Streaming casino in the new American online casinos

One of the innovations of the new online casinos are Casino Streaming. With this new technology, the casino is available online in a version that is something more than the simple game.

The Streaming casino allow you to play online like a traditional casino. By entering a live room of the new online casinos, you can participate in the game, together with other players. You will see the Croupier who behaves, neither more and less, like the professional of a renowned casino, and the game will also take place live. Usually the resolution of the streaming casino is in HD. The player will find himself in front of both a person in flesh and blood, and a graphic interface. The best of the two worlds, real and digital, is made available to a very engaging experience.

Let’s see how the casino in streaming with live game halls work.

How streaming casinos work

The birth of the streaming casino is strictly connected to various technological evolutionsnull Starting from the connection to high -speed internet Present now in all houses, or connections with 3G and 4G mobile networks. Until a few years ago, connecting to live online video with the players would have been practically impossible. Today i New online casino they enjoy more advanced technologies.

Between the online casino and the streaming casino with live games there are many differences. The most conspicuous is the presence of a live personnull Entering a room of Live Roulette, we will not see a graphic interface, but a Croupier Live with a real wheel of the roulettenull The other, a fundamental difference has to do with the type of game. For example, a normal electronic online roulette is a graphic interface, and not a physical roulette, in which the movement of the ball is governed by ARG. The random numbers generator determines the result of the game. In the streaming casino, Roulette Live is true operated by a Croupier and the movement of the ball is also real. The result is therefore not generated by a software, but it is determined by the laws of physics, as it happens in traditional casinos. Paradoxically, therefore, also existing only on online casinos, the Live rooms of the Streaming Casino have much more in common with traditional casinos, than with digital games.

The advantages of playing in the Streaming casinos

It is possible to identify a series of advantages of the casino streaming, compared to both Live mess, than to the online one. The connection with the game rooms of the new online casino in Full-HD allows high quality experienceIn addition, the player will always have a front row view. In addition to seeing the dealer, he will be able to view the wheel, framed in the foreground, and by different angles. He will be able to see the carpet, and also have extra features that do not exist in real casinos. For example, it will be possible to have the game history that is, the statistics of the previous episodes and game results.

We talked about roulette, but the new live casinos offer the streaming casino of other classic casino games. Dal baccarat al blackjack, al poker, at the variants of the different games, to finish the wheel of lucknull The choice on some of the AAMS online casinos is very wide, but the fundamental games are now present on all sites.

In particular, the online casino 888 offers one of the really interesting streaming selections. Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack are in fact arranged in multiplayer streaming.

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Compared to the classic version of the game at a distance, the game in live casinos is more engaging. The player is not alone in front of a screen, but has the opportunity to send messages and chat with the dealer and with other players. In short, it is like be in a real terrestrial casino, with the advantages of the online casino.

I Streaming casino are born in television studios Equipped with all equipment to transmit high definition content. Sometimes they are owned by the casino themselves, but more often they are produced by manufacturers specialized in streaming casino. In other cases it is Terrestrial Casino who have tables dedicated to streamingnull One of these, which provides high quality content for several AAMS legal casinos is Evolution Gaming.