Fruit Party Slot Pragmatic Play

Fruit Party slot It is a fruit slot proposal made by Pragmatic Play not long ago. In fact, she was launched in the summer of 2023 and immediately hit lovers of the Slot Onlinenull In fact, those who appreciate the classic games of the rollers find themselves having fun in a colorful and bright world in which juicy fruits revolve.

In addition to the theme, there is not much classic, starting from the wider game scheme with mechanisms quite different from the usual. In fact, you go beyond the horizontal combinations and you will win thanks to the system Cluster Pays to which the functionality is combined tumbling reels.

If these terms don’t tell you very much, don’t worry! We are about to explain to you by thread and by sign how Fruit Party Slot works, an innovative and fun interpretation of the Slot Frutta.

Features of Fruit Party Slot

The title Fruit Party Slot does not mind, in fact by playing you will find yourself participating in a real fruit party. Here are the characteristics of this game, which proposes a square instead of rectangular scheme:

  • Roller scheme: 7×7
  • RTP: 96,50%
  • Volatility: high
  • Episode min/max: 0.12 $/100 $
  • Maximum win/spin: 5000x

Very colorful fruits rotate on the rollers. In order of value we find plum, grapes, apple, orange and strawberry. Two other symbols are less generous than the fruits: the heart and the star, which contribute to creating a very captivating set. A precious fruit of gold is the symbol Scatter, which we will see in the Special features.

Functionality and Extra of Fruit Party Slot

The 7 × 7 game set puts you in front of a colorful grill full of symbols. These move in waterfall and after each combination they disintegrate leaving the place to other combinations. The combinations must be 5 symbol clusters, which can grouped horizontally and vertically. At each consecutive combination this is shown in a column on the left side of the dashboard. There are no limits to the number of combinations obtainable in this way.

During the standard laps there is the possibility, which is activated randomly, to obtain multipliers 2x. With three or more scatter symbols, 10 free laps are won. During these Free spin Each symbol involved in a winning combination can earn a 2 × or 4x multiplier. Furthermore, the scatter combinations can get you to get additional free spins according to the following scheme:

  • 3 scatter: + 10 free spin
  • 4 scatter: + 11 free spin
  • 5 scatter: + 12 free spin
  • 6 scatter: + 13 free spin
  • 7 scatter: + 14 free spin

If desired, the free spin functionality can also be purchased, clicking on the appropriate key, with all the advantages it involves.

The pleasure of fruit with Fruit Party Slot

Fruit Party Slot is a product that without excess manages to satisfy players’ eyes and ears. Thanks to the bright colors, to the rounded and colorful graphics, with a delicious pink background, it offers a very captivating set. The music is cheerful and accompanies the game, enriched with tasty sound effects.

In short, the beautiful and colorful set makes this game really pleasant and never tiring. Forget the old fruit slots with their retro atmospheres sometimes even gloomy. Here the light and bright colors manage to convey a positive mood to the player.

Final considerations on Fruit Party Slot

Fruit Party Slot of Pragmatic Play answers affirmatively to the question: was there really a need for another fruit slot? We feel to be absent, especially if the proposal is innovative, fun and playable like this.

The colors and sounds of this game set immediately create positive sensations. The slot offers the avalanche mechanism combined with the 5 symbol clusters, which wink at the various games that depopulate on social media. In this way, various free spins can be obtained, which follow one another after each combination and can start interesting winning chains. In this already favorable game mode, random multipliers and free spins are inserted. These, if they happen, are a great opportunity, since they offer increased winnings and can renew themselves.

In short, those who think of the binomial slot/fruit as a stale and overcome, can change their mind This pragmatic slot, a real gem.