Klondike fever slot machine gratis slot miniera

If by playing slots you want to live an adventure, try Klondike fever free slot in AAMS legal casinos also known as the Mine slot and is part of the Far West slot series. You will discover, without spending real money, all the features of this game that will revive the emotions of gold hunting.

La slot online Klondike Fever was developed by Capecod, the American company part of the Novomatic group. This provider offers really fun Made in USA rollers games with many special symbols and extra games.

Are you ready to go into the bowels of the earth and go hunting for the precious metal with this mining slot? Discover all the features Klondike fever free slot in demo mode and then paid only in legal AAMS casinos.

Features of Klondike Fever Fever free and for a fee

La online slot Klondike Fever ha uno 3*5 scheme, with 25 betting lines, RTP of 95.5% and low volatility.

These characteristics of the slot should allow you to obtain frequent winnings, which is also favored by the different special symbols. You can test this tendency to reward with Klondike fever free slot. In this way you will understand how to manage the episodes.

In fact, the episode lines of this mine slot can be selected at will, the minimum episode per line is 0.01 $ the maximum of 0.10. In addition, they can be aimed from 1 to 10 tokens, for a maximum of $ 25.

The symbols of the Klondike Fever Slot The Mine slot

The Klondike Fever Slot Machine is set in a Golden Mine of the Klondike, the Yukon region, Canada, where the legendary gold hunt took place. This is why it is also called Slot Mine. The symbols are all consistent with this story. From the least to the most generous in the slot we find: the pickaxe, the shovel, the barrel, the dynamite, a charge of TNT. The most generous are the golden pepians, the different characters that populate this mining slot and the Wild TNT symbol.

This Far West slot also has Numerous special symbols:

  • Two Wild symbols: Dynamite and dynamite with barrel
  • Simbolo freespin: sack full of gold coins
  • Simbolo Magic Spin: Golden Lingotti
  • Bonus symbol: Gold full mine trolley

The two Wild symbols can replace all symbols except for the scatter symbols.

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The chances of playing Klondike Fever Free Slot thanks to extra bonus and special symbols are different.

Bonus Free Spin

With combinations of 3.4, or 5 scatter free spin symbols, i.e. the gold sack, the Bonus Free Spinnull This will allow you to play Klondike fever slot for free and win real money. Based on the combination of symbols you can get 5, 10 or 20 Free spinnull During the free spin of the slot, theExpanded Wild will help you get more winning combinations.

Bonus Magic Spin

When bonuses appear 3.4 or 5 Symbols Scotter Magic, namely the ingots, you will get the Bonus Magic Spinnull A game starts with three attempts during which you can get many prizes. In fact, on the rollers of the Mine slot will rotate Only gold and coal ingots. Each ingot rewards in any position, and the award increases if 2 or 3 bars appear.

Bonus mines

Here’s why the Klondike Fever slot is called by the Slot Mine players. When five scatter bonus symbols appear, i.e. the golden cart, yes Activate the Mine Bonus gamenull The scenario changes and you find yourself in front of 5 tracks with 5 carelli ready to enter the galleries. Here too you will have three attempts. You will have to choose a trolley:

  • If he leaves the gallery full of gold, get a win and you can make another attempt
  • If the cart is empty, consume an attempt.

Once the available attempts are completed, return to the main game of the mine slot.

Graphics and sounds of the Klondike Fever slot

The world of Klondike Fever Online Slot is a fun and engaging slot Capecod, thanks to the 3D graphics and the characters that populate the mine. The golden seeker, the cowgirl, the miner, are excellent adventure companions, and all symbols have a graphic style that recalls three -dimensional and very captivating Far West.

Visual effects and animations enrich this slot mine game from the intake. The game scheme is the entrance to the mine, set in the rock. On the right side The nice miner smokes the cigar and witnesses the gamenull Each event is underlined by fun and explosive animations. The extra games of the Mine slot show new scenarios that have the Far West theme, always made with exceptional graphics.

The music is cheerful and gives the game an old saloon mood, the sound effects are fun, accompany all the animations and underline the important moments.

Final considerations on Klondike Fever

Many casino Aams offer turns to Klondike fever free slot with their welcome bonus. This is a sign of the popularity of this slot fat west. With Klondike Fever, Capecod competes with the slot of international operators. Both for the 3D graphics worthy of the latest generation slot mine, and for history and for features and extra games.

The world of Klondike fever slot free is captivating, fun and engaging, and all extras do nothing but feed the desire to play. A nice job of Capecod. The abundance of special symbols and bonuses means that the games are never boring, also because the miner is always there to keep you company.

Choose it if you love the latest generation slots with cartoon graphics and many extra games.