Best Egypt Online Slot Free

When it comes to the Egypt slot, reference is made to all those rollers with an setting that refers to world of pyramidsnull If you are a slot machine player online you will undoubtedly have noticed how every provider has a slot with pharaohs in the catalog. Have you ever wondered why this theme is so popular?

The desert, the pyramids, symbols such as those of the Sphinx or the Egyptian divinity They are highly appreciated for several reasons. We try to understand what are the most popular Egypt slots and what are the elements that make them so special.

The charm of ancient Egyptian slots

Why are the Egypt slots so popular? This type of setting is rich in charm because it often leverages mysteries still to be solved. Despite being studied for years, the millennial culture of Ancient Egyptians In many ways, many secrets still ceases.

From the hidden rooms of the pyramids they still emerge new elements to be deciphered, rich in arcana that capture the attention of scholars and archaeologists from all over the world. This immense heritage It offers ideas of different types and when the developers of the games began to capture them, an extremely prolific strand was born. Magic icons, mummies, gold sarcophagi, lucky or cursed symbols, mysterious books, in roller games acquire important powers. And they are ideal elements for baster mechanisms of exciting game. If to these are added the puzzles and traps connected to the labyrinthine pyramidal constructions, the theme becomes even richer.

The settings of the Egypt slots and the symbols

Some Egypt slots are set in the Sahara desert, with sandy expanses and pyramids in the background. In others the scenography is that of the interior of the pyramids, between statues of the sphinx, sarcophagi of legendary pharaohs such as Tutankhamon. Many Egypt slots have extra games where you will find yourself visiting secret funeral rooms, to find wealth buried for centuries.

The sets of symbols take inspiration from low hands from Egyptian culture and religion. It starts from the basic elements inspired by the hieroglyphics, to symbols that reproduce the deities such as anuboes or the god of the sun. There is no lack of gold sarcophagi of the pharaohs, their magical sticks, feathers, golds and precious fans.

The colors of gold and sand are typical of these games. These refer to the environment of the desert in which the majestic pyramids and the wealth are kept in them.

The characters of the ancient Egyptian slot

In addition to the symbols and setting, in these rollers we find recurring characters. Many slots with pharaohs, who appear among the symbols or even in titles. The most famous is undoubtedly Tutankhamon, of which the famous funeral mask in solid gold is often reproduced.

A female character also recurrent, the Regina Cleopatra protagonist of several titles. The mysterious aura of this woman makes the slots with even more fascinating pyramids. Obviously there is no shortage of slots Sphinxes The mythical figure with the body of lion and human head is the protagonist. All mythology relating to the puzzles of this being is well suited to the Egypt slot bonus games.

Among the titles of the various operators, Egyptian deities often also appear, primarily the god Ra and Anubii, but we also find Bastet and Horus and other gods.

The other figures in the slots with Faraoni

The theme of slots with Faraoni also sees the introduction, in the narrative, of other figures, such as thearchaeologist or adventurernull In this case, the player identifies himself with the characters of the Egypt slot who go in search of hidden treasures. In fact, in the narrative with the game it will be entered into this or that role, and it will go in search of a special symbol. In this way you can access a phase of the game, in which this symbol will bear fruit, hopefully, in the form of rich prizes.

La Slot book of Ra

Book of Ra is considered the progenitor of the Egypt slotsnull This game was launched in March 2005, by Gaminator and Novoline provider. At the time it was a slot machine da bar, which immediately became very appreciated among the players. She therefore became one VLT successfull. Today that title is still popular, produced in the online version by Novomatic, a group that has incorporated the two original producers.

Given the success of the first chapter, in 2008 a version with graphics and improved playability Book of RA Deluxe was created. In addition, over the years, the series has been enriched with many titles. The theme of this game is the search for Book of RA by a young archaeologist. The book has the power to give free laps with special Jolly symbols. A simple mechanism that is re -proposed with different variants in the other titles, and that does not stop passionate.

LAWS – Recensione Slot Book of Ra

La slot Sphinx

the slot machine Egitto Sphinx Of IGT, often also called Sfinx slot is another title that has made the history of the rollers. As the name suggests, this game revolves around the enigmatic figure of the Sphinx. The player finds himself wandering inside the pyramids, looking for precious gold coins. Through the set of symbols you enter the world of pharaohs, with classic elements and references to the Egyptian deities.

The strong point of the Sfinge slot is undoubtedly the Two -level bonus gamenull When you access it, you are in a funeral chamber in the presence of some sarcophagi. Opening them you will get a prize or access to the next room, the one in which you find yourself choosing between 5 statues of the Sphinx. What will the one with the richest prize be?

LAWS – Recensione Slot Sphinx

The most popular Egypt slots

As we have already said, the Egypt slots are so popular that each provider has at least one title in the catalog on this issue. The world of pyramids in which you can enter by playing the rollers is truly boundless. The titles are so many that it is impossible to list them all. From Egyptian Dream of Habanero to Rise of Egypt of Playson, passing through Age of Egypt of Playtech, Doom of Egypt of Play ‘n Go. And we do not forget titles such as Coins of Egypt or Netent Pyramid.

This vein is so vast that it can be divided in turn into various sections. Here are some.

Egypt Slot with Cleopatra

The fascinating Egyptian queen immortalized in films and stories is also the protagonist of many slots. Legend of Cleopatra and Solar Queen of Playson, Gameart’s Cleopatra Jewels, Cleopatra’s Temple of the American Capecod provider, are some examples.

The sphinx slots of ancient Egypt

In addition to the classic IGT SPHINX, the half -woman and half feline figure is at the center of different slots, such as Sprinx Race Deluxe of Espresso, Beat The Beast: Mighty Sprinx produced by Thunderkick. And still Secret of Schinx of Worldmatch, Jungle Jim and the Lost Spery of Microgaming.

Slots with Faraoni

In this world it is also very easy to find a slot with Pharaoh that you may like, here too there are many titles. Pharaoh’s Daughter and Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe of Playtech, Valley of Pharaohs of Booming. But also Egyptian King of Isoftbet, Nextgen’s Ramesses Riches, Gameart’s Ramses Treasure, King’s Chamber’s King’s Chamber.

Slot with divinities

The power of the Egyptian divinities has made its own titles as a Amun Ra Elite of Espresso testified which tells of the king of all the Egyptians. We also mention Era of Gods of 1x2gaming, Scrolls of Ra HD The weembates, 3 The mong will go to their owns, Hhus of golden slicorine.

The slots with a mysterious book

In the wake of Book of Ra, each manufacturer wanted to use the symbol of a book in an Egypt slot. Starting from Book of Dead of Play ‘n Go one of the most famous games after Book of Ra, the list is long. Book of Gold of Playson, Book of Oziris of Gameart, Book of Cheops and Book of Cleopatra of the National Electronic. Still Book of Pharaon of Worldmatch, Microgaming’s Book of Atem and Book of Immortals of Microgaming.

The slot con the mummie

There are also slots that protagonist the mummies. How not to mention the Egypt slot The Mummy Inspired by the 1999 film of the same name. Or the fun bar slot produced by Elsy.

Slot with pyramids: timeless success

As can be deduced from the list proposed in the preceding paragraphs that of the slots with pyramids is a truly prolific trend. Obviously our cataloging is partial. In fact, it does not include all the games that American and foreign providers have created and continue to propose in the best AAMS online casinos. The divisions for themes are also indicative and often the various elements mix in fascinating and engaging games.

In addition to having appealing for the theme, slots with pharaohs are characterized by functionality and bonus games that capture and involve. The mysteries still hidden in the pyramids can be revealed in the roller games, allowing the player to find ancient treasures buried for centuries. These factors are the basis of a stable and lasting success.

Where to find the ancient Egyptian slots?

Given the popularity of the theme, the Egypt slot machines are available in almost all AAMS online casinos. You can find them in the section dedicated to AAMS Slot, scrolling through the previews of the various games. But the best online casino Aams give you the opportunity to select the slots based on the theme. In this way you can only view the slots with pyramids, scarabei pharaohs and so on.

In addition, the most popular Egypt slots, such as Book of Ra, are the basis of interesting Welcome Bonus in different AAMS casinos. In this way, by subscribing for the first time, you can play your free favorite Egyptian slot, with the possibility of winning real money. The free bonuses offered by many casinos can also be a tempting opportunity to try all the Egypt slot machines present online.