Online casino with natural algorithm

If you are interested in the world of game at a distance, you will probably have come across articles on online casinos with natural algorithm. There are many sites that deal with online gaming and forums where this type of algorithm is discussed.

Supporters of these casinos defend them by ensuring that for players they are the only ones to be truly equipped. The game experts instead invite you to stay away from these sites as it is Online casino Non Aams, therefore unconscious.

In this article we seek the concept of online casino with natural algorithm well. Our goal is to understand what it is and how the casinos who say they use it work.

Natural algorithm vs controlled algorithm

How come we talk about online casino with natural algorithm? What is the point of the word “natural” combined with a concept that has to do with computer science and game software?

In the world of gaming, the concept of natural algorithm is used in opposition to that of controlled algorithm. Let’s try to clarify what is meant by the two concepts:

  1. The controlled algorithm is indicated by the Random Numbers Generator (RNG) algorithm that underlies the casino games. It is an algorithm that guarantees random results, and also a certain return to players (RTP).
  2. With a natural algorithm, we mean an algorithm that generates 100%random results, without anything to determine a return to winning players a priori. And let alone an advantage of the counter.

The online casinos with controlled algorithm are therefore the AAMS online casinos, given that for these the law requires certain RTP values. While the natural algorithm is used exclusively in the online casino non Aams, which are not legal in USA.

How does the natural algorithm work?

From a purely IT point of view, the natural algorithm is a algorithm developed in order to reflect a behavior present in naturenull In simple words, a behavior that reproduces natural laws is recreated with computer science. That these are entrusted to the most complete randomness is all to be demonstrated.

In reality, the supporters of this algorithm confuse the concept of natural with that of random. Speaking of online casino with natural algorithm, these refer to specific mess with the following characteristics:

  • Online casino Non Aams
  • Games where the results are 100% random
  • Games that do not have a prefixed RTP value
  • Games that do not guarantee an advantage at the counter

Even if the online casinos with natural algorithm present these characteristics, this does not imply that they offer players an advantage.

Are the online casinos with natural algorithm advantageous?

We come to the question that you’ve probably asking yourself for a while: is it advantageous to play in casino with a natural algorithm? Unlike what one might think and what the controlled algorithm detractors claim, the answer is nonull We try to explain it without climbing in complex reasoning.

Place that they hesitate online casino with algorithm that is really natural, this should reproduce a “natural” behavior of a specific game. So in a dice launch, the game should reproduce what would happen by launching a real nut: results dictated by the case, or rather, by the laws of physics.

Likewise, the software of an online slot should recreate game outcomes in a totally random way. The question to ask is: can players really win more with 100%random results? Once again the answer is no, that’s why:

  • In games with natural algorithm there is no value for RTP guaranteed by law
  • If the algorithm is natural, it is not said that you should win necessarily
  • With the natural algorithm you could for example win in20% of cases and lose 80%
  • The natural algorithm is present in the non -AAMS casinos and therefore it is not controlled or certified

Randomness is not generous by law

In an online casino with controlled algorithm winnings for players are guaranteed by lawnull Instead, no authority regulates what happens in Online casino Non Aams.

Let’s take a practical example. By law, the slot machines present in the Aams casino must have a return to players at least 90%. This means that it is bad that it goes, on average of $ 100 played At least 90 $ are redistributed to the playersnull The remaining 10 are the advantage of the counter, which however can also be much lower.

In online casinos with natural algorithm, players theoretically could get 100% of what is played. But is it really like that? Actually no. The pure randomness of the results could return 100% of what is played or 0%. Wanting to do an average, between these two extremes, one might think that the players would get 50%. Which is not convenient at all.

Because it is better only to play in Casino Aams

Based on what has been said it emerges that choosing an online casino with natural algorithm is not necessarily advantageous. In fact, for the players there is no type of guarantee.

The reasons for choosing only i AAMS online casino There are many and do not refer only to the controlled algorithm:

  • They are the only legal and safe sites
  • They offer equipped games with certified algorithms
  • They guarantee a certain return to players in winnings
  • Offer guarantees of payment of the winnings
  • They ensure assistance in case of problems
  • They offer safe and controlled gaming environments
  • Promote the responsible game

Online casino non Aams absolutely to avoid

The AAMS online casinos are many and offer the best games with RTP that often exceed 97%. Despite this, just take a tour on the web to find Casino online not AAMS ready to capture players with the promise of natural algorithms. We will never tire of repeating that these casinos are not sure and that they do not guarantee winnings, nor their payment.

Among the online casinos not AAMS to avoid we point out sites such as:

  • Enzo Casino – proposes Slot and Live Casino and promises a rich Welcome Bonus
  • Unique Casino – offers slot games and premium tournaments
  • Fezbet – proposes sports and virtual bets, slots, live games
  • Samba spin – attracts thanks to three very rich packages welcome

All these casinos are equipped with the Curaçao Gaming Licence, which is not valid in USA. These are not AAMS online casino who do not offer you any guarantee. So whatever they boast, it is always better to avoid them.