Online casino: guide to the probability of winning

What are the chances of winning casino games? When it comes to online casino, a guide to games is always comfortable. Fans know well that Not all games are the same, and one of the differences lies in the probability of winningnull For some games there is also the perception that the ability that luck count more. Let’s find out if it is true through a short excursus among the most popular games on online casinos, with a guide to the winning percentages and probability.

All certified American online casinos must report the probability of winning for each gamenull This measure was introduced in the gambling remotely by the decree law n. 158, of 13 September 2012.

We therefore begin our review of the chances of winnings starting from casino games. The roulette is one of the most popular Games casino, and the probability of winning varies according to the type and playnull For French and European roulette, for example, the probability of winning the single number is 2.7%. With the horse (two numbers) of 5.4%, of the triplet is 8.1% and so on. The simple episodes, red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36, the probability of winning is not as it is mistakenly thought of 50% but 48.64%. And here is the advantage of the counter.

LAWS – roulette online

As regards the Slot Machine, the probability of winning vary for each game, and are contained in the info attached to the slotsnull We can also find them in the form of RTP, i.e. return to the player in winningsnull The Art percentage must be more than 90% by law.

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Online casino, guide to the chances of winning in Betting

Report the probability of winning the various games on online casino sites, lead players to a conscious and responsible game mode. As for the sector of Betting online must be made separatelynull Given the quantity and variety of events is Impossible to calculate the probability of winning as a percentagenull But for each individual event, the proposed shares are gods clear indicators of the probability whether an event will occur or notnull The lower a share, the higher the probability that this event will occur.

The other games on a sports prediction proposed by the online casino sites, offer a clearer guide to the probability of winning. For example the probability of making 14 points to totocalcio It is 1 out of 4,782,969, that of doing 13 is 1 out of 170,820, 12 points 1 on 13.140.

Also games like the Poker are complicated from the point of view of the calculation of probabilitynull Poker, Texas Hold’em etc. They are games that have a component of skill and Alea, which make calculations impossible. The best online casinos, however, publish other data, such as the percentages of the collection that is intended for the prize pool. In practice, a sort of payout that can give players an idea of the chances of winning.

Traditional games on online casinos, Lotto and Superenalotto guide

AAMS online casinos also offer traditional games. Lotto, Superenalotto, Lotterie are beloved games because they give voice to that desire that each one hatches within himself to be able to change his life with a lucky play. As we have guessed by the various online casino games in this guide, The higher the prize, the lower the probabilitynull Win Superenalotto is the most daring dream of the players, and the combinations that change life are very low probability. The 6 has a probability of 1 out of 622,614.630, 5+1 of 1 out of 103,769,105. If we are satisfied with the 5, the probability is 1 out of 1,250.230. Very easy to spot a 2 with 1 in 22 possibilities, which will make us win a breakfast at the bar or a little more.

il Lotto is a little more generous, and we conclude our journey through online casinos with the guide to the probability of the most traditional game in USA. To make the cinquina, playing 5 numbers there is a chance out of 43,949,268. The Quaterna, with 4 numbers played, has a probability of 1 out of 511,038, the terno is more “easy”: if we play 3 numbers we have 1 possibility out of 11,748. Do we aim for the ambo? Well, we have a chance out of 401.