king neptune slot machine online gratis

King Neptune Slot is a product from the American company Octavian Gaming Solutions, that you can find in the version Sts them in the barg of the land. and in online casinos.

This slot machine will take you to the world that is hidden under the surface of the sea, where the god Neptune reigns. You can play among the iridescent colors of the sea creatures where not everything is what it seems.

In colorful sea depths very special symbols are hidden, who will make your games fun. If you don’t know this provider, you can try the King Neptune Slot for free in AAMS online casino which also offer the free demo version.

Characteristics of the King Neptune Slot

The game scheme of the King Neptune slot is a Classic 5*3, with 243 winning lines. The theoretical Art value is 96% and average volatility.

This slot therefore offers you 243 ways to win, with the combinations of symbols of the same type, on adjacent rollers. The bet lines are always all active and cannot be de-select. The minimum episode is $ 0.50, the maximum one of $ 75.

The combination of RTP and average volatility, together with the number of betting lines, indicates that this slot will have the tendency to reward constantly.

The symbols of the King Neptune Slot

The set of symbols of the King Neptune Slot is consistent with the marine world, starting from the less generous symbols. You will find colorful corals, a green green shell, a marine star, a blue shell a beautiful lobster, a manta. Then a sailing ship, the goldfish of Neptune and the god of the sea.

The King Neptune Slot has 4 special symbols:

  • Wild: the mermaid; It replaces all the symbols, except the bonus and freestin, and gives free turns.
  • Mystery: a jellyfish; It can be transformed into any symbol, except the scatter.
  • Scatter: Neptune; When it appears in 2 stacked symbols it turns into Scatter, and pays with multiplier X2, X3, X4, X5.
  • Bonus: a shell with pearl; Activate the bonus game.
  • FreeSpin: Symbol that appears only during the rpm, gives an extra ride.

The bonuses and special functions of King Neptune slot

Thanks to the special symbols you can have fun both with a bonus game and with the free spin. These will allow you to play King Neptune slot for free with different benefit.

The bonus game

With three bonus symbols, i.e. the shells with pearls, the bonus game of the King Neptune Slot is activated, and the scenario changes. This game can predict to the maximum four levels, at every level you will have to choose one of 3 shells. This will open and can reveal a prize or pearl. If the shell contains a prize, you withdraw it and the game ends. If, on the other hand, it contains a pearl steps to the next level. On the fourth level the shells contain only prizes.

I free spin

When 3 Wild symbols stacked on the same roller, you will get 2.4 or 6 free spinnull Free laps pay with an X2 multiplier. During the free spins, the Wild symbols that have started them remain blocked on the rollers. Furthermore, always during the free matches, the Special FreeSpin symbols, each of which gives you an extra free lap.

Graphics and sounds of the King Neptune Slot

The King Neptune Slot is characterized by very delicate graphics, with blue and blue colors that mix with iridescent shades. The background of the rollers is the underwater environment populated colorful creatures. The set of symbols is consistent with the background. The rollers are divided together by animated bubbles that rise upwardsnull Short animations accompany and highlight the winning combinations with flashes and movements.

The sound accompaniment is relaxing without being boring, among the notes you can hear the sound of the sea and that of bubbles. More decisive audio effects underline the winnings.

Final considerations on the King Neptune Slot Machine

If you love the sea and the creatures that populate it, we advise you to dive into the world of King Neptune Slot.
The developers of Octavian Gaming They have been able to create their own interpretation of the Kingdom of the abysses, already proposed in various titles of other providers.

This slot offers a Involving but relaxing game mode, thanks to the set of colors and sounds. The multiplicity of special symbols makes every spin interesting, while with the game Bonus I assure you of a win. A special mention too to the free spin, which allow you to play the King Neptune slot for free and win prizes with multipliernull In addition, you also have the opportunity to continue playing thanks to the special symbol that gives extra laps.

In short, King Neptune Slot is one slot machine online aams That may surprise you and above all reward thanks to all the extra features and the 243 winning lines.

Choose it if you love slots with Free spin, bonuses and many special symbols.