pixies of the forest slot

Pixies of the Forest Slot is a game produced by Igt that brings us back to an enchanted forest populated by winged features. We are in the midst of nature and among the trees you feel the chirping of the birds: so much enough to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

I Pixies They are the ones we call in American in American. So, in fact this slot machine is called “Furlets of the forests”.

For those who see a form of relaxation in the online game, Pixies of the Forest Slot is ideal. Thanks to its mechanisms it will allow the player to have fun and win by freeing himself from the stress of the newspaper.

Caratteristiche di Pixies of the Forest slot

Pixies of the Forest è una slot machine online With a classic 3 roller scheme out of 5 lines, which however proposes the functionality tumbling reelsnull This is commonly called “cascade” and means that for each winning combination there is another possibility. In fact, the symbols involved disappear and the player has the possibility of a new winning combination.

Features of the game

  • RTP: 93,95%
  • Volatility: low
  • Payline: 99
  • Pim/max episode: $ 0.33/33 $ (with all active lines)

The tintal Aculation, the Plaxy of the rest.

The set of symbols of Pixies of the Forest Slot puts the features that have different values on the rollers in the foreground. The basic symbols are those of poker cards, then we find in increasing order:

  • Word Fats: Pay 150X every 5 on a Payline
  • Mora fanta: pay 400x every 5 on a payline
  • Fatina Violet: Pay 1.000x every 5 on a Payline
  • Pixies of the Forest logo: pay 2000x every 5 symbols on a payline

The symbol Wild With Viola writing he can replace all symbols, with the exception of the bonus, with gold writing. During the standard laps it can only appear on rollers 2, 3 and 4. three bonus symbols on a payline activate the free spin bonus.

Special functions of Pixies of the Forest Slot

As we have seen, Pixies of the Forest Slot offers cascade functionality. This offers the most chance players to win and is active both during the normal laps and for the free laps of the free spin bonus.

It bonus Free spin It is activated when you get a combination of three bonus symbols. Before starting, you will have to select a Choose symbol, to find out how many free laps they have been earned. The options range from 8 to 11 free laps. During the freespins, the Wild symbol may also appear on the first roller; The free laps are not renewable.

Graphics and sounds of Pixies of the Forest Slot Machine

The Pixies of the Forest online slot machine tries to recreate the atmospheres of an enchanted forest with its own layout and sounds. The type of location in which you imagine can live fairies and goblins.

The goal is achieved thanks to the well -kept, colorful and detailed graphics. The player will see small movements behind the rollers, like magical appearances that spy on the game. The risatines that accompany each spin together with the chirping of the birds confirm the impression of being observed by the magical inhabitants of the woods. The animations accompany the stages of the game in a coherent way, all creates a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Final considerations of Pixies of the Forest Slot Online

Pixies of the Forest Slot is an IGT proposal a little out of the choir. In fact, it proposes a game that we can define anti -stress in a world where noisy and rowdy slots abound.

This does not mean that the game is boring and little fun, on the contrary. Invited by the beautiful faces in the enchanted forest, the player will begin to have fun immediately thanks to the Tumbling Reels functionality. Thanks to it all the laps are compelling. The moment of the free spin is what everyone is waiting for. Too bad the free laps are not renewable, but it is easy to expect of the Big Winnull In fact, during the free laps, the avalanche operation continues, with the Wild that may also appear on the first roller.

Thanks to the low volatility of this game and the value of RTP almost 94% probably the winnings will not be expected. Pixies of the Forest Slot is suitable for those who love bucolic settings and relaxing slots.