AAMS Service Card Guide

The world of legal online casinos and the AAMS service card guide that regulate relations between players, casino and adm are the theme of this article. Although in the world of legal casinos it is often at the center of the debate, we hear about the AAMS service card. It is a very important tool. The service card is a sort of Contract between players, dealers and ADM.

When it comes to online casino, guide and all useful information, the set of guarantees, the commitments made, they are all communicated by the ADM. The tool is precisely this AAMS service card. For its part the player via the card can be updated, protected, can check that all activities are carried out consistently with the commitments made.

Finally, the dealers who manage i Casino Online Arms, are aware of the commitments to be respected, and can provide their services. Knowing the service card means entering the world of online gambling in a conscious and informed way. And consequently safe and risk without risk.

The world of online casino, guide to actors at stake

The player who approaches the world of game at a distance, will be able to deepen all the elements through the AAMS service card. Starting from the presentation of the ADM, ex AAMS, passing through an in -depth analysis of the Safe game remote. To know the world of online casino it is a fundamental guide. The card also includes a phase of listening to the player, this is implemented through reporting and complaint opportunities provided to users.

Central and Listed inside the paper, they are the tasks of ADM. It starts from the administrative activity, to that of promoting socially responsible games. In addition, the Customs and Monopolies Agency devotes particular attention to the protection of minor subjects.

Among the other tasks of the ADM, there is the contrast to the illegal game, through the tool of the repression of illegal activities. In addition to promoting the Responsible game provided in a lawful and legal way. For the legal sites of online casino, paper is a guide to the rules, which must be clear and transparent, and which aim for promoting the legal and responsible game.

Legal games, safety and transparency in the AAMS Service Card

the Service card It is therefore for online casinos a guide to the legal game in contrast with illegality. The legal game, regulated by ADM is subject to a concession. This concession characterizes the legal gaming sites, both of European and American online casinos. On the contrary, illegal sites are inhibited, thanks to the control activities promoted by ADM.

If we are passionate about online casino, which in the present guide are exclusively the legal Adm ones, we know there are different types of legal game. The games planned, and which can be subject to regular concession are as follows: lotto, bingo, lotteries, skill games, entertainment appliances, horse racing games, sports -based games, totalizing numeric games.

The ADM also deals with guarantee the most complete security of the players and the various game modes. At the base of the security system there is a centralized computerized system. The importance of the AAMS service card lies in the fact that inside there are clearly explicit, black on white, all the commitments of the subjects involved. The responsibility for the observation of these commitments is also specified. These are listed in the section “Engagements”, and concern all aspects relating to remote game in online casinos. For example, the AAMS service card contains:

  • Prevention of illegal game
  • awareness of the player
  • transparency of game operations
  • Transactions security
  • Privacy.

To the commitments, the monitoring, the task of ADM. This is carried out through the analysis of complaints, sample inspections, controls of IT systems and games.