Articles 03-06-2022

casino online con visa electron

Online casinos with Visa Electron are highly appreciated in USA. The credit cards of the Visa and Mastecard circuit are in fact widespread in USA especially for online purchases. Information on the Visa Visa Inc. company is a company that manages payments all over the world by connecting private individuals, companies, credit institutions and governments […]

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Articles 25-05-2022

Best American Games of Cards

Have you ever thought about trying American card games online? Many legal online casino sites in USA which in addition to the classic slot machines and roulette offer the American tradition card games. So, next to the section dedicated to poker, at the tables from Blackjack, to Baccarat, you can find games such as burraco

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Articles 16-05-2022

slot Megaways

Megaways slots are a special type of AAMS slot, very appreciated by players who love the latest generation games. The different manufacturers of rollers are always looking for new ideas to make games more interesting. Megaways slots have all the credentials to depopulate. In fact they emerge for several

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Articles 07-05-2022

History of Blackjack

On the origins of the Black Jack or Blackjack there are still open debates. Many agree that this game originated in the French casinos around 1700. To endorse this hypothesis there is the fact that the French cards were called Ving-Et-Un, that is 21. According to another theory, the origins of this game […]

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Articles 30-04-2022

Double Down Blackjack how the doubling works

The doubling Blackjack or Double Down Blackjack is one of the most popular betting chances in this card game. This possibility, also offered by the online blackjack tables, allows you to double your episode in some cases, to obtain a greater win. Depending on the table, the rules can change, but generally you can

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Articles 26-04-2022

casino online con PayPal

Online casinos with Paypal are undoubtedly the most popular in USA. Among the electronic portfolios for online casino with Paypal is the far used, where in other countries, they are very popular e-wallets born specifically for gambling. The sites of the best safe online casinos Aams offer a multiplicity of methods of

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Articles 25-04-2022

Split Blackjack how it works

The Split Blackjack option is one of the possibilities offered to players who can be useful for bench. The English “split” word means “divide”, and in fact indicates precisely the possibility of dividing the initial hand into two hands, in particular cases. The Blackjack split is offered when the player’s initial hand is formed

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Articles 18-04-2022

Blackjack insurance how it works

Blackjack insurance helps us to better manage the wingman we have during our game hand. Insurance is generally something that is subscribed to mitigate the financial impact of adverse events, but Blackjack insurance is something different. It is a possibility offered at the online blackjack tables, which however unlike the insurance

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Articles 09-04-2022

Fruit Party Slot Pragmatic Play

Fruit Party Slot is a fruit slot proposal made by Pragmatic Play not long ago. In fact, she was launched in the summer of 2023 and immediately hit the online slot lovers. In fact, those who appreciate the classic games of the rollers find themselves having fun in a colorful and bright world in which juicy rotate

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Articles 31-03-2022

Bonanza Slot Machine Online BTG

Bonanza Slot Machine takes us back to the theme of gold hunting and Far West slots both highly appreciated by online slot players. This game was developed by Big Time Gaming and recalls a popular American western TV series of the sixties. Without a doubt, among the best latest generation 3D slot machines. The

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