Scratch and win online AAMS

All gambling enthusiasts will have noticed changes in the scratch cards online AAMS. One after the other, In fact, instant lottery tickets are destined to change its appearancenull This is not a merely aesthetic factor, as one might think, but of a precise provision of the law. To be precise Everything starts from the famous Dignity Decree, namely the decree of 12 July 2018, n. 87. This was converted with the law of 9 August 2018, n. 96, and brings clear indications on what the tickets of the instant lotteries must report. These indications also apply to scratch cards online AAMS

Gambling lovers are divided into two main categories, those who prefer online gambling, and those who love to play live. Among the latter, a part plays in the Terrestrial Casino in USA the other Sese them is bar bars., but in most cases these players challenge the fate with instant lottery tickets, friendly and win friendly.

The scratch cards are purchased by players of all ages, due to the characteristic of without premiums very often, even if of low amount. Thieves also love coupons. We read frequently in the chronicles news of the thefts in tobacconists, in which the criminals take via cigarettes and scratch cards.

In what the scratch cards change, favorites for those who play d’Azzardo not online in 2019

Based on the law they are change the information that tickets must report compulsorily. These obligations apply to all the lotteries launched starting from January 1, 2019, or to the coupons that are reprintednull The goal of the law is that of Reduce the risks connected to online gambling, and livenull Therefore the requirements concern first of all the messages relating to the dangers connected to the gambling.

On the coupons must be present precisely Warning messages relating to risks inherent in gambling. Another big change concerns the indication of the prizes. The new tickets, or those who are reprinted in fact, they must not report in the indication of the prizes those equal to the cost of the ticket same. In practice, if tickets cost 5 euros, all 5 euros prizes must be excluded from the calculation of the probability of winningnull At the basis of this decision there is the fact that the prizes that are equivalent to the cost of the game, are not actually real prizes, and therefore they must not be calculated in the probability of winning. This is to prevent the player from having one false perception of one’s probability of winning with the de facto coupons by overestimating it.

Online gambling: Scratch and Win Online AAMS

Gradually starting from the first months of 2019, the various layouts of the instant lotteries are changing. The last in order of time to have undergone the changes are the beloved tourist forever, all for everything, 100x, the super seven and a half.

Although they are mainly bought live, The scratch cards also entered the world of online gambling. In fact, the AAMS online scratch cards are available. Only a few AAMS online casinos, today they offer scratch cards online AAMSnull You can scratch your favorite coupon even virtually. There are not many online gambling operators who offer this chance.

Among the mess that offer the scratch cards online AAMS we point out the Eurobet portal, which has one Section dedicated to scratch cards onlinenull Just open a gaming account, registering and sending a copy of your identity document, and it will be possible to play. There are many types of tickets, divided according to prices.

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Certainly one of the things that players prefer is the act of scratching, which in scratch cards online AAMS will be done virtually. Many players have theirs small superstitions, maybe they always use the same coin to pull the silver layer away and find out if they have won. Perhaps for this reason, in our opinion, the type of game will have more and more live enthusiasts than in the world of online gambling.