Reactoonz slot machine online

Reactoonz slot It is an ideal game for all those who are looking for a latest and particular latest generation game. It is a title produced by Play’n Go, and can be seen as the follow -up of Energions Slot.

At the base of Reactoonz Slot there are aliens, who although animated by bad intentions are unable to be unpleasant. On the contrary, thanks to the funny features and their little voice they are truly irresistible.

At the base of the game there is a mechanism that allows you to draw power from the reactions on the rollers and to transfer energy to a large tri-eye alien. This is waiting to accumulate enough power to become very powerful. If you want to clarify the ideas you can try this free Machine Reaction Slot in the demo version on many Casino Aams sites.

Features of Reactoonz Online Slot

Just look at the roller scheme to immediately understand that Reactoonz Slot is a game out of traditional patterns. In fact, the game grid already offers a singular set 7*7. Here are the other characteristics of this reaction Slot machine AAMS:

  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: high
  • Episode min/max: 0.20 $/100 $
  • Payline: 20

Symboli de reactons slot

Reactoonz slot is set in a universe populated by aliens, in detail the set consists of 8 small monsters. They are all different, of various colors and shapes with one or two eyes. The winnings can be obtained with combinations of 5 symbols, both horizontally and vertically.

The mechanism is that of tumbling reels, in fact after each reaction the symbols involved disappear and leave a void filled with other small aliens. When 4 equal symbols fall on the rollers forming a square, they transform into Giantooz, a strengthened and larger version of the alien. These have the power to multiply the winnings that involve them X2.

REACTOONZ SLOT functionality

Those who made even a few spins at the reaction slot machine free have realized that there are many features to liven up the game. For example, during the standard laps, an alien from one eye, is randomly selected. It will be the variable symbol, which if involved in a winning combination free two Jolly symbols.

With the winning combinations, the quantum jump is recharged and various quantum functions accumulate. You will see the lines placed at the top right on the Gargantoon that are activated one after the other. If this is completed, the gargantoon appears on the rollers, where it will cover 3 positions x 3. The giant monster is a joker symbol and after each descent of the symbols it is divided and moves. Then it turns into two Jolly 2 × 2 and then flows further into 9 Jolly.

Quantum functions that can be activated

  • Implosion: transforms into jolly from 3 to 6 symbols
  • Incision: Create two diagonals with the same symbol
  • Demolition: destroys all the same symbols and those with a single eye
  • Alteration: transforms into equal symbols, among those with a single eye, in other equal symbols

Even the initial non -winning laps can be fruitful thanks to the instability function. Thanks to it, the Gargantoon drops from 4 to 8 jolly on the scheme.

Final considerations on the REACTOONZ SLOT

Reactoonz Slot is a very captivating game from a point of view of the graphic layout and sounds. The monstrous gargantoon is built on the right side of the game board, if the player clings to click on the Spin button. The monsters move constantly and emit nice verses commenting on what is happening.

The many features of the game can confuse players accustomed to traditional slots. But at the same time they offer many possibilities to obtain winning combinations. When the combinations follow one another then the big win are around the corner, especially if you can activate the Gargantoon.

Maybe a few trial rounds of reaction slot machines will clarify the ideas on the functioning of this game. Ultimately Reactoonz Slot of Play ‘N Go It is a game full of features that allow you to never get bored. The symbols are fun and the game involves and amuses. Ideal for those who are not satisfied with the usual slots.