How to win money at Blackjack

Is there an infallible recipe that teaches how to win money at blackjack? Probably not, but there are a series of rules and strategies that can make it more likely. Among the casino games on Blackjack is one of those in which the probability of winning is highernull This is also because it is a game that leaves a certain margin to the player’s ability. So our fate at a Blackjack table are not exclusively linked to luck, but partly also to our decisions.

You can start winning money at blackjack even before starting to play. It is important to get to the table prepared, and thanks to the new possibilities of the online casino we can do it without spending real money. Among the casino games, in the Blackjack section, we choose a table and spend some time playing in the free mode. In card games, training is as important as it is in other activities. Another fundamental element is precisely the choice of the table. In fact, the online Blackjack proposals include variants, and these must be studied with all their rules.

LAWS – Blackjack rules and strategies

Basic rules to start winning

Once we have made our free training, we can start understanding how to win money at Blackjack using real money. Before leaving, we set our budget, and try to manage the episodes in order to maximize the game times. Although each hand requires some reflection there are of the basic rules to be followed also applied by professionalsnull These are a way to play rationally, avoiding to rely on risky and risky predictions or sensations. These rules suggest three actions to always do:

  1. Call paper if you have 17
  2. Stay if you have the 18th
  3. Call paper if the counter has discovered a 10

Apply automatism Of this type, we will begin to play fluidly, avoiding making choices that are against rational behavior.

Another suggestion is that of Never play, or almost, with insurancenull This tool appears to the player as a way to reduce losses, and in the best case it is. But it must also be considered that in most cases, that is, if the counter does not make blackjack, it is only an additional cost. And even when you win, the share of the Herod Insurance our booty, and go to the benefit of the counter.

The counting of the cards to win money at the Blackjack

Many professional players teach how to win money at blackjack with the cards counting technique. There are several very useful methods that facilitate the player in applying this strategy when he is at a table. One of these is the technique called “hi-lo”. Based on this system, the cards are divided into three groups, each one is assigned a score:

  • Asso, 10, J, Q, K= -1
  • 7, 8, 9 = 0
  • 2,3,4,5,6 = +1

As the cards come out, the player will have to bring the bill. The more the results of the count will be high, the more valuable cards will have remained in the deck. The expert player will be able to regulate himself accordingly. However, the method of counting cards presents 3 problems:

  • It is not easy to apply and requires a lot of practice
  • Traditional casinos do not accept it well
  • It cannot be applied in online casinos

This third point is the one that interests us most, since today with the new opportunities of online casinos, the Blackjack is just a click away. In the Blackjack online In fact, virtual decks are mixed with each hand. Consequently it cannot be and would still be useless, to count or keep track of the cards that gradually come outnull Therefore the counting of the cards is not applicable if our goal is to hurway an online casino and not a traditional one.