Social casino what they are and where to play

Although social casinos are a game mode that has existed for more than 10 years, many people and many players have never tried them. We all know what a social network is, and we all know what an online casino site is. Well social casino is a game mode without real money which brings together these two elements: social network e casino online.

Playing without spending real money means playing exclusively for the pleasure of doing it. This game mode may not meet the favors of the players enrolled in Aams casinos, but implies many people. Indeed Social Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular activity.

Not everyone chooses to play to win a small sum or to aim for the jackpot; Many people play for the pleasure of doing it. Others to share a pleasant experience, to discover new slots or others casino games.

From the quality of the games proposed, to the variety, to the prizes, to the tournaments, the social gambling community has a lot to offer, and it’s all for free.

Who plays social casinos

Social casino are often indicated as casino without tax code, precisely because they do not require an inscription and the opening of a gaming account. Those who have no money to spend in an online slot, or do not have the opportunity to open a gaming account, can have fun equally.

To try these games, no effort is required, You must not send an identity document or connect your bank accountnull Just have a account su un social network come Facebook, find the mess of your interest and start playing. Obviously it can be done as a desktop and also by mobile devices.

The web offers many possibilities to play AAMS online casino sites. But if we just want to have fun without spending real money and without other complications, then we must turn to the world of social gaming. Let’s discover some very popular social casino.

Those who love online gambling will certainly appreciate the queen of casino or the slot-machine. Playing slots is even more fun in social gaming, as we have the opportunity to involve our friends and s. On Facebook there are many pages dedicated to fans of slot-machine.

Social social casinos and what players offer

Among the most successful social casino in the world we find Slotomanianull With more than 5 million active users, this social casino gives anyone the opportunity to try many completely free slot-makes. Just click on the “Play” button on the page. There will then be a section dedicated to slots, here we will give us to begin to begin. Once the slot machine we prefer, we can start having fun.

A characteristic of social casino is the fact that a regular time intervals are given of the tokensnull Some social networks give them once a day, others every 3 hours. In addition, there are daily gifts, invitations for friends, prizes that we can send and receive to involve as many people as possible. On Slotomania, Social Gaming also offers slot machines tournaments.

More than 6 million likes for the CEASAR’S CASINO PAGE, which offers all casino games in social mode. Scrolling it, the promotional posts of the various games, prizes and tokens will be noticeable. Clearly these social casinos gain with the sale of upgrade, further tokens and virtual goods related to games. But to have fun there are no purchase obligations and it can be done without spending a euro.

Another example of social gaming is Billionaire Casinonull We find over 100 slot machines, but also poker, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarats. To the tokens that are initially obtained, 10,000,000 chips, you can add those that earn with the various activities proposed.