Videopoker Playtech: Aces and Faces

Among the best casino games we find the Playtech videopoker, in particular very nice Aces and Faces. In fact, the Aces and Faces version is one of the best of those offered by the sector of AAMS certified video pokernull Here too, as in all the videopoker, the game decesses his fundamental and general rules from poker classico with the great protagonists cards.

Naturally Each particular version of the videopoker introduces particular rules or scores to differentiate themselves from the other variants present online. So also the version of the Playtech Aces and Faces videopoker, which gives mostly prominence not only to couples but also to the poker score.

Aces and Faces videopoker Playtech

In reality, the game of videopoker counts on many versions, produced by various software house but, in our opinion, the version of the Aces and Faces offered by Playtech is and remains the best. Specifically it is a version a 25 payment lines who knows how to entertain very dynamic. To play Ace and Faces just choose one of the online casinos that offer games Playtech.

Casino offering the Playtech games

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Start of the game and payments table

Before starting a game at the Videopker Aces and Faces you have to first view carefully Payment table. Each score, as easily understood, is paid in a different way, and you realize what the cards are combinations of the Playtech Aces and Faces videopoker that generate score.

The couples of jack, queens, kings and axes, but not only. The Aces and Faces variant pays particular attention to poker. In fact, obtaining a big difference on the poker lines of axes, figures or simple cards There are several made in winnings.

Regole del gioco Videopoker Playtech Aces and Faces

Il videopoker Playtech Aces and Faces è un Easy gamenull The important thing to underline is that The bet that is chosen at the beginning of the hand refers to payment line, for which with 1 euro aimed, the total bet will be 25 euros. Con il Videopoker Aces and Faces 25 poker games are played simultaneously.

At the beginning all the cards of the 25 lines will be covered and in the foreground in front of the player will appear his 5 discoveries. At this point The player will have to decide how many keep them and the chosen cards will appear discoveries on all 25 linesnull In the final phase of the Videoopker Aces and Faces version, the software will change all the remaining cards on all the bet lines and will start counting the winning ones and their relative score.

Right With 25 lines activated, the player’s initial episode can be quite high but the winning lines will be equally high and frequent. The final win of each hand to the Playtech Aces and Faces videopoker will result from sum of all partial winnings on the 25 lines.

Determinazione del payout nel vidopoker aams Aces and Faces

Like all videopoker and slot machines, the Aces and Faces version also has a software planned to the close observance of the Payout as requested by AAMSnull The percentage of returning to the player of what he bets every day. At the Videopker Aces and Faces in Casino Aams has The percentage of surrender of the winnings varies according to the extent of the betnull With the maximum episode on all 25 lines, the surrender is set at 95.44%; Pointing to minor figures, however, you secure a percentage of payment of 94.08%, therefore however a generous payout.

If 25 lines are not enough to win

If the 25 lines that the Videopker Aces and Faces produced by software per casino Playtech puts at your disposal to win not enough for you you can resort toDownload or half doubling option. In this way you will put the total winnings just obtained with one dry challenge between you and the software. 5 covered cards appear on the screen and one immediately discovered, now it’s up to you to choose another: if it is higher than the first you will have doubled the win.

In conclusion, There are many ways to win with the Playtech Aces and Faces videopoker: additional points, axes poker, 25 active payment lines, doubled and half double -hearted options.