Slot Piggy Riches Gratis

the slot Piggy Riches Produced by22 Netten has a couple of rich pigs lovers of luxury as protagonists. This game is also commonly called slot Piggy bank.

And it is precisely a dip in wealth and ostentation what you will do by playing at the Piggy Riches slot. If you have in mind the pigs that roll in the mud you are off the road, Mr. and Mrs Pig are ready to invite you to a world of luxury and ostentation. Here you can let yourself be influenced by so much wealth and maybe earn a little for you.

Features of the Piggy Riches slot

The Piggy Riches slot presents a fairly classic game scheme, embellished with the typical graphics of Netten products. Here are the basic characteristics of this slot machine online:

  • Grilled 3*5
  • PAYLENES: 15
  • RTP: 96,38%
  • Volatility: average
  • Episode min/max: 0.15 $ – 75 $

Given its characteristics, the Piggy Riches slot has an excellent RTP and therefore it is considered one of the slots that pay for Slots that pay the most in the short time.

Symbols of the Piggy Riches slot

If you came across the Piggy Riches slot for free you will undoubtedly be hit by the set of symbols. It is a cheerful and fun whole that recreates the riches in which they love to wallow the gentlemen Pig. Even the basic symbols, the alphanumeric ones, are pieces of value plated in gold!

Here is the complete set, starting from the least to the most generous

  • Alfanumerici 10, j, q, k and a
  • Piggy bank in piglet
  • Swollen money holder
  • Key holder
  • Credit cards
  • Bags of coins and jewelry

The two characters, protagonists of the slot, are the symbols with a special role in history. Mr. Pig is the symbol Wildnull The pig with the tuba and the golden stick can replace the other symbols.

Lo Scatter He is his wife, Mrs. Pig, who has the power to activate the extra game. This symbol is essential, it will allow you to play the free Piggy Riches.

Extra games and features of the Piggy Riches slot for free and with real money

Even if you delight with the Piggy Riches slot for free, you can try all the complete features of the game. When Mr. Pig appears, with his role of Wild, he can replace all the other symbols, with the exception of Mrs Pig. The pig is very generous, in fact multiply X3 the winnings you get thanks to him.

But you will have the real turning point in the game thanks to Mrs. Pig. With three symbols you can activate the bonus Free spin And play free Piggy Riches. You can activate a variable number of free laps, up to 28, with growing multiplier up to X6. But Mrs. Pig’s generosity does not end here. In fact, during the free spins, every symbol of the imprescated piglet will give you an extra ride.

Graphics and sound of the Piggy Riches slot

Netent is famous for its slots characterized by 3D graphics advanced and for fluid animations. The world of the wealth and opulence of the Pig is transmitted to a first glance from the game set. Gold, banknotes and jewels characterize 3D symbols, which sparkle of wealth. Even the characters immediately manage to take the players: they are fun and very ironic, and they can only be nice.

The game is enriched with fluid animations, rain rains, sounds that refer to the winnings. Scampanellii and sound coins create a mood that predisposes you to optimism and fun.

Final evaluation of the Piggy Riches slot

If you want to enter a very particular world then you have to take a tour of the Piggy Riches slot. Free or with real money, this game will be able to involve you at various levels.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pig you will be catapulted into a fun and colorful atmosphere, where the only value is wealth. So why not flaunt it in every way?

The game mechanism, as in many Netent slots, is simple but engaging. Thanks to the free spin you can play the slot piggy riches for free and get large winnings.

Three reasons to choose the Piggy Riches slot

  • You love fun slots with nice characters
  • Look for a slot with free spin
  • You want a latest generation slot with simple features
  • Looking for a slot with high RTP