Slot Monopoly Online Casino

Have you ever thought about playing monopoly online? If you also remember with nostalgia long afternoons spent in front of the green scoreboard we have good news!

In Aams online casinos, in addition to the classic slot machines you can find brand new versions of the online monopoly.

With all the guarantees offered for other remote games, the monopoly also lands on the web and does it in style.

If you only have vague memories of this legendary board game launched by Editrice Games and distributed by Hasbro, it’s time to refresh your memory. If, on the other hand, you don’t know it at all, it’s time to find out!

Monopoly, from the origins to today

The monopoly has quite controversial origins, but it seems to have been born in the early 1900s from the imagination yes a woman, Elizabeth Magie. Her prototype was called The Landlord Game and was probably borrowed for the various evolutions that led to the monopoly that we all know.
In USA the game has been marketed since 1936 by Editrice Games Come Monopoli. Since 2009, its distribution has returned to Hasbro, which sells it in the USA, and has resumed the monopoly name. The game has been proposed in many variants and themed versions and the online monopoly could not be missing.

Have fun with the free online monopoly

If you are curious to try the various versions of the online Slot Monopoly, several AAMS online casinos offer you the opportunity to play without real money. To play in demo mode, just go to the mess that offers the scientific games games and click on the Monopoly online slot you prefer even if you are not subscribed to the Casino website. So you can start playing this game immediately and rediscover all the features of the scoreboard combined with those of the slot.

To play and win real money you will have to register for the casino. In this case we recommend playing responsibly and having fun safely.

Monopoly Online Casino Slot Machine

Returning to the present day among the different versions of the online monopoly, we also find a selection of slot machines. In fact, the games of slot machine online aams which are inspired by the online monopolyy are different. These monopoly slots are produced by Scientific Games.

  • Monopoly Megaways
  • Monopoly Grand Hotel
  • Monopoly Big Money Reel
  • Monopoly Heights
  • Monopoly on the Money

Slot Monopoly Megaways

A slot inspired by the famous game with green scoreboard that promises many emotions thanks to the 117649 winning lines. This online monopoly proposes one Very eventful game mode, offer unlimited winning multipliers and new reactions after each winning combinationnull The classic metal signals run on the rollers, the symbol of the M is the Wild that can replace all the others. When the symbols are combined as required by the payments table, Mister Monopoly is ready to run on the boxes to earn properties.

As in the classic monopoly, in addition to the properties you can obtain special users of utilities, stations or surprises on the chances and probability boxes. The game gives free spin thanks to the houses and other cards. Monopoly slot megaways has a medium -high and RTP volatility of 96.5%.

Slot Monopoly Grand Hotel

Monopoly Grand Hotel is a scientific games slot machine with the classic 3 × 5 and 50 payment lines. Among the standard symbols there are the dice, the dog, the sports car, plane and cruise ship. Mister Monopoly has the role of Jolly and can replace the other symbols, except special ones. These are the Go box, which has a role of scatter, as well as the house and the hotel.

When three go symbols appear, a function is activated that gives a wheel round with its prize. They can be obtained Free spin, or win one of the 4 jackpot available. Those who get the free spin, will also win a free parking bonus, with a multiplier from 5 to 20x. Both during the free spin and normal games, houses and hotels will offer multipliers. These are just some of the soprese of this monopoly slot machine, which has high and RTP volatility of 95.42%.

Slot Monopoly Big Money Reel

Monopoly slot Big Money Reel is a very particular version of the online monopoly. On the rollers, with 20 winning lines, various symbols turn, including some extensions such as the skyscrapers and Mister Monopoly. These are accompanied by the classic banknotes of the board game in cuts from 20 to 500. A precious M has the role of Wild and can replace all the other symbols with the exception of banknotes. These play a very important role, since they can assign 5x multipliers to 50xnull Furthermore, in combination of at least 5 symbols, they can assign a tour of the ruling of the tickets. In these particular spins you can get bonuses, free spins and other prizes. A monopoly slot that conceals many soprese and special cards, all to be discovered. Volatility is medium-high and the RTP value is 95.95%.

Slot Monopoly Heights

Monopoly Heights è una slot Monopoly con 1024 Winning linesnull In addition to the classic symbols of the game, the dice that have the role of Wild and the hotel who has the role of Scatter turn on the rollers. The name of this monopoly slot machine is explained by the special function of the rollers to grow in height thanks to the winning combinations. When these occur, Mr. Monopoly strolls on the top of the rollers that expand upwards. The new symbols that appeared will allow further winning combinations and the function can repeat up to a maximum of four additional strokes.

The Jackpot game is activated with the hotel symbol on rollers 1 and 5. 32 bonus cards appear on the screen, it will be necessary to select them to get one of the four prize pools at stake. This version of the online monopoly casino has 94.85% RTP and medium-high volatility.

Slot Monopoly on the Money

This monopoly slot allows you to play in standard mode and in that big bet. On the rollers there are the classic golden game of the board of the board and some special symbols. The Go box is the Scatter symbol and can win up to 20 free girinull During the Free Spin, Mister Monopoly appears, which gives additional prizes by activating multipliers. It also has the role of Wild and can replace the other symbols.

Among the bonuses proposed by this online monopoly, there is the possibility of making a bet at the beginning of the free laps. This will allow you to win others fin. In Big Bet mode, there are also special functions such as home and hotel extensions, which expand the rollers. A version of captivating monopoly slot, with 10 winning lines and RTP of 97.75%.