Dead or Alive Slot e Dead or Alive 2

Ci sono due slot Dead or Alive prodotte da Netent: Dead or Alive slot e Slot Dead or Alive 2 slot. Sono entrambe Slot Far West last generation.

dead or alive slot

Although it has been launched in 2009, it is very current. Those who try to have fun with this Far West slot will immediately understand the secrets of their success. In fact, thanks to graphics and sound is able to create enveloping atmospheres, which make the player travel in a distant world, while the rollers run.

Dogs of the dogs, the wind blowing and creates the taxes, the creaking of the wooden axes, create a disturbing world. Something is about to happen and will happen at any moment.

Features of the Dead or Alive Slot

Dead or Alive is a potentially very generous sloep slot, suitable for players with a fair budget, given its characteristics:

  • Scheme: 5 rollers out of 3 lines
  • RTP: 96,82%
  • Volatility: high
  • Payline: 9

Potentially it adapts to all game modes, thanks to the 4 levels of episode available. The set of symbols is perfectly combined with the setting of this seriff slot.

In addition to the classic poker cards, we find the glasses of whiskey, the cowboy boots, the hat, the strap and the star of Sheriff the poster Wanted is the Wild symbol that replaces the other symbols, except for the scare.

The guns are lo Scatter which with combinations of 3 gives 12 free spins. During the free giri The Sticky Wild who maintain their position on the rollers during all the free spin come into play. They can appear on all rollers and activate 5 extra free laps. But the advantages of the free spins do not end there, in fact all the winnings are multiplied x2. They can be reactivated once per session.

Design e grafica delle slot Dead or Alive Slot

The design of this Far West slot is of high quality, like that of the other Netten products. The setting is that of a small town, where the bandits sought by the sheriff are hidden and present on all Wanted posters. The storm is coming and it will not only be the sound of thunder, but also that of the shots to break the silence.

The game is characterized by fluid animations, a real soundtrack is missing, but this is not a deficiency. In fact, the sounds that accompany the game create the atmosphere as much as the graphics. This is the wild West and any music, which had limited itself to a background, would have ruined the sensations that the game transmits.

Final considerations on Dead or Alive Slot

Dead or Alive is one Slot Far West cult among lovers of the genre. In the catalog of Neten games it is one of the most appreciated ones and despite not having excessive features and real Extra games Give a truly engaging experience. The merit goes to spectacular graphics without special effects and the acoustic component. Without using a real soundtrack, it is able to evoke the atmosphere of the far west.

Free spins are inevitably the strong moment of the game. Thanks to the high volatility And Artp of almost 97% can offer exciting game sessions. In addition, the 97% on Payout It is really very high, so the Slot Dead or Alive must be inserted between Slots that pay the mostnull A sheriff slot suitable for both those who love classic games and to the latest generation slot enthusiasts.

Da Dead or Alive Slot a Dead or Alive Slot 2

Dead or Alive enthusiasts will be happy to discover Dead or Alive 2 slot. Although the theme of the game is substantially the same, the graphics differ by proposing the characters of the West on the rollers, ready to shoot shots. There are 5 protagonists of this new Far West Machine Slot, everyone has a not very recommendable appearance and the role of Wild.

This slot Sheriff gives 12 Free spin But they are enriched with functionality. As in the first version Dead or Alive Slot, in the Dead or Alive 2 the free spin winnings are multiplied X2, the sticky wild They can give other 5 extra laps. But 2 or 3 Wild on the same roller are transformed into Double or Triple Wild Multiplier. In addition, the Train Heist Free Spin function can also be activated with multipliers that can go up to 16x.

dead or alive 2 slot

Dead or Alive 2 produced by Netent, is the highly anticipated sequel of the homonymous slot, which has met with such success among the players. The theme of the old West is re -proposed giving this time the greater prominence to the characters. The Wanted posters who played an important role in the previous slot, are even more decisive symbols.

On them the faces of the most famous outlaws of history stand out, such as Jesse James e Billy the Kidnull In an setting that perfectly recreates the atmospheres of the Old Wild West, a strange air blows, an omen of something that is about to happen. Will there be a final reckon? You just have to find out with some spin to Dead or Alive 2, a slot that undoubtedly does not betray the expectations of Netten fans.

Features of the Slot Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 Slot Online offers players a classic scheme, but not for this reason it offers an old -fashioned game experience. Here are the characteristics of this slot:

  • Roller scheme: 5 rollers out of 3 lines
  • Payline: 9
  • RTP: 96,8%
  • Minimum episode /maximum: 0.9 $ /9 $
  • Volatility: high
  • Date: April 2019

The combination of a value of RTP Of this type and volatility they will translate into very satisfactory winnings for the lucky ones who get them.

Enter the Old Saloon of Dead or Alive 2 Demo

Sounds of Armonic and Banjo distant, they cross a silence that creates waiting. Cigolii, dogs that bark in the distance in fact are the only noises that accompany the blowing of the wind. There is no trace of humans, but it is a false quiet.

Bottles of whiskey run on the rollers, the boots and the cowboy hat, the sheriff’s star and the gun. Then there are the 5 outlaws sought by the sheriff, who are all symbols Wildnull An animal skull and crossed pistols are in the Scatter symbol, which pays with combinations of at least two on the rollers. With 3 symbols Scatter Instead the free spin are activated, which can be of three types and represent the highlights of the game.

The special functions of Dead or Alive 2

Compared to the first Slot Dead or Alive, the second chapter offers different Special features All related to the free spin. In fact, these allow you to get out of the standard laps and activate three different types of game. Here they are, with their benefits:

  • Old Saloon – All the winnings of these free spins are multiplied x2.
  • High Noon Saloon – If two Wild symbols appear on the same roller, they become Wild Multiplier X2, three appear to be Wild Multiplier X3.
  • Train Heist – A growing multiplier is activated, for each Wild appears on the rollers, and at the same time an extra spin is added.

During the free spin features, if it appears 1 or more Sticky Wild, five other free spins are activated.

Final evaluation of Dead or Alive Slot 2

Many providers have accustomed us to the fact that the latest generation slots must be rich in special effects, animations and extra games. Instead Dead or Alive 2 manages to be an engaging game without overdoing it.

In this product, Nettend’s developers have been able to create an atmosphere that involves and brings the player to a distant world. Thanks to the dosage of sound effects, noises, sounds in the distance and curated and detailed images. The graphics are at the service of the story it tells, with measured animations that make the location that houses the game scheme credible.

It falls into the atmosphere of suspension and waiting since the first spin. And for the lucky ones who are rewarded with the free spins, the day will turn to the best. In fact thanks to the different mechanisms that regulate them and to the high volatility, the winnings will be respectable.

A slot that tells the theme of the old West in a convincing and exciting way and with the style to which Netent has accustomed us since the first chapter. Ideal for those who love the latest generation games, but also for those who do not want to give up classic slots.

Differenze tra la Slot Dead or Alive e la Slot Dead or Alive 2

In the Slot Dead or Alive the player with three runs could get 12 free spin with Sticky Wild. These features find themselves enriched in the Slot Dead or Alive 2. The scatter mechanism that gives the rpm remains for free, but these can activate three different game modes.

In fact, in the Slot Dead or Alive 2 we find the Free Spin Old Saloon, High Noon Saloon and Train Heist. These are characterized by multipliers and special powers taken by the Wild symbols. Dead or Alive 2 confirms the charm and the elements that have been appreciated in the first version, enriching them with new exciting features.