Albanian games. Albania says no to gambling

How is the situation of the Albanian games? Albania has one of the strictest regulations than gambling.

As we know, within the European Union USA is one of the countries with the most severe regulation on the subject of casino games online and not. But in Europe not EU, there is a small state that is trying to do more: Albania. The goal is very difficult to achieve, however Albania began the process that will lead to Absolute prohibition of online and physical gamblingnull The law on Albanian games is very severe and has been approved at the end of October 2018, to be implemented from 1 January 2019. That imposes the closure of all the game rooms, the betting agencies and also the online casino sites.

This law Approved by Parliament, it was strongly desired by the Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama. The game remains legal in some particular conditions, as in the casino of large hotels, the Bingo on TV, and the national lottery.

In one of the poorest nations in Europe, the sports betting industry has grown rapidly in recent decades. An annual turnover of 700 million euros has been calculated. These numbers, together with the problem of Make -up betting, have brought many families to ruin. And consequently to the disintegration of the social fabric.

Fighting online and physical gambling to save society

The problem of azzard, given the widespread poverty in Albania, is very felt. According to a study by the University of Tirana, one in four players attempted suicide and 70% have psychological problems. Furthermore, on the basis of the data of the National Council for assistance to the victims of violence, there is a close link between gambling and domestic violence.

Nowhere as in Albania, gambling is linked to problems that affect the social fabric so deeply. An estimate tells that 70% of divorces are deriving from problems relating to Gambling Games. As for the turnover, there has been talk of a figure that reaches 700 million euros. This estimate was also calculated illegal game. While sports betting on the legal sites of Albanian gambling online amount to around 150 million.

In addition to the objective of preserving the family and social fabric, In the foreground there is the fight against crime. Much of the management of online and physical gambling, has in fact strong ties with organized crime.

Objective: the online sites of Albanian Games of Gambrush closed

Preventing crime recycling dirty money and earnings thanks to Gambling, is one of the goals of Edi Rama. To do this, you need to face the enormous battle of which aims to close all the illegal gambling Games sites, primarily online gambling sitesnull For this purpose, the minister established a task force. This will take care of the closure of all online casino and online gambling games accessible in the country.

The transfer of betting companies to neighboring nations is inevitable. Many moved to Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo to continue operating. One of the consequences of this concerns the loss of thousands of jobs.

According to the available data, on 1 January, about 7,000 workers in Albania lost their jobs. For the opponents of the law, this is a much more serious problem than the spread of the Albanian gambling games itself. Albania is a state with a people on the run, at the top of the ranking of asylum seekers in Europe.

One of the objectives of the law is to ensure that Gambling can be managed in order to be profitable from tourist point of view. Preserving game places such as i Terrestrial casinos for example in luxury hotels, aims to make an attractor for tourists. At the same time avoiding that it is a relief valve and a place of depression for the poorest population bands.