Cashback casino bonus refund on losses

The Cashback casino bonus is an opportunity offered by many online casinos still little known and which consists of a refund of losses. This form of promotion differs from the welcome bonuses, which on the contrary, are very popular among the players. In fact, sooner or later, anyone who practices the game at a distance, hears the call to subscribe to a new site thanks to a Welcome Bonus.

This bonus is less popular than Free without deposit bonusnull Precisely because less popular than the Casino welcome bonuses, the cashback casino bonus is often not taken into consideration. As we will see soon, in many cases it is the most convenient proposal for those who love to play constantly. The Cashback improves the game experience When needed: as mentioned it represents a reimbursement of lossesnull In addition, unlike the Welcome, it can accompany the player well beyond the moment of registration.

What is the cashback casino bonus

We have already specified that the cashback casino bonus is not a welcome offer. It is instead a bonus casino online which is closely linked to the game activity. In fact, it is a sum that the casino offers the player and is directly connected to the figure that is played and possibly lost.

The cashback casino bonus looks like A percentage of the sums played and lost and generally varies from 5 to 20%.

This sum can be loaded as a bonus on the gaming account or in the form of credits to be played in the various casino games. A feature of cashback is that does not present all the conditions connected instead to the other types of bonusesnull We refer particularly to Playthrough, that is, the betting requirements that for many are a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Characteristics of the cashback casino bonus and where to find them

Cashback casino bonuses are still not very present in AAMS casinos that offer slot machines and casino games. But they are much more widespread in the field of online bettingnull Those who practice betting on sporting events in fact often find offers that allow them to recover part of the losses. Clearly bookmakers select the events on which this promotion and the type of bet to be placed can be obtained.

Being linked to the sum of the player, the cashback casino bonus has a variable amount. This means that for a high-roller it can be a much more tempting opportunity than those who play small sums from time to time. Also note that Many cashbacks require a minimum sum to be able to shoot, otherwise they are not given.

The rules of cashback casino bonus

Even with their differences here are some common characteristics of the cashback casino bonus:

  • They are offered to the player in the form of real money or credits to be allocated to the game
  • Vary as the sum of the sum played
  • Represent a refund for the non -winning games made
  • They are useful for cushioning losses
  • May contain minimum bet or episode

Although we do not have the rules of normal bonuses with related playthroughs, the cashback casino bonuses also present rules. As indicated in the last point of the list in fact they can impose a bet or episode minimumsnull This means that the bonus is assigned only to the player who bets or points a minimum sum and if the play is losing.

Where to find the cashback casino bonuses

As we said, the cashback casino bonuses are much more widespread in the world of sports betting, rather than in that of casino games. But on closer inspection among the offers of the Casino Aams is becoming an increasingly widespread possibility.

Some online casino propose the Cashback also for live games in live casinos and for bingo tablesnull Even in these cases this types of bonuses is closely linked to the games and represents a refund of losses. Once you get you can use it to play again and try the fate.

In any case, even if you get a cashback bonus, we recommend practicing the game activities responsibly.

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