The Superenalotto jackpot is frightening to online casinos

Superenalotto jackpot are truly attractive. In particular, that of July continues to grow and stands at 182 million eurosnull A figure that will always attract a greater number of players, inducing many to play for the first time, to try their luck, or taking them away to online casinos.

il Superenalotto remains at the top of the ranking of the games most loved by the Americans. Infatti si attesta al secondo posto insieme al lotto, battuto solo dai Gratta& Vinci. A differenza dei biglietti da grattare però, il Superenalotto fa sognare con premi milionari. Difficili da guadagnare con tutte le altre modalità di gioco, e però, al tempo stesso, Winning is highly unlikely, from a purely mathematical point of view.

But what is unlikely is not impossible. Among the historical winnings of the Jackpot Superenalotto game where you have to guess a sestine of extracted numbers, there are astronomical figures. Figures impossible to earn also in online casinos and traditional terrestrial casinos.

Astronomical prizes with the Superenalotto jackpot

When we refer to astronomical winnings, we are talking about 130 million that were won in Caltanissetta, last April, and which led the jackpot left. Among the other millionaire winnings we mention that of 45.7 million euros won in Bari, in March 2004. Then, 47.4 million euros, instead won in Cosenza in 2011. At the top of the highest prizes never delivered there are however 170 million given in 2010, which however were won thanks to a system, and therefore divided into 70 quotas not bad.

il current Superenalotto jackpot of 182 million euros At the moment it represents the highest prize if we consider Europe alone: in the first place in the old continent there is the Eurojackpot with 90 million. If we go overseas we find dizzying prizes in the USA, with $ 144 million at stake with the mega Millions, and 121 million for powerball. Even in the United States, the land of the best casinos, traditional and not online, it is the lotteries that offer incomparable dreams of wealth.

Winning to best online casinos is likely

Often when you want to talk about an impossible event, it is said “it’s like doing 6 at Superenalotto!”

“But is it really so difficult to win the Superenalotto jackpot?”

Yes, very difficult. Winning by playing one of the best online casino, choosing any of the available games is much more likely, but as probability increases the prize and relative satisfaction.

At the level of numbers, the probability of doing 6 at the Superenalotto is 1 out of 622,614,630null A difficult number to view, except that a mathematician suggested a fairly explanatory image: it would be like Find in the Maracanà di Rio stadium, full of white balls, the only red.

Surely it is a little easier to do 5 + joker, here we have a possibility out of 103,769,105, or 5, 1 out of 1,250.230. If we are satisfied instead of a 3 we have a possibility out of 327, while the 2 with one in 22 is really probable, but guessing it does not change life and not even the day!

For players who want to increase the chances of winning, playing a card can choose to participate in the game called SuperStar.

Probability of winning to other gambling

If you are wondering if it is better to try the fate to sports betting or slot machines, or at the best online casino roulette table, the answer is yes. Let’s see what are the probability of winning ai casino games.

At the slots the probability of winning is linked to concept of volatilitynull Low volatility indicates more frequent winnings but of small amounts. High volatility winning less frequent but with high amounts.

For example, the French roulette is one of the greater probability of winnings, even if with the basic games we limit ourselves to double the episodenull If, on the other hand, you want to dream with the game, the superenalotto will be the best choice. In the face of a minimum episode, in fact, the win is of those that really change their lives.