From the birth of casinos to online casino legal sites

It is relatively easy to trace the history of the first legal sites of online casino. But before arriving at the Aams online casinos, the history of gaming houses goes a lot, but far behind in time. If we want to identify an ancestor of modern casinos, we have to go back at least to the Middle Agesnull At that time there were the Middle Ages, closed or outdoor places, where it was possible to practice gamblingnull In these places it was granted to do what was forbidden to do in public places such as the squares or even the areas close to the churches.

Returning to casino as we know them today, one of the oldest examples, it was created here in USA. We are talking about the first casino in Venice, called the reduced of San Moisé, which was founded in 1638. It is one of the first casinos that were founded, and which still exists, even if with new locations.

In USA today 3 casinos survive, following the closure of the champion casino. But over the years, and well before the birth of online casino legal sites, the Legal gaming houses on American territory They were more numerous. We remember the Casino di San Marino, opened in 1947 and closed shortly after, the casino di Cardone Riviera, in the Brescia area, active between 1911 and 1946. Finally, the only example in the South, the Casino di Taormina, operational between 1963 and the 1965.

The first steps towards the birth of online casino legal sites

The birth of the first online gaming sites, still far from current legal casino sites, can be dated around the mid -ninetiesnull They were game sites that can be seen as the progenitors of the current AAMS casinos. Parallel to the development of these sites, the various states have embarked on a path, still in evolution, in the regulation of gambling at a distance.

“But who was to launch the first of online casino legal sites?”

The first online games was launched by the software manufacturer Microgaming, It is still active in the Gambling sector. This company was the first to create a virtual game platform: it ran the year 1994.

As often happens in the sectors to another rate of use of technology, that of online casino legal sites is constantly evolving. After the first experiments, others software manufacturers They launched their products on the market. In the following years, names known, such as Playtech e Cryptologic. These two companies have developed and improved virtual casino sites, also working on the safety factor.

From those first experiments to today’s casino legal sites, steps were made by giants. Not only the changes contributed to these changes Developments in computer graphics, but also those in the connectivity.

From Legal Sites of Casino to Mobile Casino

In the 90s, the internet connection was unstable and slow, and the not very accessible game platforms. The exchange of data required time and resources, and the sites were essential, today they would appear obsolete.

With the spread of Internet connections based on the ADSL And the increase in accessibility to the network by users, the legal casinos sites have continued to evolve. The exchange of data has become increasingly faster and safe, the increasingly captivating products. the three -dimensional graphics and animations They entered the world of game at a distance.

The birth and the diffusion of Retty Mobili ZG is CNNThey also led to developing the first applications of legal casino sites for mobile phones. After the primacy for developing the first online gaming platform, Microgaming also gained another. In fact, the company developed the first mobile casino software.

Today all the legal online casino sites have their mobile version, downloadable on their smartphone as a simple app. But as is predictable, innovations in this area still have to amaze us.