on $ 100 played on average they redistribute in winnings at least 90 $

LAWS – Slots that pay the most

Volatility of a slot machine

Another important element in evaluating a slot machine that vinccere is volatility. Volatility indicates the risk factor of a slot machine. This can be high, medium or low, and determines the tendency to distribute prizes of a specific game. If volatility is high, you can win at rarely online slot-machine, but with very high prizes. If volatility is low, it is more likely to win at the online slot-machine more frequently, premiums more content. If your budget is limited, it is better to choose slot with medium -low volatility.

Slot Machine Terresti e Online

Even those who have never set foot in a real terrestrial casino, imagining a game room, can only think about slot machines. Among the casino games, the slot machines are very popular, and above all to win online slot machines, no specific skills are required.

On the other hand, in USA, the online AAMS casino casino offer online slot machines are many. The choice of the best slot machine to be played may seem complex slot online AAMS There are hundreds available! Therefore it is no longer necessary to go to a traditional mess or a physical games room to find the winning slotsnull Just have a computer connected to the Internet, a tablet or a smartphone to try the thrill to play and win at online slot machines.

Which to choose between the online slot machines and terrestrial slot bar

Both the slots present in the online casino and those present in the game rooms, which have a physical cabinet, work thanks to a game software. This means that at the base of the game and the results that appear on the screen there is an IT program. This program is regulated by an algorithm. This guarantees that the results of the online casino slots and those we find in the slot rooms are completely random.

In addition, for all slot machines there is pre -established RTP. The RTP is the return to the winnings to the guaranteed player by law. The bar slot machines or playrooms return the players 68% of the episodes. Instead, the online slot machines that we find among the online casino games have a RTP above 90%.

From this first consideration it follows that we are more likely to win at online slot machines rather than terrestrial slots. In fact, since the online slot RTP is higher by playing online slots increases the chances of winning for the player.