Blackjack 21 online duel

The classic Blackjack 21 gave birth to some Blackjack variants aimed at making the classic game richer and spectacular. Blackjack 21 duel has the goal of involving players with a more articulated and exciting action. This version of the Blackjack online the Blackjack 21 duel has become the most famous of the classic game And it is present in all AAMS certified online casinos.

Introduction to Blackjack 21 duel

Blackjack 21 Duel is the most famous version of the classic game. Its success lies in the fact that The two challengers, player and bench, find themselves at very close and they even use the same cards To make their scorenull The percentage of return to the player is everywhere in the Aams online casinos very high and is around 94%. The Blackjack 21 duel game is an exclusive Playtech. to play Blackjack 21 Playtech It is a very recent novelty in the online world of the AAMS certified legal game, to win and have fun safely. It is part of the Maltese Mansion group, already well known in the world game and Gambling environment. The site is well structured, in particular for those who sail it for the first time: just a click away immediately the assistance service, which operates via mobile phone, chat and email and all the information to register, deposit and play, both through software and directly from the browser. All AAMS games, as well as progressive jackpots and promotions, are managed by the Playtech software house: many slot machines, among the most beautiful and compelling on the web; live games; Classics: with roulette, blackjack, poker; Arcade. In short, there is all the best of the legal AAMS casino.

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Purpose and performance of the Blackjack game 21 duel

The purpose of Blackjack 21 duel is always the same: between the player and the bench whoever approaches more to 21 wins without exceeding himnull The exclusive and characterizing feature of the Blackjack 21 Duel variant is the presence of two cards discovered in the center of the table. The cards are in common between the player and the counter, who can choose which of the two to keep and which to discard. Blackjack 21 Duel offers the player the opportunity to carry out, Beyond the two compulsory episodes, even one Third collateral episode called 2 UPnull This episode is disconnected from the final result of the hand and allows you to increase the stakes and win. The rules of the blackjack variant 21 duel are very simple and anyone who will be able to play his game against the counter right from the start. Blackjack 21 Duel is an easy game.

Game Rules Duel 21 Blackjack Online

Blackjack 21 duel 6 decks are used and the cards have the classic value of the game: numeral value, 10 for the figures and 11 or 1, depending on the event, for the ace. At the beginning of the game, the player will decide the amount of the ante bet, the one that opens the hand and whose value will be aimed once again during the game. This version of online blackjack provides that two uncovered cards are placed at the center of the shared table among the contendersnull Beyond those iThe player will receive a covered card and a discovery, the two discoveries benchnull It’s up to the player to play his game. These, he can decide whether to keep one of the two common cards, and make a score with his discovery card by discarding the other, or whether to ask for paper again. In this case, the other card will also be discovered at its disposal. During this phase of Blackjack 21 duel the stakes are increased with a further episode.

After the player has communicated his game is the counter to move. So, after discovering one of his two personal cards he will decide if he adds up the score to one of the common cards and whether to discard or see his second card. As it is known Also this version of the Blackjack The desk must ask for paper if it has 16 or not and stay if it reaches 17 pointsnull If the desk does not reach the 13 points, it does not qualify and the player will win even if he has scored a smaller number of points with his cards.

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Episode 2 Up to win even more

The variant of Blackjack 21 duel gives the player the opportunity to win even more with one Special episode called 2 Upnull It’s about a episode unrelated to the performance of the hand, which takes into consideration the value of the first 3 cards discovered during the gamenull The first 3 cards that are discovered in the hand of Blackjack 21 duel are the player’s discovery card and the two common cards. If these 3 cards will contain a couple of the same seed or a trio, 3 equal cards, the player will win respectively 3 times and 20 times the amount of the episode 2 UP.