Online casino with postepay

The method of payment of the American Post Office: Postepay

Postepay is the most famous prepaid card in our area. Issued by the American Post Office, it is a safe payment method for those who intend to make payments online or in stores, using the Visa Card circuit.
Postepay works like a debit card, so it can also be used to carry out withdrawals from the ATMs of the post offices. The younger ones (from 10 to 18 years old) have the opportunity to register and obtain the Postepay Junior. To obtain the prepaid card, you must the post offices and follow the indications provided to use the Postepay immediately.

The security systems of the American Post Office are managed by external programs participating in the 3D secure protocol and to access your account it is necessary to insert a “dynamic” password that you receive on your mobile number. In this way the secret numbers or the word to access the account is always different and this makes access to the attackers impossible. At the time of the postpay request it is therefore possible to adhere to the system and provide your mobile number.
Online casinos accept Postepay as a payment method to make winnings and withdrawals of the winnings. To make transactions with Postepay just follow the instructions provided by the chosen AAMS virtual mess.

3. withdraw with postepay
Many sites ask to have made at least one recharge with Postepay to be able to withdraw with this card. To withdraw your winnings, just go to your gaming account, to the withdrawal section and select Postepay. The money will be credited to the paper in 2-3 working days.

What is Postepay and how it works

Postepay is a rechargeable prepaid card issued by Poste Americane. In the standard version and in other versions, it can be requested in all post offices in the area, or online on the official website. Being a prepaid card, Postepay can also be requested by those who have no postal or bank current account. The paper exists in different versions. The most common are the Postepay Standard and Postepay Evolution. Here are their characteristics:

Postepay Standard

  • Circuit: Visa
  • Activation cost: 5 $
  • Monthly fee: none
  • Shabing commissions: $ 1 from Postamat, $ 1.75 from ATM of other banks
  • Shopping limit: $ 3000 per day
  • Shabby limit: $ 250 per day
  • Iran: No
  • Reception and making transfers: yes

Postepay Evolution

  • Circuito: Mastercard
  • Activation cost: 5 $
  • Annual fee: 12 $
  • SHAPTER commissions: free from Postamat, $ 1 from Post Office, $ 2 from ATM of other banks
  • Shopping limit: 3500 $ per day
  • Shabby limit: $ 600 per day
  • IBAN: Yes
  • Reception and making transfers: yes

Like other prepaid cards, Postepay can be used on the planned circuits, both for online shopping and in traditional stores. It is also very useful in online casinos with Postepay. The card can be recharged at the post offices, via the ATM Postamat or via a transfer from the Bancoposta account. In addition, you can recharge it at the tobacconists in the area and the Lottomatica sales points, but also through the BancoPosta or Postepay app.

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