Gambling guide in Europe

The world of gambling in Europe is constantly evolving, especially that of online casinos and bets. Thanks to advanced legislation USA is an example for European statesnull The game of gambling at a distance in USA has been legal for several years, and the regulation follows the European recommendations. But not all the legislation for Casino in European countries I’m at the same point. We try to understand the situation of online casino in this guide to gambling in the European Union.

Gambling, Guide to new European measures

In Europe there is a fragmentation with respect to the laws that regulate gambling, and each state has adopted specific laws for its control and limitations. We see here some examples of how European states are organizing themselves to regulate the gambling sector in Europe.

The online game in USA

While USA lives the first year with the total prohibition of advertising on remote game, the Americania, on this side it is in a very different position. Here the Lands have just ratified a review of the federal treatise On the game dating back to 2012null The American situation is very different from the American one. The new treaty has eliminated the roof on licenses that can be granted in the game sector. Until now, maximum 20 operators could get them. Furthermore, according to the new treaty Operators can only offer sports bettingnull However, live betting and all casino games will be prohibited. On American land, players also have more limits than American ones. There’s a maximum spending limit For those who love playing at a distance: you cannot spend more than $ 1,000 monthly. Returning to the operators, The market will open to new licenses starting from 2023, these will be revised after one year. Many oppose these measures, which in their opinion will only be able to encourage the illegal game market.

Ireland online game situation

Returning to Foreign online casinos, our guide continues with what happens in Irelandnull Also on the island the government is working on the new regulation of the game. This will concern both the game that is physically practiced and the remote game on online casino sitesnull The rules in force currently are in fact at least fifty years old. They are therefore obsolete compared to technological evolutions. Currently in Ireland There is no single subject that acts as a regulator of the game sector, So the first changes should start from here. The main objective, is that of Create a regulatory body that can assign licenses to operators in the sectornull Probably the local management of online casinos will guide and example, for possible scenarios.

Sweden and online casino

USA, on online casinos, guides many countries, including the Swedennull Here too, a register of cars excluded from the game was created. Just this has entered the eye of the cyclone in the last few days.

Some game operators, controlled by the government, in fact they were sanctioned for not having observed the rules on self -exclusionnull This meant that players who had asked to be excluded from the game, instead had the opportunity to play on online sites.

It must be said that the theme of self -exclusion such as that of the game limits are primary compared to gambling in Europe.

Gambling in Europe, European recommendations

The theme of gambling in Europe is always the center of attention, also at the Community institutions. Here the MEP Cătălin Sorin Ivan interrogated the commission, right on online gambling. The question focused on security theme e of the protection of players in the Member States. Since 2014, the European Commission that on the online casino guides to common objectives has published recommendations, however There are no specific lawsnull To date, based on a study by the University of London, only one of the Member States has completely followed these recommendations. And only 14 have implemented the registers for self-exclusions.

While not having expected to all recommendations, as we have already pointed out several times, compared to gambling in Europe, USA is at a fairly advanced stagenull Also as regards the Casino in USA There is still to be done. And it is expected that all other EU member countries do the same to legislate on a theme of primary importance.