White Rabbit Slot Machine Megaways

White Rabbit Slot is an online slot machine produced by Big Time Gaming inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Like Lewis Carroll’s novel This slot is very visionary and full of features that will involve players.

Whether you know the story, or not, you will be able to live an exciting adventure thanks to this Slot Online AAMS of the latest generation. The White Rabbit of the title is what is called Bianconiglio in American. A very disturbing character, ready to lead you to an extraordinarily strange, fun and intoxicating world of him.

Characteristics of the White Rabbit Slot

From the first moment when you approach this slot machine and its dashboard you understand that it is an unconventional game. Here are the characteristics:

  • Grilled: 5*n Variable of symbols up to 7
  • PAYLINES: 16807
  • RTP: 97,70%
  • Volatility: high
  • Episode min/max: $ 0.1 – 20 $

It Abal place is a holiness of the wybbbook

Being set in Wonderland by Alice, it is not surprising that the set of symbols of White Rabbit Slot Machine is populated by the characters of the story. In fact, even the alphanumeric symbols are combined with elements or characters in history: do you remember cups and teapots, or the enigmatic cat?

Here are all the symbols starting from the least generous:

  • Alfanumerici: 9, 10, j, q, k and a
  • Green stone
  • Blue stone
  • Red Pieta
  • Queen of Hearts

As for the special symbols, there are different ones. One of these is Alice, protagonist of the story that we only see from behind. It is the Wild that can replace all standard symbols. The whiteness has the role of scatter. Furthermore, with special powers are also the Caterpillar, in American the burning, and the magical cupcake.

White Rabbit Slot: extra games and special features

We have already mentioned that White Rabbit Slot is an unconventional game, in fact, it reserves many special functions. We start from the whiteness, which in the game, as in the story, has a fundamental role. In fact, when it appears in combinations of three, it gives 15 rpm for free.

Obviously you won’t get away with simple free spins. In fact, you will fall into her den, with the rollers that become magical and can stretch. Here the other special symbol comes into play, the cupcake. Whenever one appears, the interested roller increases by a box, and can contain up to 12 symbols. If you can in the company to obtain a 12 roller you will reactivate the function. You will also see a super roller with Wild symbols and the fearsome queen of hearts.

During the normal laps you can get extra prizes thanks to the burning. In fact, if this deign to be seen on the rollers it will give you 4 Wild bonuses: multiply X2 or X3 and replace other symbols.
If you want to help fate, and increase the possibility of gaining special functions, you can pay an extra share for the Feature Drop.

White Rabbit Slot graphics and sound graphics

White Rabbit Slot does not disappoint the expectations of fans of BTG games, in fact it has an exceptional three -dimensional graphics. The game board is hosted in a fantastic grove, where the entrance to the world of Alice is located.

The whole environment is colorful and very detailed. The elements were created with the utmost care for the smallest detail, the characters seem to have come out directly from the pages of Carroll. Bucolic sounds mix with effects that make the game more engaging, especially during the rounds for free.

Final evaluation on White Rabbit Slot

White Rabbit Slot is a latest generation slot that does not disfigure the BTG catalog. The player cannot fail to be passionate about a game with an exceptional graphic and sound level. The characters and special symbols appear on the rollers and take you by the hand, dragging you into a fantastic and visionary world. If you are lucky enough to get the free spins, the experience will be truly unparalleled. In addition, the White Rabbit Slot has a very high RTP of 97.70%.

Three reasons to choose White Rabbit Slot:

  • If you love the latest generation online slots
  • Appreciate the innovative and lively game grids
  • Search for special themed slots and out of the ordinary
  • One of Slots that pay the most