AWP Slot New Electronic Entertainment Appliances

The new AWP Slot electronic devices are normal slot machine dei BARnull The acronym Awp is an acronym that stands for amusement with prizes, translatable into American with the expression “entertainment to prizes”. And in fact it is exactly what are the slot machines, fun machines with cash winnings.

Very often other types of game are also indicated as “slot machines”, such as VLT. Only apparently it is the same thing, in reality, as we will see later, between Awp Slot and Vlt there are significant differences.

Let’s try to understand what are the Features of AWP Slot Machines now legal in USA, how they work, how much they pay. In this way you can choose the game that best suits you consciously and have fun safely. If, on the other hand, you prefer to play from home, you can find online in Casino Aams, the digital versions of many AWP slots.

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In addition to Awp Slot, slot machines are often also called “paragraph 6”. This other name that seems to have nothing to do with fun, derives from the discipline that regulates these gaming machines.

The main regulatory reference for AWP Slot is article 110 of the T.U.L.P.S. (Consolidated Law on Public Security Laws) of 2003. This article establishes some rules relating to game machines with cash win. In paragraph 6 are identified what are the devices for the legitimate game, with the characteristics they must necessarily have.

These so disciplined AWP SLOT appliances are also indicated with the name “New Slot”. They all are those games that have become legal since 2008 and have spread to the American territory.

To be clear what we normally call bars slot machines.

Features of AWP Slot (New Slot)

New slots are games controlled by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, as well as the online slot machines of the Casino Aams. We try to identify the characteristic elements of these machines in concrete terms, often also indicated as “MangiaSoldi”:

  • Maximum cost per game 1 $
  • Maximum winning 100 $
  • Payment winning in money
  • Card with game inside the machine
  • IT connection to the network
  • Payout minimo 65%

How much the AWP pay

The last point of the list in the previous paragraph is the one that most marks the difference between bar slots and Slot machine AAMSnull The percentage of winning, also called RTP (Return to Players) in online slots, by law must exceed 90%. This means that with the same episode, Online slots are more generous than AWP Slot, which guarantee a 65% minimum RTP.

In reality the value of the Art of bar slots has lowered over time. In fact, it was originally equal to 75%; Since 2016 it was set at 70%, and then dropped to 68%in 2019. To end in January 2023 it was still lowered to 65%.

If you are not familiar with the concept of RTP, it is not difficult to understand it. It indicates that percentage of the total played in a car is returned to players in the form of winnings. In the AWPs this percentage is calculated on a cycle of 140 thousand games.

Differences between AWP Slot and VLT

Although apparently they are identical, the AWP Slots must be distinguished from vlt videolotterynull With this abbreviation you can indicate video Lottery Terminal, or more briefly the videolottery.

Mentre I Cabinet AWP they host the card of a specific game, Video lottery are terminals connected to a central systemnull They do not have a specific game inside them, and everything that is displayed on the screen is processed by a central system. So it can also happen that the same VLT offers different games.

Here are the other characteristics of the VLT:

  • Minimum play 0.50 $ and maximum $ 10
  • Maximum winning $ 5,000
  • Max National Jackpot 500 thousand euros /local jackpot max 100 thousand euros
  • Payout of 84% minimum (calculated on 5 million episodes)

The differences with bar slots emerge from this short list. Among these, the fact that VLT can allow you to win two types of jackpot, even very generous.

Where the AWPs are located

Another fundamental difference between AWP Slot and VLT concerns the Places where they can be installednull Normal bar slot can be placed in places open to the public, intended for different uses. Instead, the VLTs can only be installed in rooms dedicated to them: the slot rooms.

It is no coincidence that the AWPs are called Sese them is bar bars., precisely because they can be installed in exercises such as bars, newsstands, receivers. And again, it is possible to find them in bingo salt, game salt, betting agencies, bathing establishments.

The question of the presence of slot machines in operations open to the public is very debated, and often at the center of political discussion. In many locations, slots can only be placed in places having one minimum distance from other sensitive defined placesnull These include schools, aggregation centers for young or elderly, places of worship, sports facilities, ATMs. The same goes for the VLT rooms, which are generally located in peripheral areas.

The time limits, New Slots and Casino Aams

Unlike what happens for slot machines in the AAMS casinos, the AWP Slots can also submit to time limits. Regardless of the opening hours of the premises that host them.

In fact, public establishments in which they are installed can be subject, depending on the regional laws on restrictions on slot on ignition times.

It is easy to understand how Measures of this type, aimed at limiting the activity of slot machines arouse the protests of the managers. The goal is to protect the most vulnerable population bands, from access to slots. But at the center of the bad moods there is the different treatment reserved for slot online dei casino AAMSnull In fact, these are accessible 24 hours a day, without any limitation.

Slot off for Covid-19

To these limitations are added the nationally imposed closings to counter the spread of Covid-19. In times of pandemic, the managers and employees of physical exercises are among the Categories that pay a very high pricenull While Awp Slot and Vlt remain off, the Aams casino become the only opportunity to be able to play, and see a constant increase in game volumes.

If you are fond of a bar slot machine, you will most likely find it in the online version in an AAMS casino. To play you, the age of majority is required, as well as for the AWP slots, you will also have to register for one of the Casino Online Arms legal in USA.