Mayan temple slot machine gratis

If you love adventure slots you have to try Mayan Temple Slot for free on one of the AAMS online casinos.

The full name of this online slot is Mayan Temple Revenge, is a product from the American Capecod company, now part of the Novomatic group. It is a 100% Made in USA game, launched in 2013 which is very successful in American and international casinos.
You are ready to live an adventure in the places of ancient civilization of the Maya? There are many sites that offer the online slot in the demo version, you can try Mayan temple slot for free and try all the features it offers.

Features of Mayan Temple Slot for free and for a fee

Mayan Temple Slot for free and the one in the paid version have the same characteristics, so you can check the playability and the tendency to distribute prizes.
This game has a scheme 3*5, 15 winning lines, theoretical RTP equal to 94.16%, and high volatility.
The betting lines can be selected by keeping 1, 5, 10 or 15 active. The minimum episode per line is 0.01 $, the highest $ 1.00. With all the active lines you can aim a maximum of $ 15 per spin.

The symbols of the Mayan Temple slot

The symbols of the Mayan Temple Revenge slot are the classic alphanumeric: 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. then find some elements that refer to the ancient Mayan civilization. In order of growing generosity you will find: a palm tree, a head of head in the shape of a head, a woman with precious ornaments. The most generous symbol is the nice king with gold crown and nose ringnull In combinations of 5 pay x1000.

You will also find Ben 4 special symbols, who will allow you to play Mayan Temple Slot for free and win real money:

  • Wild: Maya temple
  • Joker: Amulat D’Or
  • Scatter: Bonus Temple
  • Scatter: Bonus Pyramid

Special symbols of Mayan Temple Slot

The Mayan Temple Revenge online slot has two different symbols that Wild. The first is the Joker, the strange amulet acts by Wild and can replace all symbols with the exception of the scatters.

The other is the Maya Temple, which acts as a extended Wildnull This too can replace all other symbols, but when it appears He expands by filling the entire rollernull In this way you can get many more winning combinations.

It is born in the body that can all all tucks

Thanks to the presence of two different bonus symbols, you can activate three different extra games. The first two are given by combinations of three equal bonus symbols, while the third is activated with combinations of mixed bonuses.

Bonus Temple

When in any position on the rollers five symbols scatter temple appear, you will get three attempts at the Temple bonus. In this game you will have to choose one of the idols. If the green flame appears you will get a win, and you can continue; If, on the other hand, a red flame appears, consume a life. After the three attempts, you will return to the main game.

Bonus Pyramid

If three bonus symbols with the pyramid appear in any position on the rollers, you will get three attempts at Pyramid bonus gamenull In front of you there will be a Mayan pyramid and you will have to open one of the doors to the lowest level. Here’s what you can find behind the doors:

  • Win: Get a prize and continue playing.
  • UP: you can go up to the higher level.
  • Lose: Consume a life and if you are at a higher level, this is reset.

Once the three available lives are lost, return to the main game.

Bonus Magic Spin

The Magic Spin bonus allows you to play Mayan Temple Slot for free. This extra game is activated when 5 mixed bonus symbols occur on the rollers. You will have three magic spin attempts; That is, 3 free laps with special symbols. Here are the possibilities:

  • For each symbol Amulet Get a winnings equal to double the bet
  • For each symbol Mysterious Get a random win

Also if you get in the course of the Magic Spin Other combinations of 5 runs, you can continue playing for free Mayan Temple slot And win prizes.

Graphics and sounds of the Mayan Temple Revenge slot

The Mayan Temple slot machine is characterized by colorful graphics, which immediately refers to the atmospheres of Central America.
To be the background to the rollers, a lush vegetation, which lets the mysterious Mayan buildings glimpse. Pyramids, idols, temples, engravings in the stone. The game scheme integrates perfectly between these graphic elements.

The symbols are also very colorful and have the appearance of nice cartoon. Rapid animations enrich the phases of the game when there are winning combinationsnull The settings of the Bonus Games represent other scenarios made in detail.

The sound accompaniment of the game is very consistent with the setting. The rollers turn to the sound of percussion that refer to the adventurous world Maya And they underline the game phases, giving the right pace to the play.

Final considerations on Mayan Temple

This slot machine online aams It offers you the opportunity to live an adventure by bringing you very far in time and space. The mysterious places of the Mayans are enveloping and colorful.

Thanks to the Wild symbols, normal laps can always reserve you surprises. But the strong point of this slot are undoubtedly the two bonus symbols. With the various combinations They allow you to live new adventures in completely different scenariosnull With renewable magicspin you can play Maya Temple Slot for free and win thanks to special symbols.

Mayan Temple Revenge is a proposal worthy of competing with the games of the best international providers.
Choose it if you like colorful settings and extra games.