Slot Gladiator con Jackpot Progressivo

The gladiator slot is sviluppata de Playtech, leading software company in the online casino sector. The well -kept graphics and high -level animations have contributed to offering players an engaging gaming experience.

Gladiator slot among the best online slots

The Playtech Slot Gladiator inserted between the three best online slot machines of all time. In fact, since 2018 it is among the most searched online slots on the Internet. Playtech produced the gladiator slot at the beginning of its partnership with the main Hollywood giants.

The Gladiator slot, in fact, is totally inspired by the famous 2000 film directed by Ridley Scott, who told the imaginary story, but inserted in a historical context, by Massimo Decio Meridio, a Roman general declaimed for a conspiracy of the palace in Gladiator.

Come nasce la slot machine online Gladiator

The gladiator slot is based on Famous film directed by Ridley Scott And it arrives in the world of online gaming, gaining amazing success. In the Gladiator slot users are reported to Time of the Romans, when i gladiators fought until death to entertain public and emperorsnull And it is precisely the setting and choice of the theme that make it interesting and very compelling.

The main features of the gladiator slot

The Gladiator Slot Machine is made up of 5 rollers and 25 episode linesnull On each line it is possible to focus up to a maximum of 10 tokens, the maximum winning excluding the bonuses is 500 times the maximum bet. The game begins by setting the value of the token, the lines to be activated and the amount of episode per line. il Payout is about 95%, a value slightly higher than the majority of online slots that raises the chances of winning. Also, thanks to the possibility of play for free, curious users will be able to try the gladiator slot without depositing.

The setting in ancient Rome It is also evident in the choice of symbols, with the scatter that becomes the Colosseum and the Wild symbol represented from the helmet of the gladiator.

There is no shortage of bonuses and the typical of playtech slot machines is also the function “Leave or double“, Which can be activated after each lucky launch to try to duplicate the booty collected on the rollers.

Another very interesting function is the car start that allows you to set the spin number automatically, without having to press at the end of each game.

The symbols of the gladiator slot

The gladiator helmet is the Wild symbol of the Gladiator slot machine and has the same function as a joker, so it can be replaced with all the others to create the winning combination. It appears only on rollers 2, 3 and 4, but if it appears on all three rollers simultaneously activates the Gladiator bonus “.

The Colosseum is the Scatter symbol And it allows you to win from 1 to 100 tokens that multiply based on the number that appears on rollers 2.3.4 and 5. If it appears on all the rollers simultaneously, the “Coloseum Bonus”.

I bonus della Slot Machine Gladiator

As we have just seen, the Slot Machine Gladiator offers Two bonus games To players: the Gladiator Bonus and the Coliseum Bonus.

Il Gladiator Bonus It is activated when the Wild symbols on rollers 2.3 and 4 appear at the same time. Bronze, silver and gold helmets that allow you to multiply the amount of the episode up to ten times.

Il Coliseum Bonus of the Gladiator slot machine is activated when three or more symbols run on the rollers appear. On the display appear 25 stones arranged on the 4 lines and the 5 columns. You have to select a stone starting from the lowest line up to the last. Each line offers numerous possibilities multiply the win, and the stones collected allow you to win prizes and do giri gratis i Free Spins. This bonus allows you to exponentially enhance the episode amount by generating numerous winning combinations.

Download option

The Slot Machine Gladiator also offers one “Gamble Feature” or the so -called “doubled option”null When you open a new screen, users will have to guess if the covered paper is red or black. A positive outcome gives the Possibility to double the win, otherwise the episode amount will be lost. It is an option available at each turn, so the player can decide whether to risk winning or not.

RTP of the Slot Gladiator has always been 95%

The Art (Return To Player) parameter is very important which indicates the percentage of return to winnings of what was spent by the player. A RTP greater than 95% is considered a high payout. Therefore from this point of view the gladiator slot is an excellent slot machine.

Progressive jackpot of the gladiator slot

The main feature of the Gladiator online slot machine is his progressive jackpot. The jackpot comes powered by all players who use Playtech software on any American casino and that is playing at the Gladiator slotnull Of course, the jackpot can be won by a player is playing at the gladiator slot in any online casino that uses the software playtech.

Final considerations on the Gladiator slot

Those who choose Gladiator, among all the best Aams slots on menu in legal casinos in USA, still remain hit by the long animated sequences taken hand in the film, which explain and introduce the player at the various levels of the game, and make the Complete and articulated gaming experience. Playtech has given its slot machine – manifesto gladiator also several situations in 3 D and 2 Games bonuses sumptuously scripted in detail.

Despite the hundreds of slot machines dedicated to other very famous films and always produced by Playtech, (ACE Ventura, Top Gun, The Mummy, Rocky, Kong, just to make some titles) the slot gladiator remains the best playtech online slot machine and not only the Best cinema slot But among the best slots ever.

Gladiator is among the best Aams slot machines online because it has a gigantic technical, visual and sound apparatus, capable of creating suggestions similar to those that are perceived and are seated in the cinema.

The gladiator slot recreates images, music, characters, animations, game levels and special content so similar to the film that inspired it. Such technology is a matter possible only to the largest and best software house in the world.

And Slots playtech

To those who ask for the reason for the answer to be given is simple: because it was the first slot machine with cutting -edge characteristics. This continuous search for the show in the slots did one of the best online slot producers in circulation. Playtech for each title gives its best and then supports it over time, equals the subsequent slot machines in content and technique.

Playtech He absolutely has the primacy of provider capable of competing with his cinematographic business partners of business. It takes ambition, visionaryness, experience to aspire, or just imagine that you can aspire, with the film industry. It takes a great vision of the overall and above all the belief of creating, not simple game devices, but real entertainment products worthy of the millennium in which we live.

Playtech succeeds: he earned his place at the top of the best online gaming providers; Its slot machines are generally among the best ever and gladiator, in particular, represents the sum of this ambition and expertise.