Best online casino in Switzerland

Many American players live beyond the border and therefore seek the best Swiss online casinos with CFCG license.

Although USA and Switzerland are very close, and there is an American canton in Swiss land, the in -line mess that can be accessed from the two nations are not the same.

In fact, American players cannot play on Swiss casino in line who do not have the AAMS license to play in USA. While Swiss players have other restrictions based on CFCG, and cannot legally play on legal online casinos in USA.

So everyone his own European casino, which must be chosen from the legal ones in the country of residence.

CFCG legal casino online in Switzerland

Switzerland is well known for the long tradition in the world of traditional gambling. In fact, there are many legal casinos in the area, over 20, scattered in the various cantons.

As for the casino in line, until 2019, this was not regulated and theoretically it was not allowed. This delay must be attributed precisely to the presence of many traditional casinos.

Before 2019, therefore, online casino could not exist based in Switzerland, and those who wanted to access the online game had to foreign sites.

With the federal law entered into force on 1 January 2019, the remote game was regulated thanks to CFCG. With this law it is established that players can only play in casinos based in Switzerland, who have obtained the concession from the Federal Council.

The best Swiss online casino, web version of traditional

Based on the game on the game, the only legal casinos are those who have obtained the concession for the online game. These also must obtain the authorizations of the CFCG – Federal Commission of Game Houses.

So the best Swiss online casino should only be sought among legal and authorized casinos. Given the premises, most of the legal sites in Switzerland are connected to traditional casinos. That is, these are online versions of existing casino casino.

In fact, the law was made so as not to damage traditional gaming houses, which otherwise would oppose the legalization of online casino.

The list of the best Swiss online casino

Based on the considerations made, it is understood because many casinos on the list of the best Swiss online casino, are already known in the area.

Here are the first casinos who got the license to offer gambling online:

  • Baden casino
  • Casinò di Pfäffikon (Casino Zürichsee AG)
  • Davos casino
  • Interlaken casino
  • Casino di Bern
  • Casino di Meyrin
  • Casino di Lugano

In total, the licenses released until 2023 are 21 and the precedence of the casino in line was given to the gaming houses that were legal on Swiss territory. Usually the mess offer the product in all the languages spoken in the cantons.

Illegal casinos in Switzerland

Just as in USA, the fight against illegal online casinos is also very active in Switzerland. Players residing in Switzerland could easily access AAMS online casinos, lawyers in USA. But they cannot play you legally.

the Cfcg It is the equivalent of the AMS in USA, and performs all checks on online casinos. This public body and updates the list of illegal sites, which offer unauthorized game. These have inserted you in a black list, and access to Swiss citizens is automatically blocked.

This list can be freely consulted by everyone. So for each player it is easy to choose only the best Swiss online casinos: the legal ones.

The best Swiss online casino are not the same that we have identified as i Best American online casinonull Maybe the list of American online casino is longer and includes the best international operators.

But in online gambling it is essential to respect the rules of the country in which you are. Only in this way will it be possible to always play safely.